Has Marxism EVER been less popular than it is now? I ask this sincerely, not trying to bait or anything

Has Marxism EVER been less popular than it is now? I ask this sincerely, not trying to bait or anything.

At the moment it seems that people are either libertarian capitalists, corporatists, fascists, liberals, or SocDems. There are no serious communist political forces anywhere in Western politics, and very few Communist regimes still around.

How does the revolution get back on its feet again after the blow of the USSR collapse and china's economic reformation?

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It doesn't. Enjoy the dustbin of history.

It's certainly more acceptable rn than it was at any point after WW2, in burgerland anyways

status quo was always more popular than radical change while people's living standards were not absolute shit

Let's hope it stays this way. People should become anarchists and not red Napoleon wannabees.

Fuck off anarkiddie this is a ML board

I think a case could be made that Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the most ideology with the highest amount of followers today.

Reactionary scum

let anarchists try to build socialism.

"Just don't call it communism, and you will be fine boyo"

Have you gone outside recently lad? People need to stop with this "The USSR is dead, so is marxism". It is bullshit. The fall of the soviet union was, while a generally bad thing for those of its former republics, a generally good thing in terms of interlectual and political circles: because the damocles of the soviet union no longer hangs over the heads of the west. People can state these views without being denounced as a traitor and helping the subversion of the west to the great enemy. The soviet dream died about halfway through Khruschyov's leadership, it was just buried by Gorbachyov. The fall of the USSR is not damaging to Marxism, no it has set us free. It allows us to go to teh past and explore long dead ideas, it allows us to formulate new nes without being beholden to leninist derivatives. And finally it allows us to learn the mistakes of not just the USSR but the October revolution itself with a free and unbiased hand. We are in a period of liberty of marxist thought that hasn't been seen since the revolutions of the 1910s-20s. Our goal is to use the lessons of the past to now organise: be it politically, economically or in terms of theory.


i hate this meme

brainlet here, what's wrong with it? Because it can only be established by proletarian revolution, not 'built'?


it's one of the better ones when applied surgically

some people get triggered by that kind of stuff because they think socialism will come no matter what and political action is opportunism.

Propaganda is a hell of a drug.

Nah this is incorrect, I'd say the worst moment for marxism was after 1989 with the fall of the "socialist" block, lot's of parties troughout the world dissolved (the majority of the ones that stayed were the one that previosely denounced soviet revisionism to some degree).
But since then Communist movements had actually gained traction all troughout the world, I'd explain this by four principal groups I'd say, depending on were you look:

Socialist revolutions specially in the thirld world countries (such as the Naxalites in India, the Maoists who deposed the king in Nepal, the growing New People's army of Philiphines….. even some smalller groups such as the Communist party of Lebanon, or some like the DHKPC or MLK in Turkey, to give just a few examples.
Also there is the Civil war in Syria with Rojava (I still hope they implement a socialist line when they have more stability, and are not actually just an American tool.)

Then you have to look a Latin America, here the economic and social conditions had provoked progressive leaders reaching the presidency of lots of countries, and although they are not implementing socialism (does not matter what they say), they have an antiimperialist line, and are creating in some way in my opinion the path for future socialist movements.

Of course there is the first world, were as said at the start , socialism was in it's worst days after th USSR collapse, but later there have been certainely a reappearence of socialism as an alternative in the public mindset, with parties sucha as the KKE in Greece, PCP in Portugal, Akel in Chipre, PVDA in Belgium, as some examples in Europe, of parties growing in popularity electoraly (by participating in burgeoise democracy) but most importantly on the streets. Also, seriousely haven't you realized Socialism/Communism is gaining popularity?? In America depite the right wing reactionary groups coming back to public displays, there is a fastly growing number of people joining or supporting socialist organizations, realizing that maybe what they had told them about socialism was not true.
This is happening also in Europe were although not Communists directly, events like the recent British elections were the most left-wing candidate in Labour history was able to break the Tory stablishment, show socialism in gaining support.

Then about self-proclaimed socialist states such as Cuba, DPRK, China, Vietnam and Laos, in the case of the first two this is still correct (to some extent, as they only can do so much being completely isolated) and are still mantaining themselves as a beacon of Antimperialist resistance (despite their terrible mistakes, specially by the DPRK).
China is in a courious situation, were although it is a capitalist country ( can't understand why people argue otherwise) it seems that there is a current in the CPC that seeks to start implementing socialism again,as the official statment of the party says (don't really now though if there truly is), and lot's of countries trough the world see them as the example to follow,as USA influence unavoidably decays, also China still supports socialist and progressive movements troghout the world (maybe just because of their interests, but this still helps the people).

Finally kinda related to all past points Communist parties are staring o organize themselves again in the international level, with meeting such as the IMCWP en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Meeting_of_Communist_and_Workers'_Parties were most relevant communist parties around the world are organizing again for a global strategy, being bigger each year, or the WFDY en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Federation_of_Democratic_Youth communist youth mettings (this year one in Sochi has been the biggest ever)
And this just talking about palpable examples, withouth entering topics such as the falling rate of profit, the unsusteinable growing inequality….Socialism will come, maybe in 20 years maybe in 200 but it will.

Because remember bucko , as Dimitrov said:
"The wheel of History wil keep wheeling until the final victory of Communism"

The problem with focusing on inhereitence is that you’re essentially adopting Capitalist ideology to critique capitalism. We’re not living under federalism. Sure lots (even most) wealthy people got there because they were born into it but even “self made” millionaires are exploiters. People forget this.


Well, there's no great power to provide patronage to revolutionary movements, so it's not all that surprising.

Early 90s were the lowest points for anything left wing. Centrists libs became as far left as the Overton window allowed. this past decade has brought socialism back from the dead

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Marxism wasn't very popular in the 1700s if I recall correctly.

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