Should we seriously look into banning vehicles? In the US, they kill more people than guns...

Should we seriously look into banning vehicles? In the US, they kill more people than guns, and they're bad for the environment. Railed transportation could still remain legal because it's more difficult to use as a weapon. Carbon dioxide levels are the highest they've been in 800,000 years. I think it's time to say goodbye.

I'm guessing this is a troll topic but I unironically think we should move to almost totally public transport, obviously we still need fire engines and the like and maybe autocabs for emergencies but overall cars are bad for humans in a multitude of ways

I fucking hate driving, I'd be okay with that.

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Buses and cabs could still be used as weapons. Firemen and paramedics would need vehicles, but most police don't need them unless they're arresting someone. In which case, they could cuff the person and call for a pickup. It would simultaneously fix America's weight problem.

I completely agree

I love my old beetle and would hate to not be able to drive it anymore but I think I agree with
Even if it would put me out of my pizza delivery job.

It's silly to try to deal with rogue mass killings by dealing with the symptoms, they wouldn't be an issue if we tackled the root causes, that's the real way to deal with it.

You can deliver pizzas on a bike. You could use cycle rickshaws to haul other shit too.

Not in small town Georgia where you can be delivering up to 15 miles on way you can't.

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I agree, automobiles are one of the least efficient modes of transport there is and they make suburban economies hostages of the petrodollar.

Someone post that screencap about waking up in a communist train station.

No, there are people who live in areas without rail transport, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Not only that, but they're used for work and recreation. We should not be thinking of banning anything. This is retarded and authoritarian.


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Public transport is fucking really good. I know you burgers basically don't have any functioning public transport systems outside of major cities. But if they weren't intentionally gimped by neoliberalism, buses and trains would be far superior to cars. I honestly think that a near flawless public transport system, free healthcare, and a lil class consciousness are all that are required for people to be convinced by communism

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No you regulate them and give them to people who are trained and licensed to use them.

Unironically get rid of private car ownership. Better public transit, concentration of people in cities and towns, more rational and distributed networks of stores, big box stores with minivans that deliver things to people's homes. And get everyone on bikes. It's good for the environment, for our health, for aesthetic purposes, and for rationalizing land use.

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Today I learned transportation idpol is a thing and can be used to divide communities. Good to know.

Many of us live in open air ZOG Occupied Government controlled refugee camps where all public spaces are perpetually occupied by aimless and violent third-world proto-humans. We would need a massive ethnic cleansing before our public spaces are safe for women and children.

You'd have to remake society in more ways than one in order for it to work. The whole modern urban landscape is built around the car. A city that could be run reliably without them would be a small wonder. Commie countries had the social control to try such a experiment, but lacked funds and, more fundamentally, the will to actually remake society.