Antisemitism no longer exi--

I hate to sound like I'm going full idpol, but I saw this sticker on the wall of my bus this afternoon (Montreal area). Take into consideration this bus goes through the primarily Jewish neighbourhoods where there's many Holocaust survivors, Hasidim, and Jews of colour (Moroccan Sephardim whose ancestors fled pogroms; no, the Palestinian naqbah doesn't mean this shit didn't happen or is irrelevant). With that said, how many of you still deny the fact that Jew-hatred is still very real, or that socialists have a responsibility to fight it?

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I live in Montreal near the Mile End and anti-semistism is essentially non existent as far as i can tell. We have had a long jewish tradition and culture in Montreal and have one of the highest amounts of jews per capita of any city in canada and even north america if im not mistaken. One guy posts some stupid pol meme sticker on a bus and now anti-semitism is running rampant in Montreal? Get real dude have you seen the sizes of the liberal anti-hate protests in this city that mcgill and concordia organize? The amount of people that hate jews is more than dwarfed by reasonable people - it is completely obscured to the point of irrelevancy.

Not socialism.

True but incidents like this can indicate a resurgence of hate. Remember a few Montréalais attended Unite the Right.

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This thread has nothing to do with Israel/Palestine. People on the left need to stop using grievances of the Palestinians in order to deny the grievances of Jews; it's analogous to pointing to poor white people in Appalachia as "proof" white supremacy doesn't exist.

dude jewish culture is seen as an integral part of urban Montrealais culture. MTL idolozies famous jews like Leonard Cohen for example?? Have you not seen the literally GIANT murals they have put of him all over the Plateau and downtown? If there is anything you should be more worried about it should be anti-islam sentiments in Quebec. Nobody is touching the jews and their (100% justified) domination of our local bagel industry, especially considering the nature of anti-hate laws in this country. Quit being spooked its a single retarded sticker.



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What grievances? A few tasteless jokes by LARPing autists?

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You two really are two sides of the same coin. Both of you relish in perpetual victimhood. Both of you cry out while hitting others.
And then there's constant false flagging.
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Pretty sure you can do both. Recognition of oppression isn't a zero-sum game.

You have a whole state bankrolled by the world's wealthiest country defended by the world's strongest military, which your co-ethnics have managed to take hostage through media control, to the point where the US is going to ban criticism of Israel any day now. No, I think Jews are fine. At least other persecuted peoples fleeing to countries full of people that "hate" them have an excuse - usually because we (the US) are attacking them for the sake of Israel.

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im suggesting that anti-islam sentiments are more of a problem than antisemitism what kind of fucking stupid reasoning are you using to suggest im arguing its only possible to worry about one type of oppression ever at a single time

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ironic, since poltards would consider him a jew

It's real. Can't escape it online and that ain't just for the image boards. In any thread or comment section for any news story or any video even remotely related to Jews there's gonna be a sizable number of reactionaries spouting Holla Forumspaganda. Man, I'd even say anti-Semitism's more common than hatred for blacks and Muslims. The far-right hate all non-whites, but Jews are the only ones they actually think are pure evil and actually out to get white people (which is funny cuz Ashkenazi Jews are like 75% Eastern European). I've even seen Stormfags and Holla Forumsflakes take a liking to black people so long as they express deeply anti-Semitic views like Louis Farrakhan or Idi Amin who fell out with Israel and literally had Benjamin Netanyahu's brother killed (based).

That ain't to say you can't call out Zionist Jews for being the scumbags they are. Especially when they're right-wingers like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager, make a living off shitting on minorities and shilling American exceptionalism, but low-key have Israeli citizenship, own property in ( ( (The Holy Land) ) ) and even fly their pregnant wives out there so they can give birth to their kids in Jerusalem *coughcoughBenShapiro*.


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