Please explain to me why National Socialism or Fascism isn't the only way

Please explain to me why National Socialism or Fascism isn't the only way.

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For once, I don't want to have my country to run on a ponzi scheme that forces it to declare genocidal war on the entire world in a few years.

The problem with National Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.


Because I like civil liberties bruhseph.

Let me guess, you probably believe this image.


Has nothing to do with what I said. The Keynesian investment program was financed by the Mefo-Wechsel. Google it.

Why do you think Hitler had to declare war earlier than planned? The Wehrmacht was an army consisting of freaking horses and donkeys in 1939.

What the hell does this have to do with my thread?

National Socialism isn't capitalism.

The way it was historically applied, it clearly was. Unless you are telling me privatizations and union busting are socialism, including the non-marxist types of socialism, none of them would agree that this is socialistic.

So you would have to argue that it wasn't real National Socialism which creates a special snowflake ideology with no basis in reality.

Fascism is a defense tactic for capital, not a means of destroying it.

Fascists are, and always will be, class enemies.

He did say that Marxists socialism had nothing to do with his. And a name does not always mean everything,

That's why I said that even non-marxist socialists (utopian socialists, old-school SocDems, liberation theology, market socialists, etc.) would argue that this isn't socialism. It's a capitalist move. If socialism in your definition isn't even opposition to capitalism, then what the fuck is it?

Then just third position.

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Well i don't know if this goes by your own definition, but i will take my chances.

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Golly, that's a tough one, OP. Who WOULDN'T want to be a slave? Glorious Leader knows best, after all.

I understand all the images are bothering, but please read.

oh shit I'm running out of money might as well declare war on the rest of the world since they won't gibmetheir resources lmao

t. hitler's economic plan in a nutshell

Pretty sure there Reichsmarks in circulation years before the nazis were in power

Most likely an honest mistake from the original poster

The only way to what? Explain what's so urgent bout the way I live that calls for fascism and how would fascism go about fixing the problem?

First post is already inaccurate. When Hitler came into power the treasury wasn't empty. In fact it was him who emptied within a few years. This guy is also mixing up the 1921 hyperinflation with the Great Depression. I asked why you think NatSoc isn't capitalism and you posted a screencap of a guy describing nazi welfare and keynesian policies and in very biased way.

Can you provide a source?

What are you trying to say with these images? Nothing being described is socialism.

Posted on accident.

But i originally posted the other one because he claimed that they used money from outside bankers.

Yes for?

Emptying the treasury.


From The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy, Adam Tooze, 2008


See. This is the problem: You haven't actually given a clear definition of Natsoc or Fascism, nor have you actually pointed out why it's desirable on itself.
Sure jobs and goods are nice and all, but as others pointed out the system eventually ended as Germany was forced to go to war to sustain it.
And then there's the fact that millions of Europeans died. Natsoc might be desirable, but not when you're at the receiving end of it. And I'm not referring to jews here.

Thank you, i will keep this in mind.

Again, the Reichsmark was around before 1933 and remained until years after the war. As for getting rid of interest, interest rates remained at around 4% more or less.

If by "devised" you mean inherited a great deal of policies related to public works from the previous government, then yes he "devised" a plan of public works.

Anyone else shocked at how much of a nigger Nazi Germany truly was acting like throughout its life? The regime's entire life was basically built on borrowing amounts of money that were unpayable and conquering new territory to loot resources that they needed to maintain their giant ponzi scheme. Truly the worst subhumans to ever have existed.

You just sound legit mad Nazis did to Europe what Europe's been doing to most of the world sense for God damn ever.

Even Hitler said "Our economic situation is such that we cannot hold out more than a few years. We have no other choice, we must act"

I hope this satisfies you, but i admit, i came unprepared.

I need a source on that quote.

Fuck, forgot to post image.

Wtf I love Nazism now.

It's from William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Thank you.

Just a short note on the underpinnings of the fascist consciousness, in commentary on the Riefenstahl film 'Triumph of The Will'

Horrible. This is what happens when you don't define socialism as a movement. Here socialism is just altruism without a hivemind. Completely ignoring the history of socialism as a reaction to the contradictions of capitalism, as well as the self-interests of workers in obsoleting capitalism as a mode of production.

Marx the communist argued against a specific form of property, private property. Not personal or communal property.

Have you actually read Marx works? Hitler did, which makes it even more damning to misconstrue Marxism like that. The whole argument for workers embracing communism is because it is in their material self-interest. Meanwhile it's Natsoc and Fascism that demands "self-sacrifice".
As for the rest: It's just redefining socialism as capitalism, and being a socialist as 'being a good worker drone'.

Please explain what is Personal Property, because i see the house that i own as "Personal Property".

That's exactly the point. Personal property is the stuff you use. It's what originally constituted most 'property' anyways.
Private Property is property that you may not use, or may be unable to defend on your own, but which the rest of society guarantees you an exclusive 'right' to. I recommend reading Rousseau (Social Contract) or Engels (Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State) if you want to know more about the origin of private property and why it is vital to capitalism as a dominant mode of production.
Now the problem is not that some people have more, or even that they enrich themselves. It's the whole system that eventually leaves people with nothing. No way to sustain themselves on their own (through a family farm for example), no property (by being forced to rent), and really no possessions besides the clothing they wear because they've been forced into debt.

This creates various crises (Poverty, unemployment, starvation, etc.) and general misery. I'd like to go into all of it, but Marxism and all the fine details of capitalism are not something you can explain in two paragraphs. I'd really recommend actually reading Marx to begin with. Particularly Wage, Labor and Capital to begin with, and Value, Price & Profit.

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