NYC Happening Thread

7 dead in truckrolling. NYPD sources leaning towards terror.

here is your careless speculation/spookshaming thread

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Hoxha was right as usual.


the idea of justice needs to be purged from popular consciousness immediately; the way the common response to terror attacks is to cross your finger and hope it's some guy from [faction you don't like] is a massive indictment of our culture

Except one of those is correct. Eh, Shamus?

Was it the 'RA?


What is with the siege-mentality after events like this? Instead of seeing them as the isolated, rare, uncoordinated, and usophisticated acts they are, authorities instead act as if we are under constant existential threat from a couple of loners with vans and guns.

If people are not afraid they cannot be easily controlled in the current system. If things were better managed (and not under capitalism) people would be more eager to follow a superior status quo.

like pottery

t. lemming who allowed himself to get brainwashed by normalization propaganda so porky can line his pockets with sand nigger immigrants with the occasional muslim terrorist attack being something the dirty proles will have to live with

Kill yourself my man, you're already in a dystopia(>nazis accusing others of class collaboration)

We need to distract ourselves with deaths by terror attacks over diseases which cause 1000x more deaths.
Spending the same amount of resources and labour time (or as long as capitalism lasts, "money") on healthcare saves more lives than terror prevention by a factor of atleast 100.

Interesting coincidence that this happens right as people are getting from the Russia investigation…

Literally who cares?

We don't know the attackers ethnicity yet, he could be white.

I wasn't even here when that happened.

Fuck off, Johan Norberg!

I told u about those Islamists comrade.

I don't care. I think you're misinterpreting me. Trump, and more importantly his people, are starting to take a lot heat, arrests are being made, etc. from the Mueller investigation. Whether or not it's a big deal isn't the point. The point is they might benefit from drawing attention away from it. If you get my drift

Probably because that happened during an event in which violence of some sort was going to happen and we basically had two options, antifash or fash.

This is in a random city in a random rode in a random day.

Truck-kun is at it again it seems.

probably Chechen tbh. Remove Chechen

Take your meds kevin

Islam needs to stop culturally appropriating Mexican working culture.

sup, Holla Forumsintelpro?

Home Depot marketing campaign. Case closed boys.


These ones are getting dull. Terrorists don't have any creativity anymore. At least the Vegas bloke the other month had was a bit more interesting.


That's exactly what it is though.

The charlotesville car attack was the culmination of an already violent event.
This is another case of someone going and attacking random people.
Why wouldn't people talk about those things differently?

What are you talking about, we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

If you can't see the difference between the two, you truly are a brainlet.
It's the difference between one-way and two-way violence. The difference between driving over commuters or shooting up cookie baking grandmas, and two armed sides resolving their difference in opinion through violence.

never heard of him

Reminder: We do worse in Muslim countries every day. The "victims" deserved it.

We're living a dystopian novel tbqhfam

jason go home

Speak for yourself, porky.

vroom vroom the truck of peace has miraculously crossed the atlantic thanks to the power of allah


he was only 4 blocks away, that might've been his Final Destination

He's from Uzbekistan


Seven jobs just opened up for any of you faglords in new yorkie.


Mayor called it "an act of terrorism". Just saw it on Russia Today.

Central Asian Islamo-Communists!

Not Supprising


Statistically speaking, at least some of these have to be CIA false flags.

If their Facebook backdoor says that the proles are reading too much articles on privatization, corporate tax evasion or healthcare just find one of the many mentally ill salafists they monitor and offer him $500,000 for his family if he runs over some pedestrians.
I wonder how much Identity Evropa and similar groups also get from the deep state they hate so much?

p.s. I'm mostly writing this because it almost always gets found out later on that law enforcement had been following the attacker for years but never bagged the guy

Unless the eep State needs them to be a bougieman the nothing. The deep state does false flags to control who’s a threat. So unless the Nazis in Germany started gaining political power and are pushing anti-NATO/Anti-America policies IE won’t get shit.

