Have any of you actually done any hard labor ?

have any of you actually done any hard labor ?

yes. are you seriously a privileged cuck who hasn't?

my hands are smooth.

No, I have not. I never escaped from anywhere and have never been incarcerated. I don't know why you would ask me such a question.

literally unfuckable. go shake hands with a belt sander, as no woman wants to date a handlet.

I unloaded a semi trailer of loose freight for walmart everyday for a year. Does that count?

I worked in a factory full-time as a summer job few years ago. Not gonna lie, it was a very eye-opening period of my life in terms of seeing first-hand what kinds of conditions exist within a factory and how it's like to work 10-12 hours doing nothing but physical work.

women want rough hands? is this a fact?

No. The only real job is farming. Prove me wrong. Marx never worked a day in his life accordingly.

building a house is not a real work?

nice palindrome, and yes. it's in the top 3 every time women describe what turns them on.

unless it's a corn maze, no.

The majority of farming now days is 8 hours in an air conditioned tractor if not sitting on your ass remotely controlling the damn thing from your house.

I thought it was all mexicans.

Spent my summers picking in a field, now I work in a warehouse and as a store manager

There is only a few crops that have to be handled by hand and they make up a tiny minority of the US's crop production. Though they are labor intensive, 'if you can mow your lawn you can farm' crops far outpace them.

farming also includes livestock.

I work in a shop: welding, grinding steel, woodworking etc. I don't know if that counts by your standard, but as far as I'm concerned, labor is labor. I don't care if your making coffee or picking cotton: if you don't own what you produce, you are a worker.


Yea and? With factory farming of livestock that shit is prolly even easier.

Worked in fish processing for a couple of months. The job I did could have been automated but whatever. It made me realize how crushingly depresing factory work really is and probably helped in making me a lefty.

My hands may be a little below average but their pretty strong. Please dont call guys like me handlets, i never chose to be this way.

Only stuff I do not get money from, like chopping wood for winter, farming small piece of land and various stuff to do/fix around house. Not much, but enough, I think.

chopping wood is my favorite action for making my hands stronger, you should try it, handlet.

Putting the word hand and let together is supposed to insult me. Lol

Post hands with timestamp


my internet connection is too slow for that

Lol, are american working conditions really that bad?

I got a shitty white collar job but I help my old man do shit since he's too old for any hard labor

Atleast im less likely to lose a finger to a accident

Idk does dishwashing/cooking count? The only time I've done more stereotypical hard labor is renovations/additions on my own house that I didn't want to pay some contractor to do

As a plumber/construction worker yes.


this is hard labor.

Define hard labour because I always thought hard labour meant penal labour.

Went to trade school initially for machining and now for aircraft maintenance Never went to college, though I'm not sure you would define apprenticeship work as machinist or mechanic as "hard labor". Currently a volunteer firefighter as well.

It's any job you do with an erection

Weird distinction imo. Working in a kitchen is 1000x worse/more draining than doing "real" hard labor at my own pace

Working construction turned me into a leftist, writing code turned me into a strasserist.


Yeah ive done hard labor

On my dick

MFW My friend joined a union and they mostly protest immigrats taking their jerbs.

I worked in an American assembly line factory 40 hours a week for a few months. It was okay, just tedious.
I'm working as a nurse aide now. It's fucking my back up.

I run a ranch for my dad, but I keep a glove full of Vaseline for the wife. I also like boxing.

I install and repair pool equipment, mostly on the homes of well to do faggots. I drive from job to job and somedays it's easier than others but most of the time I get various cuts on my hands and am physically exhausted by the end of the day.

Working as a dishwasher is a lot more difficult than you think and is up there with the demanding jobs.

try to upload pictures on 8ch with about 6kB/s, that is pure pain with pictures 1 MB

If you actually had you'd understand the necessity of socialism.

