Shit that governments do

what shady crap has your government been up to.
for example, Australia gives hardly any support to starving aboriginal communities, sends refugees to concentration camps, and allows 10 year old children to receive adult punishments for terrorism (this includes promoting overthrowing the government).

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We had eugenics programs continuing until the 70s here.

Threw me in a gulag when I questioned the authority of the state

He said fucked up.


polish government is so shady that no one even understands what's going on anymore. probably, because nothing is happening.


Just spying on everyone around the world. Nothin much.

gut funding of education which happens to be the basis of the national economy to 'support and build competitiveness'
even for neoliberals these people are a special breed of retard
oldschool and post-keynesian succdems are way better at capitalism and capitalist economics than these blind swine

Governments institutionalize gendered robbery of men by women. Divorce laws are structured so that dumb sluts whose only value is being a fucktoy can steal half your income or more. This combined with the 1984 style commie fashie scapegoating called rape culture (a leftist creation) results in nothing less than male enslavement to women. Soon you won't even be able to disagree with a women in public without being arrested and tried for mind rape. This is the future the left wants.

this is why the alt-right are all virgins

read this out loud and try not to cringe

Nothing is more cringe inducing than watching females argue. Must suck to be born more animal than human.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Well my government just substituted a retarded electoral law with another retarded electoral law built around saving the sorry ass of the main "centre-left" party, but they're so fucking moronic they may fail to win the elections anyway next year to a pseudo-fascist group of even more incompetent idiots.
And what was done in the last 30 years by our government? cuts after cuts against the only fucking things that work to a decent degree, which are of course public healthcare and education. Austerity is such a magnificent beast.

proves my point even more.

You're not serious, right? People cannot not be this stupid, right?

(im the guy who wrote "this is why the alt-right are all virgins")


Why don't you kill yourself? Women can't oppress you if you're dead.

you seem to think that this board is r/socialism. also, constantly proving my point

nice "verified data" you got there.

The Australian government's also been cracking down on the Unions lately. The Australian Federal Police raided the Australian Workers Union offices a while ago.

What I am supposed to do? You've built your own fantasy world to avoid having a discussion about your moronic beliefs.
Have fun I guess, you win, go away now.

i know. the Australian government is shit.

I heard a while ago that the gov have the ability to institute martial law when shit hits the fan and use the ADF to quash any armed uprisings. Mind you I heard this from a farmers daughter, who said Jonny put it in 17 years ago.

Hear anything similar?


Guns exist here, albeit maybe not among the urban population but many regional people have them and the farmers have many.

90% of australia's population lives in urban areas. in practical terms, if they don't have guns, no one has
yeah, a few bolt-action rifles and break-open shotguns. real threatening lol. plus guns aren't much without the will to use them, which the average australian farmer is not

Aus unions also helped depose Whitlam. Some of their guys were on the CIA payroll. And Aus institutions and public rolled over and didn't complain. Was one of the things that pushed the falcon in the snowman and the falcon to treason.


privatize natural monopolies but keep them funded through subsidies, defeating the whole point of privatization (muh free market, muh competition, muh small gubbermand, muh low taxes)
my country's FBI ran a fake M-L party for around 20 years so they could get contact with Albania but especially China, the guy behind it got to meet Hoxha, Mao and Khrushchev that way
they also infiltrated the "red youth" movement and supplied them with weapons (hoping they'd pull off something, but nothing happened)
they also supported pol pot through the netherlands-kampuchea foundation

the information in the english article isn't quite complete but give it a look:–Leninist_Party_of_the_Netherlands

this thread's getting a bump from me tbh

I think Tony Abbott wanted to declare martial law a few months ago. I don't remember why though.

The Turnbull regime also refused to give Aboriginals a say in government.

Almost half of the army are labor voters, so thats something. One of them became a labor pollie and volunteered for rojava.

Honestly theres no saving aboriginals. You cany close the gap when you live far away from government services. They have to decide what world they want to live in, and when a hunter gatherer lifestyle is impossible due to private agriculture the choice is clear.

I think Abbott wanted the army to invade states that don't expand natural gas production.

Germany here.

- my state government doesn't allow communists to make their PhD, as you have to be employed by the university and members of communist organizations are not allowed to work for public institutions

- we actually make money off Greece, state firms are buying off their privateized infrastructure as well, but the government and the media tells the people we lost money while this US empirically untrue and you don't need an economics degree to figure that shit out

- Varoufakis has said that in a private conversation, our finance minister admitted that he wants to enforce Greece style dystopia on every other country of Europe "my end goal is to do this in Paris". It's on Youtube, a conversation between Chomsky and Varoufakis

- the guys from VW who implemented a software to cheat on emissions got appointed into the commission that is supposed to investigate this. So basically you have criminals running their own trial.

- our secret service supports literal Nazis that murder people in daylight

- big guys in government or state firms who are major fuck ups are hilariously dumb or incompetent just get moved to a different position. There is NEVER any real consequence, they are basically untouchable

- the fucking austerity. The goddamn motherfucking austerity which even our left-liberals shill for as "reasonable". I want to fucking shove a book of Kenyes into Schäubles retarded disabled ass

Fuck this province man.

The prison-industrial complex, the war on drugs, imperialism, destroying the Middle East, making education shit/more un-affordable, and exporting shitty culture around

It's weird, here in Brazil the government seems to have completely dettached itself from the peple. Not in the usual manner of decadent elites turning their noses up and revolting masses, but rather more like a machine running by itself, without any need for external input. And the people are so disillusioned that they don't care about this situation either.

It more or less started a few years ago, with a yuge, and I do mean yuge, investigation by the federal police into the country's infamous corruption in the highest echelons of power. Right off the bat, it went after no one less than the seating president and her predecessor, both from the first """""leftist""""" party, PT, to reach power here, and against whom the old elites always nurtured a pathological hatred.

