What did he mean by this?

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He's outing this "metoo" campaign as the pure spectacle that it is in the most poorly worded way possible

wow I need to go read the response tweets now, im sure they're very salty

I think he's trying to underscore the perils of mob justice and how it can have unintended consequences, such as severely injuring or killing individuals based on spurious reasons or hearsay.

What the fuck is this #metoo shit now?

He's comparing the literal lynchings of blacks accused of rape in southern states in the 19th and early 20th centuries to the metaphorical lynchings of men accused of rape in the early 21st century.

Basically a porky in hollywood "molested" a lot of girls and now all the girls that have been molested come out of the closet twetting this metoo shit.
The problem here that the girls weren't even molested. Working in the sector I can tell that unless your father is someone important, you'll have to suck cock to make a carrer. Now girls that traded their dignity for fame are coming out as molested. Americanism, spectacle and black mirror tier stuff as usual. Social networks are the worst thing that happened to humanity

Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed/abused/assaulted a lot of women. They made a hashtag about being sexually harassed/abused/assaulted, which was #metoo. The underlying thing no one is talking about is how the creeps were all rich dudes who could out lawyer any accusers.

That's secondary imho. The real problem here is that the "molested" girl didn't really get molested.

Is that true or is it just a smear

Using status to get sexual favors is molestation.

No. "You want to have a career? Suck my cock"
It's not getting molested, it is if you say no and get the fuck out of there and then report him. Saying yes for 5 years, making coming out 20 years later and starting this bullshit is not getting molested.

But he has a point. These modern witch hunts and character assassinations mimic the old mob frenzy about gossip.
All it takes these days is for a random person to accuse you of rape or sexual abuse, and ruin your entire life.

Social media should be abolished and anonymity forced everywhere.

In France, a popular conservative pundit has recently drawn comparison between a hashtag campaign aimed at outing influential people as sex offenders and collaborators who would rat Jews out to occupying Nazi authorities during the early '40s.

Sex-related issues make right-wingers uncomfortable, hysterical even.

Yes I agree.
No doubt
No. The problem with social media is anonimity and detachment from the real person behind the screen. Abolish this shit and there will be no problems.

How's this realated anyway to this thread?

This is ancap-tier levels of mental gymnastics. Funny how the anti-idpol crowd regresses from vulgar materialism towards libertarian NAP nonsense at the slightest opportunity.

< it is if you say no and get the fuck out of there and then report him

Right-wing celebs making dumb comparisons because they can't approach the issue with intellectual honesty.

No it's not, it's extortion. Touching someone sexually without their consent and without being under duress is molestation.

Do we really need to quibble over the semantics of sexual assault?

Even more ironic by the fact that ancient civilizations were pretty open about sexuality and nudity. Even things like pederasty and bestiality. Sexual abstinence was on the other hand frowned upon, from China to Rome.

That's still abusive. You're taking someone in a disadvantaged position and forcing them to debase themselves.
If you are starving, and I force you to have sex before giving you food, isn't that sexual coercion?

Consent implies a possibility of refusing. If your entire career and financial security hinges on it, that precludes the possibility for genuine consent.

Is sexual harassment by anything but the most retarded of standards. You're showing your position of wealth in assuming merely reporting Weinstein, who could easily bury them in legal fees, would do anything.

The stalinstache is idpol and calls himself a feminist.

Which Weinstein has done in addition to harassment.

Literally ancap logic.

It's not hard to understand here, folks. If someone says "have sex with me and I'll give you X" it's EXTORTION at worst, not molestation. To argue anything else is to also argue that prostitutes are molested.

why did you ignore the second half of that sentence?
being extorted put them into duress, so their having sex for favors cannot be said to be consensual in the legal sense

But that's not in anyway possible the problem with this hashtag.
There are 3 isusse here

Yes it is. Now angelina jolie needed food or wanted fame and millions?

We are talking about weinstein here first. Hollywood is not about survival but about gettin filthy rich.
The problem here is the abuse of power yes. But also how people will literally pimp themself for fame

Ancaps are completely ignorant about power, only being able to see technicalities.

dumb as shit my man

anfem like you are just as retarded

The discussion here shouldn't be about the definition of rape but how stupid this hashtag is.
Call it how ever you feel like. If it was real sexual assault then why no one told the police before? Everyone knew. You wanna know why? Because technically speaking there is nothing illegal in asking sexual favours in exchange of million dollars job. Is a filthy pratices but not illegal. Girls say yes to him even if they had a choice to say know, everyone knew and nobody said nothing. The problem stand in the power structure and in the mechanism of people pimping themself out for fame.

Yes, Weinstein who is accusing of harassing many women and even raping a few. If masturbating in front of women or luring them into a hotel suite for a "massage" isn't molestation it isn't more than a few inches away.
And we are talking about someone who already is filthy rich and can easily bury any challenger who isn't on similar footing in legal fees. That they didn't mount a futile stand against someone who would have destroyed their career in movies as well as trap them in debt doesn't mean the guy somehow didn't molest them.

It is molestation, but if the girl say yes for 5 years is not molestation. That's my point
And that's where you are wrong. People who knew were filthy rich too, people that now are going out with this metoo bullshit.
I don't know how much sympathy I have for people who work in this buisness because of personal experience, so I can't be that objective. My point here is that this is isusse shouldn't be an excuse for a viral meme campaign but an excuse for putting away people who do this kind of shit. The other problem here is that the power structure creates this kind of shit in the first place, no one is mentioning that tho.

