What the fuck do NazBols actually believe?

What the fuck do NazBols actually believe?
What's the difference between the NazBol Front and the NazBol Party?
Who the fuck is Aleksander Dugin?
Is NazBol a meme just because of how incoherent and difficult to understand it is?

Ask Holla Forums. They're generally more informed about the far-right

nazbol is our meme to convert leftypol towards nationalism
essentially its just used by communists who also like nationalism


Holla Forums meme started to get Holla Forums to think in terms of class instead of race or ethnicity. If you start thinking in class terms, you consider reading articles, essays or literature that will despook you from forever thinking in racial terms and set everything in motion for you to become legit socialist in the end.

Bunch of duginist ultranationalist retards in Russia who want to re-establish USSR not because of it's socialist pursuit, but because of it's imperialist pursuit.

Nazbols are recently converted Holla Forumstards

It was basically the original alt-right, except that it was actually vaguely leftist.

Empirically wrong


Socialist countries cannot be imperialist. Read Lenin.

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We believe that each country needs to liberated themselves from their own bourgeois before joining the international struggle against global capitalism. As the century unfolds we'll see the legitimacy of the liberal, democratic nation-state continue to erode, add to this resource repletion and overpopulation, and the result is that the center cannot hold. The expected reaction of the west to these developments -fascism- cannot deliver on its promises of a galactic lebensraum extending forever. Only a NazBol Imperium -sacred and proletarian- can overtake civilization and develop it in a more natural, solar, traditional direction, away from the ideology of everlasting expansion common to liberal capitalism and fascism, an ideology that is not sustainable and will bring nothing but ruin.

NazBol is a meme; yet we're serious as fuck.

NazBol doesn't exist and has never existed; yet we're getting stronger everyday.

NazBol philosophy is a coherent worldview directed towards bringing real change into the world and creating new societies; yet we have no philosophical corpus to speak of.

In other words


Good thing the USSR was not socialist.

90's Nazbols are Russian punks who tried to meme the Hollywood & local liberal establishment's worst fears to reality.



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The meme's working too. Holla Forums's has a National Bolshevik flag icon for a while now.


pretty much this.


Didn't they have this flag when they originally implemented the flag system?

Leftists must be united in the class struggle, or else we'll be easily crushed by the bourgeoisie states. Solidarity is our only hope! We cannot let nationalism divide us!


The actual unironic Nazbols in Russia is a bit complex. When capitalist society startsto colapse in a last-ditch effort to save capitalism people combine capitalist ideology with ultra-nationism and create fascism in order to save capitalism. Well as it turnes out the same thing happens for State Socialism. As the USSR started to fall Nazbol as an ideology started to rise as a last-ditch effort to save the USSR. And in the early 90’s it almost did, but it failed. However nazbol did suceede in North Korea. It’s called Juche. State Socialism in North Korea almost got replaced with Capitalism, but it didn’t. North Korea instead fused State Socialism with ultra-nationalism and became what it is today. An anology would be capitalism is to fascism as Marixist-Leninism is to Nazbol.

As the grandson of Ruskie diaspora, I read The eXile pretty voraciously back in the day, and they came across as 1000% pure irony with a sheen of punk edginess, as sort of a cover for Liminov and crew to engage in playful (and ruthless) critique of post-USSR Russia. I didn't really pay them much attention between eXile shuttering and stumbling on Holla Forums, but have they really changed that much?

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No, you're thinking too much about it.
Just think Holla Forums, but instead of national socialism it'll be national communism.

They didn't have flags (to choose from) till after Nazbol was a thing for a something like a year I think.

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Perhaps so, but that's how Nazbols see it and why the uphold the legacy of the USSR

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Probably the closest thing to the truth in this thread

Nazkem gang represent.

It was an ideology from 1919 that grew out of French left ultranationalism which died mostly. A disgruntled Communist named Niekisch took over and it was officially coined. Other leaders include Jean Thiriart and Alexander Dugin.