Sheltered bourgelet spotted

sorry not a burger, eastern yuro

well im a eastern euro myself poland and i hardly ever heard about people working 10-12 hours shifts, especially in psychical jobs


poland is not easter euro, it's central euro or eastern EU

Ausfag here, if you can't upload pictures with internet that slow, it's because you haven't actually regularly dealt with internet that slow. I call bullshit.


I honestly would rather do more home renovation or factory work than ever be a dishwasher again.

that is true, I have much faster internet connection back home. it's pain that I can not upload memes, and only dream of uploading webms here.

Have you ever looked at map? Where does, by your definition, Austria belongs?

It's usually not the case I know, I really don't know what was up with that particular factory (it was frozen baked foodstuff factory, mostly cakes and breads, maybe food industry has longer hours?)

Its not about the map, its about the culture of a country, poland is eastern european

I dont know how it isin your country but in boland you could report your boss to gov healthy agency and say that they break WHS rules

What's the difference?

Hello burger

where's the palindrome? sure you don't mean alliteration?

I'm not so sure about that, Poland used to be competing european power, which sets it even culturally in central europe. I might be wrong, I visited Poland only once, but this is what books and games told me.

I live in Estonia They have a clever thing where you work by the hours calculated in a month and they divide 40*4=160 hours on the swifts over the entire month, so that in one week you work 50 hours, on another, 30 hours etc. but back when I held the summer job, the co-workers in the smoking room were already complaining that they refuse to pay extra for night shift and because of staff shortage they were constantly asking people to work overtime and do shit like that. Fortunately my contract was only 2 months, but I feel for the poor souls who had worked there for decades and have to continue working there for decades. Co-workers also complained that they want to take some united action against company but it's been 4-something years from now and I haven't checked on how it has gone. Maybe it's better now, maybe not, who knows.

There was some qt young gurl working alongside me, a young mother or at least in some kinda engagement, she helped me out a lot and was actually quite cheerful. I sometimes feel worried that people like this will be broken sooner or later by the pressures of these rather hostile and unhealthy conditions if she goes on for too long

I worked warehouse for half a year and used to help my dad put up fences

me on the fucking left before I had to quit and sue because my pay was several months late


I live in America, nobody does hard labor except for immigrants.

Is this bait?

You're right, even the immigrants are being phased out.

Yes. Not nearly as much as proper proles who depend on doing hard labor to survive, but I've put in long hard days where I was sore the next day and had to go back to work. I've done construction and yard work.

Growing up I did lawn work to make money after that I Was in the army and after that I work in construction( in a right to work state where unions are basically illegal)
All I've known is gruntwork my whole life

We'll take your word for it. ;^)

There's still some difficult, unpleasant aspects of farming.

Then what's the hammer for?

planting seeds, don't you know anything? fucking city kids.

Hard as in menial or as in complex tasks?

I plowed my garden once, does that count?

Hard as in menial


If by hard labor you mean industrial or construction work? Then no
I've just worked in a mail processing plant and the service industry for most of my life so that counts as manual labor. Working as a dishwasher sucks, you get cut up and your hands dry up because they're constantly in water. I didn't think hard labor is determined by how fucked up your hands get

I am a factory worker.

If you mean penal slave labor in prison, no. If you mean physical wage labor, I've done food prep, retail floor staff, factory floor, indoor and outdoor construction.

good to know, Satan.

The minimum wage cuck work I do is more humiliating and taxing than any hard labor. At least you get a fat check after you're done with a hard day of pipefitting or whatever

Spent a year as mechanized infantry machine gunner and medic in the army. Worked at a hardware and lumber supply store, only for three years though.

I've worked at the following types of places…

- fast food restaurants with shitty pay, serving customers, stocking, and cleaning

- cafe that wasn't too difficult, but the cleaning at the end of the day was pretty hard

- retail store with annoying customers, but it wasn't THAT difficult…I just hated it and worked there to make money

- IT internship during college

- currently working in full-time IT making $82.5k. The work is intellectually challenging, fun, and some physical work is involved (lifting heavy servers, etc.)