Lenin's jewish ancestry

It's a card Holla Forumstards like to pull, but even according to the Nuremberg laws, Lenin was not jewish, but a mischling. And not a regular mischling either, a 2nd degree mischling. These might have been the targets of discrimination but not of any organized persecution (imprisonment, execution)
But that's not all.

slide thread. stop trying to distract us from his ☘️☘️☘️IRISH☘️☘️☘️ ancestry.

Lenin did speak english with an irish accent…

Didn't the Soviet Union ban the teaching of hebrew in the 20s and disbanded Jewish labor bunds as part of some sort "anti-Talmudic laws"

Good, good. Pay no attention to (((who))) really pulls the strings.

If you look it up, it's actually the welsh.

Shut up fools, it's the Dutch.

Don't forget

Lenin was a psydonym.

His real name was Vladimir O'lyanov


What is with ~them~ and capitalism?

I know we've been memeing so far but the netherlands, belgium and luxembourg (the name says a lot doesn't it) together are quite influential, I'd put the benelux just below the 3 big countries surrounding it in terms of porkery
cause usually if you think of the bigger, influential countries in western europe you'd only name france, great britain and germany

Correct, but Lenin could have been a Jewish soul nonetheless.


You don't understand the teachings of our sages. It's a very basic principle in kabbalah: the souls of Jews are unique, and need to be brought down in order to fulfill their purpose in this world (tikkun, uniting this world with G*d and thus bringing it back to its original harmonious state). If the soul doesn't accomplish what it was intended to do it's reincarnated. This also explains converts: they were Jewish souls born into non-Jewish bodies (think about Ruth in the Bible).

But souls don't exist.

Marxism never denies the existence of a soul. Unless you're an Althusserian like me (even though I obviously do believe in the soul) you can't really explain alienation without some belief in an innate essence to man/woman. (I know I'm oversimplifying it but still.)



Or a Hegelian, y'know, the progenitor to Marxian thought.

Wait are you that one person that sent a curse to Noam Chomsky for disrespecting Israel or something?

No. That was my comrade Adriana.

northern Italian city states too

No such thing as a soul.

From Reconstructing Lenin:

Incidentally, his other grandparents were Chuvash (Turkic), Kalmyk (Mongolic) and Germanic-Swedish. It's possible he didn't have a drop of Slav blood in him.


Good thing the USSR was a federal union of many peoples, then, and not some backwards looking Slavic fetishisation autocracy.

the Soviet poster at the bottom is actually about Africa

God bless Stalin

Ask her who the fuck curses a 90 year old man lmao


The Golden Horde had its revenge after 400 years.

Case closed, Lenin was not a jew. If it were his grandmother you could perhaps make an argument for it.

He was right about this, looking at all the nazi spergs who keep bringing it up. Stalin doing nothing wrong once again.

That explains why red army parades always featured Peruvian pan flute music.



And so the late Romanov emperors before.

Not that it matters but…

Are we just going to conflate Jewish the religion with Jew the ethnicity then? Was Lenin actually part of the Jew-ish genetic grouping or did his relatives belong to some other group and were just following the religion?

Given he only had one Jewish grandparent who would have been significantly mixed herself, and other grandparents who probably lacked any Near Eastern ancestry, Lenin was certainly not part of the "Jewish genetic grouping", if that matters. He might have been like 5% Jewish.

Are you just going to conflate them? Lenin was definitely not religiously jewish and not even ethnically jewish according to nazi standards.

So why the fuck do we have a "lenin's jewish ancestry" if he had almost no jewish ancestry?

according to pol anyone who has even 0.0000000001% jewish blood is a 'jew' /eyeroll

Because "It's a card Holla Forumstards like to pull"

I bet that a good amount of Holla Forums has more jewish blood than Lenin


ayy lmao

Still, it's impossible to beat the UK's record. Only in these last few generations, when it became acceptable to marry commoners, has the royal line gone above 0% English blood.

Ah yes, good old Alexandr "holodomor didn't happen" Solzhenitsyn

Broken clock.


Solzhenitsyn is a fucking caricature of a reactionary

Being a Jew is much deeper than religion or ethnicity. "Cultural Jew" is bullshit; you either believe in HaShem, follow the words of the sages, etc. or you don't.