Can we and list every western backed shadowy coup/ despot all in one thread

Can we and list every western backed shadowy coup/ despot all in one thread.

List them like this:

Afghanistan, Mujihadeen
Indonesia, Suharto Regime
Chile, Pinochet Regime
Nicaragua, Contra insurgency
Cuba, Batista regime
Honduras, ousting of Zelaya

Other urls found in this thread:

Cambodia, Khmer Rouge

(once we list them all we should then begin to collect information on each)

Mods pin this

Brazil, military dictatorship

Australia, deposition of Gough Whitlam
Syria, Islamists (al Qaeda, ISIL)
Libya, Islamists (al Qaeda, ISIL)
Palestine, Israel

I thought pol pot was on our side

Shah RM, Iran
Francisco Franco, Spain
Estado Novo, Portugal
Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentina
The Junta of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
Syngman Rhee, Republic of Korea
Chiang-Kai Shek, Republic of China
Diem, State/Republic of Vietnam
Al-Saud Dynasty, Saudi Arabia
Greek Military Junta
Military Junta, Burma/Myanmar
Sadat & Mubarak Junta, Egypt

That's about all I have.


Ghana, Operation Gold Chop

not comprehensive enough

Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury

Iraq, Saddam Hussein
South Africa, Apartheid Government
Zaire, Mobutu Regime
Cuba, Batista Regime
Nicaragua, Formoza Regime
Ukraine, Ukrainian Insurgent Army
Panama, Manuel Noriega

I'm gonna want some sources on that, sounds interesting. Unless you literally mean during the Sino-Japanese war for the later in which case that's retarded.

Holla Forums please, it's well-known pol pot was funded by the west

Germany, Adolf Hitler

Should someone be collecting them on a Text Document or something? idk
Also dates are important. This could be really useful for converting Holla Forumsyps, burgerstanis and other cunts idk


Holla Forumsniggers and ameriscum have no problem with murderous regimes, especially if they targeted communists. they worship pinoshit ffs
Chang was in power in the RoC until 1975.

Some of these seem to be reaching too far. Support for whatever reason =/ regime change


Please stop this. There's plenty of things to criticise Trump for, but let's not parrot Liberal nonsense. You'll be talking about Russia next…

but DUMPBF is a terror-est!

Just reposting yesterday's memes, comrade. If I were to try and make an accurate outline of how the US has fucked with the rest of the world I'd be at it for weeks. I did have this one about Latin America stored though.

That said, the figurehead of the state is a nearly inconsequential factor of what makes up America's military-industrial complex at this point. My analysis thus far would be that Trump doesn't care much about anything beyond his own relative popularity or image (because that's what a figurehead worries about). If he has pentagon advisors telling him to move troops here or there, drop bombs here, fund this or that 'moderate jihadi' group, he's probably going to just go along with it - why would he care? The US imperialistic death-engine has been running for hundreds of years - Trump doesn't strike me as the type to try and upend that apple-cart.

lenin got a train ride from the germans in the hope that he'd destablize russia, that doesn't make him a german agent

are you saying these kinds of actions are fine unless they're to do with "regime change"?

Trump is just a typical capitalist so why should he care about anything else but his own interest

Why only the western backed ones?
That seems a bit limited.


I think if Trump only cared about popularity he would have jumped on the politically correct bandwaggon like all the other politicians.
He has obviously not taken the route that would make him most popular with the normies.

Trump (in my opinion) cares most about success.

Burkina Faso, Overthrow of Thomas Sankara
Peru, Overthrow of Juan Velasco Alvarado (1975)/Fujimori Regime (1990s)

Yet he got elected and absolutely shit on the PC republicans during the primaries.

Come on reddit

Guatemala, Estrada Cabrera Regime (1898-1920)
Guatemala, Coup of 1921
Guatemala, Orellana Regime (1921-1926)
Guatemala, Coup of 1931
Guatemala, Ubico Regime (1931-1944)
Guatemala, Coup of 1954
Guatemala, Castillo Armas Regime (1954-1957)
Guatemala, Ydígoras Regime (1958-1963)
Guatemala, Coup of 1963
Guatemala, Enrique Peralta Regime (1963-1966)
Guatemala, Méndez Regime (1966-1970)
Guatemala, Arana Regime (1970-1974)
Guatemala, Laugerud Regime (1974-1978)
Guatemala, Lucas García Regime (1978-1982)
Guatemala, Coup of 1982
Guatemala, Ríos Montt Regime (1982-1983)
Guatemala, Coup of 1983
Guatemala, Mejía Víctores Regime (1983-1986)

Fuck United Fruit.

Burkina Faso was the French, not the eternal yank.

OP just said western-backed, not necessarily US-backed.

Read the OP carefully.

That is seriously fucked up.

man they really hate guatemala

And that's not even going into detail about how horrific the regimes were. Selling most of the country's arable land to one US-based company and the genocide from 1981 to 1983 come to mind. Guatemala's 20th century history is one of the most depressing things.

Not an instance of supporting a shadowy group or despot necessarily but an example of apartheid that took place under capitalism at the behest of "democratic" governments:

I highly encourage everyone to watch the film, it's pretty heartbreaking

Jamaica, attempted Coup of Michael Manley CIA backed

Columbia, Assassination of Jorge Gaitan, bombing of rural farmers

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OP asked for regime change. Including vague 'support' undermines the effect of the regime change shit. lol Pot was supported by the US for example but that was only because he was fighting Vietnam. Including 'support' distorts the pictur