Is libertarianism a leftist ideology?

is libertarianism a leftist ideology?

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According to bookchin it is

okay thanks i needed an answer for a paper and yahoo answers wasnt helping


If you American "libertarianism" then no, it's about as right wing as you can possibly go. If you mean European libertarian socialism then it's a far left ideology.

we came up with it, the rightists stole it like the nazis stole worker-centrist iconography


i thought the american right was close to european or classical left, and american left was closer to the european right?

The original libertarians were leftist anarchists.


Why the fuck would you think that?


No. Not at all. The American right is far more reactionary than the European right.

modern libertarians have next to nothing in common with the libertarians of the french revolution who were basically proto-leftists, old style libertarians by and large wanted more freedoms for everyone, modern ones want to not pay taxes and be able to shoot niggers that are in their neighbourhood

definitely not

What the fuck are you talking about?


If any of the old school libertarians saw what Rothbard and Melonman are spewing today they would be sent to the guillotine the same day

I know Rothbard's dead, you get what I meant

Libertarian socialism is a hier to Enlightenment principles and thoughts though.

im partial to Clint Eastwood

if your libertarianism contains capitalism it is not leftist at all. nor is it libertarianism

How the fuck did leftism co-opt liberal and progressivism? The left was co-opted by them to serve private property. Indvidualism, free thinking and the enlightenment are all well wtihin the realm of the left wing.
Ok. So even if you're a hard-line marxist that believe in determinism you can be libertarian acording to this antiquated use of the word which in no way supports private property.
Sounds about right, he crowned himself emperor of his private property.
If the original meaning of libertarianism was as the later example shows kissing your kings ass then fine if that is how most americans wants to live. But leftism the true heir of the enlightenment thinking as it was originally used. You can not have freedom if land is ruled by authoritarian means.

This retard. Anarcho-communism is much older than Marxism. The first self-described libertarian was an anarchist.éjacque

So, Communists

Libertarianism? Yes
What United Statesians call Libertarianism?

The OG Libertarianism which was a euphemism for Anarchism? Yes.

The American Neoliberal bastardization version? No.

Other way around faggot. Liberals co-opted the title of the left.

Also the word libertarian as described in the 18th century doesn't refer to free market capitalism, but to general ideas of individualism and liberty, which are perfectly leftist.

ideology was a mistake.

comparing nukes and gun control is ridiculous

It's really not, at least under ayncrapism. Remember; the NAP upholds not violating the free market under ANY circumstances. You are allowed to own recreational nuclear bombs as long as you don't use them for aggression. Of course, once you do decide to use one then it's already too late. But oh well, gotta uphold the free market, yknow?

Liberty implies being able to establish enterprises, and freedom of association.

But capitalism leads to tyranny. Slaveowners who want to be free.

So, anarchists. Who at the time were the left wing.