SAY IT WITH ME Holla Forums

SAY IT WITH ME Holla Forums

Americana are stupider than fucking monkeys

white parents suck

Things reactionaries say that would be awesome if true

I am the leader of antifa though.

at least two big names in weird twitter/left twitter have been suspended over this (krangtnelson and 2danmuslim)
the right is populated entirely by crybabies who can't take a joke.

Shit boys they're onto us, I hope they didn't find our manifesto.

ahistorical retards

Why does the right false flag itself so much?

oh gee I wonder


Siege weapons, trebuchets are reported

how do i join the supersoldier program

tfw they think the Iron Front is Communist.


I can tell it's bullshit becaise I am the leader of Antifa.

Fug you, I'm the leader of Antifa, bitch

Soros just called, I'M the new leader of antifa. My first order of business will be to institute a ban on christianity and mandatory miscegenation


George Soros here, you are all leader of antifa.

Schrodinger's Antifa: Simultaneously weak-wristed liberal snowflake crybaby faggots and murderous psychopathic supersoilders

nice to see the guy who played Flubber's still got work

George where the fuck is my paycheck I broke like 6 windows yesterday


Schrodinger's Liberal: Simultaneously wants polite people in domestic politics while bombing everywhere else

is this the november 4th planning thread? there's a couple of white families on my street and i'm looking for tips

Poison their mayonnaise supply.

Do you think rightists are actually going to show up to "resist" the antifa jihad?

> white parents
well Holla Forums incels have nothing to fear then

we were gonna kill all cis white males but then the fugging gatwaypundit stoped us

He forgot the part where we release 10 million communist muslim african immigrants to rape all the white children

Yes. About time someone killed all the white people.

this thread is probably going to be on some shit conservative "news" website saying stuff like "evil commies want to kill all white people"

But that is exactly what we are going to do. Communism is when we kill all the whites and steal all their shit to give it to blacks.

Holla Forums is too obscure for that. Which is good because now no one will know of our plans to overthrow the white race.


Actually antifa is a sect funded by the Chinese Communist Party to destroy all the white countries filled with individualist reactionary populace and bring on the new era of global communism based on the principles of Xi Jinping Thought.

You guys realize this level of dumbfuckery on their part can be exploited somehow, right?
It looks to me like they can easily be manipulated into reacting to stupid shit even if you word it like it's obviously a joke, if you can get screencaps of it or whatever to them.

fuck off liberal true communists behead 20,000,000 white parents every second

go behead your mom and dad on the 4th is sick.

no beheadings, no healthcare.


Holla Forums has got on international news on multiple occasions. There was a feeding frenzy where every little controversial thread managed to get reported at least once. I remember even /i/, a shitty little raid board which got killed fairly early on and was surpassed by baphomet, got reported on by mainstream media. Don't underestimate scare tactics.

do you realy think that we actually believe this? this proves that right wingers dont understand irony

Yo, at least weed would be legal

Christ, you people are naive.

It seems like you got tricked.

wait, so it was a troll? if it was, then that was pretty good.

i've never seen leftypol mentioned on any news websites, apart from tiny insignificant notes.


What if Antifa is a bunch of pro-pedophila activists who kill white parents to make life easer for pedos.

Holy shit, you are onto something here! Start up the #AntifaGate !

No, I am!

Go back to sleep Terayama, you're dead.


Antifa leader here. the truth is that our group is actually a cult.
Every day we pray to Pol Pot and George Soros so that all the white babies on earth will face retribution just for being born.
November 4th is actually "the day of mastication" where we will eat all American-born cis white males and let Mexican illegal immigrants take control of the government and fuck yo huwhite wimmins

Don't forgot force every white person to be a sissy that's left alive

>Hating America so much that you actually hate Captain America
Tankies, everybody

I’m the REAL Auntie Fah!

The Boomer is onto us
I repeat

notify Lord Soros immediately

Yeah but you neglected your trashcan quota.

Wtf i hate white parents now.

Fukken saved.

Underrated post

hey george, where's my money?


Top tier missing the point. The comic is pointing out Liberal Hypocrisy, the captain america symbolism is specifically to point out the disconnect between idolization of american heroism/'heroism' in WW2 and liberal condemnation now. When you reduce the puncher to Pure Anarchist, you just bring the situation back to what it already was in the first place.