Matthew Heimbach And Butt-Buddies Start Bar Fight Over Interracial Couple, Beat White Woman Bloody

Title says it all really. Source:

Used to think there was just the faintest glimmer of hope that "The Traditionalist Workers Party" (Matthew Heimbach and friends) could be breadpilled cuz they take an openly anti-capitalist stance, but then they go 14/88 and cutting people for having a night out in a racially heterogeneous crowd. *Rolls eyes*

Where's Nashville's Antifa when you need them…

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Holy fuck that 3rd picture…do this people have no self awareness? If Hitler saw them they would be shot immediately.

What do you fuckin think

Pieces of shit. I hope Matthew gets fucking stabbed one day

You would think that eventually one of these fucking people would get murdered. It shouldn't even be that hard in the states. Just get a gun and drop his ass.

Disgusting vile people

Antifa are cucked weaklings and are too busy sucking African cum out of their mummies pussy rather than actually doing anything about it

I wish you fucking retards would spend more time posting about what other leftist groups are doing rather than idiot clickbait about a bunch of fascist cucks.

Why do the alt right get laid seven years past the national average?

Excuse me, lose their virginity seven years passed the national average

If you're still pushing half measure bullshit like "punch a nazi XD" you're a bitch cowards. These people should be waking up to their houses on fire.

‘White Lives Matter’ organizers cancel second rally after larger than expected showing of counterprotesters"

you're so dumb that you actually fall for a fake vice article LMAO

Absolutely 100%. The time for peace has ended. If they won't get on their knees from a blow to a skull, they need to be taken down by a blow to their lives and their loves.

Be more descriptive, please.


Honestly how fucking hard is it to just drive by one of their homes? If nobody else is doing this shit I might as well.

Why burgers can't even into murder or building houses?
Stop watching Boyz in da hood .

Just get a gun and shoot them. Can't be that hard to get away with it considering how little care the police are taking at these latest confrontations. If you dress as an Oathkeeper the cops will probably help watch your back for you while you aim.

The bullets go through windows dumbshit. It isn't even necessarily about anything but a threat. A "we know where you live" warning


You're the FBI

I'm not even American, but if I could get my hands on a gun as easily as you guys could I think there's a decent chance I would have done something about this shit. As is all I can do is try to encourage you guys to.

The encouragement is welcome. Matthew and friends need to take a blow to their self esteem at this point. They had their fun, now they need to go back to the shadows they were in.


Put on your ski mask and black fatigues them.




Y-y-you too

then you do it, you fucking pussy.

Either he's got a cone-shaped head or that helmet's waaay to small for him. It's fucking plastic too. Is he even trying?

can we get ID's on this thread? I wanna see how much this fed is samefagging.

For real though. I'm loving the direct action-mindedness in this thread, but I can't help but think I'm on a database now LOL.


No turning back.


I guess its not the act so much as the consequences. Its the inevitable prison sentence and spending your life with tons more of those violent shitheads in close quarters. It's not like American prisons get "better" when it comes to shit like rape, racism, etc.

Burn the coal
Pay the toll

Hello my leftist tovarishes. I would very much enjoy extracting surplus life from some reactionaries or perhaps engage in felonious or disorderly conduct while possessing dangerous weapons and would encourage you to do the same!

To be fair it looks like a construction site hardhat, but a childs dress up version of one.

If it really was the FBI what would it matter? Being in prison wouldn't be any worse than things are now, the walls are just visible

Every end goal the FBI could have for shilling direct violent action has already occurred. FBI/CIA is nuts deep in underground political organizations, there's cameras at every street corner, you're being searched at every airport, the NSA has your search history.

Stopping now would only mean that you have internalized your oppression.

She didn't pay shit. She is still fucking black dudes and so is your sister.

Every racist needs to be gulag'd, permanently.

Not to mention the black dick these guys are gonna be getting in prison

What if we just built a huge gulag for all white racists and told them it was an ethnostate?

Can we put crypto- ethnonationalist sjws in there too? Or build them one as well. You know the i ironic kills all whites types? Fucking idpol cancer in all forms should be gulaged tbh

SJW ethno-nationalism is a response to white racism. If we solve the white racist problem, idpol will go away.

I bet 1000 american dollars over how after a week they would start killing each other, because that one is not that white, and that one has brown eyes and that has dark hair.

All racists should be killed, so this achieves the outcome of letting them do it for us.

Heimbach was holding his hands up the hole time in that video speaking calmly and trying to neutralise the situation. She got punched by one guy after running up to the crowd and screaming in people's faces as alternative video clearly shows, while her white knight nigger boyfriend just tries to make the situation worse.

Holla Forums bottom feeders deliberately misrepresenting people and grasping at straws as per usual.

So what? She acted appropriately towards a racist.

Don't you have reddit posts to be upvoting?

No. pre-emptive aggression against racists is always justified.

Actually my fat man Hein said the black guy threw the first punch at him. And that's probably 100% bullshit, but let's be generous.

And not pulling shit from your ass like he is

I swear why do Holla Forumsyps lie so much?