Because people tend to side with those with those who hold more influence in their spheres, the degenerates in hollywood especially.


That's absolutely retarded. If my boss doesn't pay overtime for 5 years it's wage theft regardless if I try to take action against him or not.
I doubt every one of Weinstein's alleged victims had his level of wealth. Which is again the problem with the western legal system where your rights end when you can't outspend their legal team.
And hopefully it will, but seeing how Woody Allen is still making movies I doubt it.
Yes, which is a sentiment there will be agreement with on a communist image board. However that does not negate the fact that improper sexual shit was going on.


What is your stance on prostitution? I'm failing to see how these people aren't just prostitutes.




Its mostly talking about half-chan /tg/, but this is the best explanation on why anonymity is important kazerad.tumblr.com/post/96020280368/faceless-together
inb4 tumblr, its just the artists page

Says no one.


ancaps out

Qts having to fuck 50 year old dudes grosses me out, but under capitalism we should work to make sure they are protected from abuse as much as possible while acknowledging it will be abolsihed with the negation of capitalism.
All workers are under capitalism fam.

literally ancap-tier "muh contracts" argument

No one has to do prostitution, other than people in literal sexual slavery, which is a whole other issue.

So how are these women any different?

I'm pointing out you can also control the means of production in capitalism if you don't want to lease your labor to someone else.


Unless they own MoP they aren't, if you're surprised a communist board would object to abuse of workers you need to lurk and read more.

USSR didn't abolish capitalism.


Ok I can see your point.
They had. One of the victims was the daughter of one of the most famous horror directors in italy. Not the point tho
But it won't because it's not a campaign about rape. It's a trend, it's spectacle
I do not negate that. I'm saying that it should be called sexual assault, but something else. I'm adovcating for a special law for sexual crimes on the work place, I'm not saying that these woman could say no.

No, it just wasn't how it was expected to go.

Why do you always leave out the fact you can START YOUR OWN BUSINESS and control the MoP if you're so inclined to not lease your labor?

The problem with m8bs is the anonymous nature.

I think you underestimate the amount of money and influence Weinstein has.
Which is something I agree with fam.
But why? Inventing a new law seems superflous when sexual harassment or whatever fits close enough.

Because muh bootstraps isn't a viable option for the majority of people given both failure rates and cost of capital.

I know, but if I was a rival studio I would take a fuck load of these people and pay the court bill.
Problem is not weinsten per se for me, but more the fact that it had to come from the voice of actress while these kind of stuff happens everywhere everyday. I also do think that actress=/=waitress in small mid west coffe shop

He's saying due process and innocent until proven guilty in a court of law are more important principles than public spectacle with a thin veneer of social activism.

Absolutely brilliant post. The only thing I'd add is that the repulsive content (gore, porn, political incorrectness, death "threats", harsh language, obtuse memes, irony, trolling, etc.) typical of anonymous venues isn't just a side-effect of anonymity, but has come to serve a purpose of forcing people to be skeptical of what they see online, be thick-skinned, be willing to engage with anyone, and to LURK MOAR.

Thread consensus is precisely opposite of your fourth line

man, if sucking some grody old dudes cock a few times or pretending to enjoy it while he banged me over his desk was all that stood between me and a genuine shot at a lucrative, prestigious career with potentially a really useful connection in the form of a powerful industry figure - shit, I'd do it in a heartbeat and call it a bargian at the price. the only real problem would be when he inevitably used his position and status to avoid holding up his side of the arrangement, because of course he fucking would.

He's right, you know.


Two words have never described Assange more accurately. Has he always been all -jumbled- like this or is it an affect of being stuck in the same building for years on end?

So are we gonna blame the coal miners for their cancer now? Im against idpol and spectacle BS but I dont like your logic here lad

You know with that fucked up logic i can tell you actually are "in the industry"
Get the fuck out rich man, you are our enemy. You are not wanted here scumbag.

It goes on for years until another adult catches on. Even outside of that it can happen within marriages that people dont have the financial ability to escape. You are a fucking ancap tier piece of human waste.

Doesn't exist in upper capitalist society you fuck. They're all in it together. Its a spectactle YOU are falling for. If Weinstein falls then so do his rivals from "damage to the Industry" a phrase straight from the mouth of that hag Meryl Streep as she talked shit on Corey Feldman for being a rape victim. Not to mention public suspicion falls on other high profile producers as well afterwards regardless of whether theyre a "rival" or not

he pretty much has always been like that - I find it hard to hold it against him too much because he really is just some guy who pissed off the wrong people. i never had the impression he was seeking fame or to be a "media figure" or anything.

Old thread but your mental gymnastics are amazing! Child molestation has the barest connection to an actor sucking cock to be put in a movie. This isn't Woody Allen playing grab ass with his childactors, this is grown women trying to make it in a competitive industry doing whatever it takes to get ahead.
Is it molestation? I don't see how.
Is it wrong? Of course. Capitalism is terrible? Gee wiz say it isn't so?

What I like most is all the other celebrities who pipe up now to say "I must come forward and admit I was aware of this, and damn myself for not having the courage to say anything before".

anyway, some link

Poorly worded? Seems normal to me.

Don't be a dogmatic idiot you fuck. As a class their interest is the same, as indipendent companies they are rivals.