So you guys are pedophiles now?

Do you guys actually condone pedophilia?

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No one cares Holla Forums.

no, those are a only few perverted liberals.
also pedo bashing is good

NAMBLA is it's own thing that embarrases basically anyone and everyone

I thought ancaps were fascists?

literally a plant lol

I wonder what could be behind this…


yes, but not child abuse

Holy shit you're right

Why are right wing billionaires so scared of antifa? Why do they keep trying to smear their already shit covered name?

Turns out it was a plant lol

fucking wow

this is my favorite thing about the internet

My dog just farted

The only thing trump is proving is that you don't have to be some unchallengeable hypersmart god to be rich, powerful, or president, you just have to a lucky idiot with a rich family.

I guess BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY includes fucking kids.

I can't access that link. Pics?


Pedophiles are probably the most oppressed people in the world. Just for having a fetish they cannot change.

Whatever you believe he is still proving

How absolutely jewish, as always.

There's also this video of protesters kicking out the NAMBLA plants.

Good lord right-wingers disgust me like insects. They create their own bogeymen when reality dissapoints.

I truly believe they aren't human. They are like some sort of insect, or primate. Even when I was a Fascist, I could have never thought of engaging in any kind of scheming like this.

Full twitter pic

there definitely is some pathology involved in far-right politics

so your saying antifa are so stupid that they will carry pro pedophile signs without looking at the sign
And don't come with pol whinning at me

the guys holding the sign were right wing plants you absolute autist. There's video of them being confronted on twitter rn

proof? Other than someone just saying it?

But you don't stand up to them. If standing with fascists makes Republicans fascist then standing with pedophiles would make

Mainstream republicans are bad

The guy who posted the image has false flagged before.