If Marx suddenly came back to life today, would he revise his work, and if so, what would need revision?

If Marx suddenly came back to life today, would he revise his work, and if so, what would need revision?

he might want to address the much larger number of working class people employed in the service industry instead of manufacturing.
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He wouldn't understand anything. Capitalism was a lot simpler in his time, in today's system he would be hopelessly lost, just like us.

Instead he would just keep talking shit about everyone and would probably end up as some shitty celebrity.

Or you could've just asked:
"What is, in your opinion, obsolete in Marx' theory or predictions?"

But then he would work 24/7 like he did and would understand everything in about a year.

He wouldn't understand everything in a year, he grew up two hundred years ago, he wouldn't even be able to survive a day without assistance. Marx wasn't some super-intelligent demigod, he was just a person like the rest of us.

In all actuality, he was.

Revise his work? He'd have to start all over again.
Wish we could get a second Marx, someone willing to dedicate his entire life to the struggle and develop carbunkles from writing cause you have to completely debunk most of what we know as "economics".

And I doubt they would let him work 24/7, he would probably spend the rest of his life just answering scholars' questions about what he actually meant in that obscure quote from that letter he doesn't even remember sending.


Yes if Marx came back today he would scrap historical materialism in favor for dialectal naturalism.

He would transcend his historical materialism into a true dialectic version because of his neuroreductionism is outdated. Consciousness resolves being, too.
He would extend his concept of species or otherwise he would lose many clients.
He would revise his identity political concept of the leading demonstration power into a transcultural concept.

Sounds like a realistic version of my future.


Yes, if Marx had access to contemporary anthropology he'd use it instead of Lewis Henry Morgan

He clearly needs to take account of human nature, and of modern advances in race-based crime statistics.

He would have to use humanities and critical theory type stuff to make his argument. Modern economics is all mathematical and it would be impossible to articulate his argument using that in any meaningful sense.

But I think Marx would end up the better for it - the classical economics framework he was working in is also pretty limited.

Marx would take one look at fidget spinners and shoot himself.

Nothing needs revision, Marx's work is perfect

He'd probably want to address the corporation and public business models. Lots of companies don't have specific bourgeoisie owners, but rather are owned through the sale of stocks to many different people. In a number of cases, the public own more than the "bourgeoisie" of a company. Despite having literal death squads, CocaCola is broadly owned by the public.

The separation between owning a business and making decisions for a business is an important development of modern capitalism. A lot of business owners of major corporations actually have very little say in what the company is allowed to do, while the people who actually make the decisions on how to run a company are done by (very highly paid) workers.

Computers. They've allowed for a level of automation that I don't think he quite counted on happening when describing the revolutionary potential of the working class. At the time, Marx rather envisioned that there would always need to be workers making the actual decision to continue production. Computers are capable of making the decision to work or not based entirely on their programming, severely undercutting the ability of the workers to decide to shut down production through strike if they want to.

he did take it into account
he knew how to solve it

Start by reading "wage labour and capital", it's only 30 pages and even mongrel like you should be able to comprehend it

So Capitalism is now basically similar to the communist ideal of workers owning their places of work?

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Socialism is not mode of management. Stock market existed when Marx was writing his theory, I don't see what are you trying to suggest.

this hasn't changed since then, and won't for at least few hundred of years. The only difference computers brought is that productivity of workers skyrocketed. Full automation is meme.

The point is that the line between bourgeoisie and proletariat is a lot more blurry than it used to be in Marx's time.

If you keep repeating that, you might find a few liberals which will agree with you

He'd just shitpost on the internet.

Not one bit.

He would read this book and agree with it

I think he would gives Volumes 2 and 3 the treatment he gave Volume 1 and maybe write even more than that. Marx had a lot he wanted to say and died before getting the chance to say it all.

How in the fuck did you guys come to the conclusion that because I was writing about publically owned capitalist businesses that I was claiming we're in socialism?

He would add:
Mutually assured destruction
Global warming
Modern imperialism
Artificial intelligence

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yeah dude managers and cops are true proletarians and shit dude

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No, the workers don't own shit. Big businesses now are just owned and controlled by largest stockholders who send in high paid executives to make money for them when they don't do it themselves.

Not really, the corporations' decisions are controlled primarily by CEOs operating on behalf of the largest shareholders in a business, and this only applies to older corporations. Newer ones tend to have their executives own so much of the stock that they're more or less equivalent to capitalists in Marx's time.

People may own some kind of stock but it's so insignificant for more or less all proles that it doesn't alter the class interaction in any way.

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Capital vol 2 and 3.

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All he would do is add a few more pages to Capital about proletarians in the service industry and maybe provide some words condemning worker-owned capitalist enterprises.


He would write about what anybody who died before the 20th century would if resurrected: the insanity of cars as the default mode of transportation.

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