America literally finances terrorism all over the globe. Sucks to get a taste of what you do to others on a global scale doesn't it?

Anti-free trade sentiment has been rising for decades. What better way to divert that energy away from left parties than by propping up easily corrupted right-wing populist parties?

This wouldn't have happened if the USSR was still around.

Not really, no. It would be epic ironic justice if Jason Unruhe got run over by a truck, Canada deserves after invading Afghanistan.

it was a WHITEMALE

White muslims should be banned. The Honorable Prophet Isaiah Muhammad was right.


read I don’t think Uzbeks are white.

because the left is not smart

wtf I'm a classcuck now

ban assault trucks

everyone knows more browns = more money, it's basic economics

Nick Mullen shamelessly ripping off a Sam Hyde bit

TBH, speaking as a hardline free speech ideologue, this is one of the few areas where at least some sort of soft censorship is something I might grudgingly support.

Jibril sent Buraq, just as when the Prophet (PBUH) departed on the night journey. Truly, Allah is master of all things.

Does anyone have the Hoxha Anfem meme?

It's obvious most of these guys that aren't CIA plants are copycats looking to make a splash.

The Chinese ironically are really good at denying their own terrorists oxygen. Not sure if it would work without massive social media blackouts

I would unironically take basically any PRC Chairman as a leader over any recent US president. Imagine the US led by Deng Xiaoping.


There's no such thing as free speech, only obfuscation of what speech is and isn't free. Honestly you probably have freer speech in China today than you do in the US.

In China, you can't criticize the government too much, and everyone more or less knows that. In the US 99% of people can't even identify the actual sovereign(s). In the US, you "can" say whatever you want, but if you microagress a protected minority -and Muslims are the most sacred of all minorities, we must show how tolerant we are :) - you will get fired, blacklisted from major companies, shamed on social media, and so on. Who is freer?

Not even social media, just the commercial press. A simple gentlemens' agreement not to cover these things, and if they really must in some local interest story, not to bother mentioning their identities.

Reminder James Fields will get off despite the court and city being stacked against him. Heather Heyer was an obese childless slut who died of a heart attack, she wasn't hit by the car.(USER WAS RUN OVER FOR THIS POST)

We hardly have muslims here and pollocks are insufferable

Chinese censorship extends to anything that can threaten social order. It's incredibly dangerous to report or comment on anything involving inter-ethnic conflict in China

And tbh I can understand why. China has over a hundred distinct ethnic groups. Ethnic tension is inherently destablilizing and it would be super easy for sovereigntist/separatist sentiments to spread like wildfire without widespread censorship

Microaggressions are stupid obviously but if you're actively campaigning non-stop to pit the Hui in your village against the Han in the neighbouring village then I can understand how sending your nationalist ass to a laogai helps keep the peace

social media is too entrenched in people's media habits to be avoided. the chinese dump a ton of resources into censoring their internet

This. Perhaps another 20,000 similar attacks would make up for the death toll the west racked up in Iraq. Horrible but true.

Is this true?

IIRC she had a heart attack immediately after the nazi chud ran her over. This is like saying to a cop "I didn't kill him, I just ruptured his organs with a bullet and he died on his own of completely unrelated blood loss."

Well her heart start beating in an unusual manner: because she was HIT WITH A FUCKING CAR.

they used the same narrative for Eric Garner. yes he died later at the hospital from cardiac arrest, nut after the pigs put a nonviolent unarmed man in an incapacitating full force choke hold


just realized i rephrased forgive i am sleep deprived

Those 8 dead arn't even considered human

silly Holla Forums child.

lele remind me that one liner in some movie after a guy shot someone:
"I didn't kill him, bullets and fall did"

It was only in 1985 when Ireland and North Ireland's police force co-operated that IRA could be combatted seriously. It's simple. One way or another, end states that sponsors terrorism.

And check out the dates. Back then there was still a possibility to get serious in Afghanistan and set the sights on Pakistan.

glad to see someone enjoyed my shitty oc