How do we stop "Socialism" from being a buzzword for everything the government does?

How do we stop "Socialism" from being a buzzword for everything the government does?

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Move out of America

Is this real? Why would a total loser who lives off of daddy's money say something like this?

By stopping socialist parties from profiling themselves in such ways.

American education

that little bootlicker bitch deserves to have all of her candy stolen

I couldn't be happier. Wow you sure showed me conservative parents heeheehee. Such good goys the right are.


Come to think of it, a pic of a kid doing that could be great countermemeing.

She's probably just pissed that her daddy made her wear a pig costume for Halloween.

End American education propaganda

Also end all Western media corporations


I say start by stopping people from calling Social Democrats "Liberals", since Liberalism is associated with policy not with ideology people start associating other policies with ideologies.
Once the left is expunged from post-ideological "liberals" leftist politicians and thinkers will naturally differentiate between pro-capitalist and anti-capitalist wings and Socialism will mean Socialism again.

le ebin twitter rose is a step in that direction.

Deserves it.

And it's never too late to teach folks the difference between too and to.

yah no sympathy.




This has serious meme potential.


Ignore the greentext, but still thanks


Can confirm this.

Here I made another one


I mean, that is how many authoritarian socialist ideologies work.


As long as in (((certain people)))'s interest to strawman socialism they will continue to do it. The problem is why do still fall for it, or even care if the govt did do everything.

last one

Should start tweeting these.


Needs more JPEG and glowing eyes

Stalinism and capitalism are both authoritarian ideologies, and both involve taking things from those who deserve them.

Here goes a fun question related to this:


Read Marx.

The masses are irredeemable, both Amerilards and Europoors don't know what socialism is, I suddenly understand how Stalinists are born.

Other than Marxists who the fuck knows what surplus value means?

Sounds more like he's describing capitalism than socialism

I would honestly be surprised if Junior had ever had a real job in his entire life.

On a more important note, did she walk to the end of the street before giving up and going back home? The fuck is that stash? She couldn't even half fill the bucket?

You think she actually went out and this wasn't just a staged photo that was planned weeks in advance by either Jr or a cohort while they thought they were being clever as fuck?

Nobody, this is the problem with left memes - the people who make them can't seem to stop using esoteric words

Just use humanistic democracy instead of socialism or communism.

The USSR memed it so that socialism is everything the government does because the USSR called itself socialist and the government controlled every single little thing

By abolishing the state.

Muke will probably do it, he always posts memes from here.
(Muke please do it)

This sounds actually pretty good.

Too late about about a century, champ.

I have been saying that simple PR measures would see a leftist upsurge. You quote leftist theory at someone who isn't a mout-foaming reactionary, and they'll likely agree with it. Say Lenin wrote it and they'll immediately reject it. People have always tended to judge a book by its cover, but that has never been more true than now, in the age of ubiquituous media and internet. Like it or not, you'll have to make an attractive form if you want people to get to the substance.

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