And what a coincidence, every single weekday, the biggest news show in the country by far because it has the prime time spot in the channel that has 70% of the viewership, would talk about the accusations against those two. No matter if absolutely nothing happened in the investigation that day, it would be there, without fail, associating their names with corruption. Every once in a while they would find time to talk about other accused politicians and porkies in the same investigation, small fry like, you know, bankers, senators and governors. Barely worth mentioning, surely. And what a double coincidence, the almost entirety of the mainstream media followed the same program. Massive protests followed, virtually all of which either organized by, or at least allied with, a couple of obvious astroturf organizations.

The smear campaign borne fruit, sure enough. The president was impeached by the bicameral congress – not on any criminal charges, mind you, of which she wasn't convicted of any, but on a technicality about budget. So her VP, who had backstabbed her even before the impeachment process began, takes charge, and unsurprisingly, he's factually far, far more corrupt than her. But hey, he brought the old elites back into power, so all is good. As a bonus, PT was utterly raped in the mayoral elections that happened during the campaign. Perhaps more significantly, this sank the reputation of the entire fucking national left, because PT always hogged the limelight.

It was one of these "soft coups" that are all the rage in Latin America after the Cold War. I expected things to return to the usual. Porkies in power, a handful of leftists putting in a resistance but very weakened now, and the same old day-to-day kleptocracy. It was here that things started to get weird. The federal government, now firmly in the hands of the old elite, is pretty much an independent entity from the rest of the country, a perfectly isolated system. Watching the politicos on TV now feels like watching an enactment of a particularly bad John Grisham novel.

You see, with the left now pretty much dead, now the old elites decided to have some infighting in preparation for next year's presidential elections. So all of a sudden, the near entirety of the media turns against the new president which they just helped reached power, as well as a big candidate for presidency, both of which, you guessed, are implicated in that big-ass investigation. Mind you, during all of this, as with during PT's smear campaign, the investigation is finding dirt on a rather absurd number of former and sitting senators, governors, representatives etc., but the media would always focus on obvious designated targets.

But this time, it didn't work, partly because the old elite is obviously divided now so they don't have as many votes as when they united against PT. But the big puzzle is the popular reaction. The astroturf organizations, which claimed to be against corruption, now at conspicuously absent. The head of one had the gall to say they wouldn't protest against the new president because they wouldn't act as anyone's political puppets. PT and what's left of the left organized some puny protests, but that was it. This absence of indignation seems to have kept the people at large dettached from the ongoing conflict. Like I said, it felt like a bad political thriller, something that does't really concern them because it's not even affecting their day-to-day. This popular indifference in the face of massive corruption of the old elites provides a tragic but fascinating contrast to the indignant rage elicited by PT on anyone middle-class or better. Like the old elites robbing us is normal, to be expected. The power of media in the 21st century.

The new president had, and I'm not joking, 14 processes in Congress calling for his impeachment, to mention nothing of further processes in the Judiciary. So far, the new president stood firm. He barely evaded being ousted by the Supreme Court. Funny thing: the judges' votes minus the leading judge's was a tie, so the leading judge votes to save the president's ass. Oh yeah, and this leading judge happens to be good friends with the president, to the point where they go on expensive vacations on Europe together.

Perhaps even more farcical are the congress voting sessions for impeachment, of which I think 2 already took place. It was surreal seeing the same scum, literally the very same people who impeached the PT president barely a year ago, while declaring in the chamber's sound system that they were "staunchly against corruption" despite her not being convicted and because getting rid of her was a matter of "bringing stability to the country", now voting against impeachment because "it would ruin the stability of the country" and that the charges of corruption against the president "should be investigated first". The cherry on the cake is that about 60% of all congressmen doing the voting are involved or have already been convicted in a criminal case. Dunno how many of those were due to the mega-operation.

And meanwhile, as I said, day-to-day life hasn't been affected in the least, for good or ill. The economic downturn which began several years ago, which the media blamed on the PT president, is still in full swing, despite the president's allies insisting that we're recovering. All bullshit, of course. The PT president was just unlucky that a crisis hit during her mandate after a decade or so of very relative prosperity, and neither her nor the current president has any idea how to solve it. And in all likelihood, neither will the next president to be elected in 2018. There's a very real chance that we will elect an abomination so reactionary, boorish, ignorant, dimwitted and regressive that he makes Trump look like Lenin.

I really didn't expect this post to get this big, but might as well post it now that I wrote it.

tl;dr: Brazil is completely and utterly fucked now and for the foreseeable future, moreso than usual

very interesting posts, thanks
This really sticks out in the modern day. Leftists and even supposed leftists seem to be held to much higher standard than the right, just think about what figures like Boris Johnson or Trump get away with. Blatant lies are simply waved away. Clownish, cartoony behaviour is simply accepted as the new normal. Politics has become a farce, like a ham-fisted satire by shit writers.


>Brazil has actually turned into the society from Brazil

Look at the bright side… you're not your old ally at least. The Italian government is as bad if not worse and on top of that our economy is dysfunctional to an absurd degree.

We keep shoving money into banks just to keep them running, while the surviving banks get more and more filled with incompetent party members cashing in on favors.

We didn't have a normal election for the last three mandates.

Not to mention our government is as eager as a child during christmas to get his ass high in the air and get repeatedly fucked to please the EU or the US.

Berlusconi has fucking come out of his tomb to haunt the country again.

And the biggest party in the country is a populist, proto-fascist movement filled to the brim with incompetents morons who can't come up with a coherent strategy, when they don't even have to respect their ideology since they "refuse to have one".