Reactionaries all get the bullet. You could argue white racism is a response to SJWs and the like, and this shit could loop endlessly. I’m of the opinion it all simply should be purged without regard for the specific color it comes in

Heimbach deserves more than a punch

See for the correct view on all racists, not just Heimbach.

Nationalism of oppressed minorities is revolutionary, not reactionary.

He's not on Holla Forums right now.

Pretty sure reddit bans any subreddit nonkosher at this point.

Jesus Christ…

So? You can't expect a girl who had no idea what she was getting into that night to drop that no name mongoloid.


At least the capitalists are good for something.

Are right-wingers the biggest dindus in the world or just cowards with no principles to accept their responsibility?

Nationalism is in no way leftist. It’s perhaps revolutionary but not in the way you are thinking. Marx said workers of the world, unite. Not workers of this particular color unite and form a nation.
If we are talking of opposing imperialism, I guess but that’s a grey area and leftist secretarian. But straight up what you are saying doesn’t pertain because I’m referring to within a nation, in which imperialism by definition doesn’t apply. Any promotion of nationalism is no different from some reverse hitleresque bullshit

T-this ain't true, is it? This can't be true!

It's not, because a subset of one ethnic group (white racists) is oppressing the other ethnic group(s) and a big part of socialism is abolishing oppressive power relations like racism. This requires the re-education, removal, or extermination of all racists.

If they even go to prison. American judges have a soft-spot for right-wing anti-gub'ment types. Remember The Bundy Militia?

Heimbach did nothing wrong


The trick is to get them all to move there, and once the population transfer is complete, nuke it.

Call it a safe space and they'll sign up to shovel snow in Alaska by the thousands. Simple.

new retro wave is the most embarrassing nerdy shit since "chiptunes". You're a step-away from wearing a Ryan Gosling Drive jacket.

Give it 5 minutes and at least one of them will be curb-stomping the other for spilling his beer. These Heimbach/Stormfag types are neo-Nazi skinhead-tier trailer trash.

Like they didn't hit the bars that night looking to start trouble with non-whites. £10 says they waltzed into that place echoing the same racist shit you are now.

The US already has nukes, though. Racists will be rounded up, transferred, and hopefully nuked.

The fascist appropriation of vaporwave shit really reveals how hollow the movement is. I can't remember the article that made this point originally but basically the fact that their visions of the future are essentially barbarian modernity is really telling. I knew fascism was pure aestheticism but the degree to which it's also incoherent kitsch is as you put it, embarrassing.
Read some of that classical literature you claim to care so much about, holy shit.

Pretty sure that story was confirmed fake anyways

the sad thing is, heimbach is probably more class conscious than antifa




We're gonna build a gulag and have the fascists pay for it. Comrade JaRule Stalin would be proud.

Enjoy Yourself by Saint Pepsi's the only Vaporwave song I like and that's 75% due to the video.

He's more Israel conscious too

Dude... Just stop embarrassing yourself. Please. It hurts so much to watch.

You belong to a generation and demographic of spoiled, medicated white boys who were raised to believe the world should revolve around them. You're this years New Atheists. You're going to drop the racism bullshit when an Asian girl holds your hand.

You have never and will never defend your people. You wouldn't even call a black dude the n-word to his face. You can't even bring yourself to tell your mom that you hate niggers.

The only tragedy is you thinking you're anything other than a weak little geek talking shit on the internet.

stop bumping dumbass

No, that's fucking stupid.
He's critical of capitalism the same way any fascist is. He's said multiple times he for class collaboration.

I can't wait to give the next throng of right wing subhumans war crimes to whine about.


Red Army didn't do enough

Both are lumpen, but antifa in principle shouldn't be


Do none of these people see the hypocrisy of this when Matthew Heimbach himself has dated a Jew?

You're under the assumption that nazis live in good faith. This isn't the first time one of these guys has been outed as a jew or having dated one. It's either excused or dismissed, they don't care.

You are a complete retard if you ever bought into the pseudo-anticapitalist rhetoric of a bunch of irrelevant fascists.

Yeah, never mind the story can be found from multiple news outlet including this mainstream ones.

This is deeply flawed. White supremacy has existed well before even slaves were considered worthy of any rights. The snowflake nationalism of today is an attempt to assert and reinforce this status on the face of diminishing cultural hegemony and greater individualist focus (where they clearly occupy the bottom rung of personal failure). Don't get me wrong. I'm not here to promote some SJW-tumblr type crap, but white supremacy is not a social movement to bring out certain discriminated social classes to the front, but to ensure those deemed 'inferior' never make it out by default as much of history before.

Left-wing white SJWs are more 'Jewish' to pollacks than a conservative Israeli Jew.


t. never been to prison

Is this for real? Are white supremacists beating interracial couples? What's going on in America?

nothing good comes after a sentence like that.

Another day another dollar

This has been happening here since the most common form of interracial relationship was rape. There are whole swathes of the country where interracial couples just shouldn't go together, especially if the woman is white. Pretty much every sort of right wing violence you hear about happening on America these days has been happening for at least decades if not centuries.

I bet that woman's glad she was saved from rape