The Criminal Legacy of Boris Yeltsin

By 2003, 23 business groups owned 57 percent of Russia’s total industrial production. The country recently announced its 60th billionaire.


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Boris Yeltsin didnt anythin wrong :D


I hate this so fucking much. Everything that went wrong in former soviet states was blamed on communism, completely ignoring how 1995 russia was doing much worse than in 1985.

Who was the last good Russian leader?

But russian riot dickgirs didnt even burn single tank!



From a purely pragmatic perspective unironically Putin.


I chuckled

I find this debatable but idk if I can really disagree

Don't you find it ironic that liberal "leftists" use the slur tankie against almost anyone who is supportive of the Soviet Union or would like to evolved Soviet Socialism as a model for the 21st Century yet Yeltsin, a "democrat" had to literally use tanks to impose capitalism upon the populace?

There's also the fact that "tankie" was coined to describe people who continued to toe the CPSU line after Khruschev's reforms and interventions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Yet it's now used to refer to Stalin ML's who hate Khrushchev.



Truly the non-stalinist left are a gang of idiots

Uncle Joe, and he wasn't even Russian

Boris looks cute and sympathetic here.

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All of Easter Europe is basically Russia


what is state capitalism

Basically the Economic model the S.U used,_bloblike_train_wreck_of_a_revolutionary_leader
A piece that gives Yeltsin his proper due

If not more. Officially under putin came population fell by 10 million while around 15 million immigrants came plus abortion.

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why was the SU state-capitalism and not socialism

Fucking give your argument some muscle or else it's essentially just a shitpost