With Amazon stock surge, Jeff Bezos becomes richest person in the world overnight


By Evan Blake
30 October 2017

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Someone needs to kill this man before its too late

human nature

so random xd

Is Bezos one of the evil porkies like zucc or is he just out to make money?

what do you want, some brilliant detailed analytical response? dickhead

Are you seriously asking whether or not the world's richest person is evil or not

Bezos is bent on world domination. He's building a delivery drone hive somewhere on the west coast (forget which city) and he's working on taking over supermarkets with an automatic system where you carry your phone with you, just walk in and get stuff and walk out, and you're automatically charged. Meaning you won't be able to pay with cash and he'll have control over food infrastructure so when he decides to push some bullshit on you, he'll be able to withhold food or call the cops on you. You know how Google shilled Google+ and youtube is now shilling Youtube Red and they're extremely obnoxious about it? Imagine when Bezos gets a hardon for health and starts shilling Amazon Go Healthy and you literally won't be able to obtain food unless you opt in to his meal plans for you because if your shopping cart has contents that violate the Terms of Service he will call the cops on you for stealing.

Both, numbnuts.

Well bezos makes money selling goods, zucc makes money selling your personal information, other porkies make money selling weapons or killing people

ugh, fucking YES
It's fucking obscene.

Why don't you read the article, user?

He's clearly here to defend Bezos while acting like he doesn't know any better, because the other alternative is that he's a dumb nigger who posts before reading.

I only even use youtube for music because of its combination of actual music and fun meme remixes. Honestly, I think we could get far if we pushed for nationalization/public seizure of social media because normies are fucking sick of this shit too.

Bad post. Bezos is an inevitable consequence of capitalism.

Fuck off and die

Fuck off and die

What does that have to do with my post, again?

Bad post. I would bet good money that you are a member of #theresistance

Youtube has gotten so shit that it's obscene.

Also, I hate, hate that when I type "youtube" in my phone it autocorrects as YouTube, and this is a "feature" that I can't change.


I'm on android and I just changed it with the "remove suggestion" feature. And youtube's honestly kind of scary with its power tripping and being so out of touch. They have algorithms deleting people's channels now. Some guy with 100s of thousands of subscribers got deleted for "violent" content or something because he talks about history and medieval weapons and demonstrates them on water bottles and shit. He was fortunate enough to have enough people to jump on youtube for it and reinstate him, but it raises the question of how many smaller channels have been consigned to oblivion. Some people make their fucking living on youtube and the only recourse is basically to plead with them.

Vid related.

*10s of thousands
Added an extra zero.

What the maximum level of fuck


Youtube is in the process of rebranding to be for commercial content and advertiser-friendly. After the "ad-pocalypse" where advertisers pulled out of youtube because of the shit with Pewdiepie being racist and some ads appearing on racist videos, youtube is overreacting and trying to appease advertisers. Meanwhile they're shilling the fuck out of youtube red because they need another source of income. Youtube itself is not a profitable venture for google (although it's very useful to them) and honestly I can see google pulling the plug on it one day out of the blue.

We really need to start developing a Left alternative to yubtub

Holla Forums on the front page is always such a joy (not)


It's not even about net worth when it comes to the Rothschilds. Their deal is that they own the banks. Actual net worth is kind of irrelevant because they virtually own fiat currency itself.

He is the richest "individual". Yes. You are wrong to suggest otherwise, because that's what he is.

Are you dumb? It was a news article about to Bezos and how he made more money then his whole Amazon warehouse workforce in one night.

Stormcucks never read past headlines.

We are going to be bullied so badly in the future. Historians are going to laugh at our time. When classes are taught about the last 100 years, and past the present, students are going to literally giggle at our society. Our entire time line is going to be like learning about how King Henry was an absolute manslut.
A part of me hopes philosophy dies with us, just so we don't become the main focus of "Why humanity will never improve, even with advancing technology".
It will be funny though, too bad I'll miss it haha.

funny you say that…


trips confirm the future belongs to morlocks

I have seen the future and have came back, bearing trips and the laughter of our offspring at our dying gods.

What bothers me the most with that picture is the girl wearing a towel while still in the bathtube.

Do you not dry yourself off before you get out? Do you just get the floor and counters sopping wet while you get out and reach for the towel still dripping?

More examples of enclosing the commons (so to speak) and creating artificial scarcity. Because profit can't be wrung from it, it has to be broken so that people will pay for something that works, regardless of the billions of manhours that went into the production of all the content that made youtube useful or interesting in the first place, which youtube had absolutely no hand in.

Don't most people?

That reminds me that you can no longer play youtube in the background on mobile devices.
If you want to do that you need to buy a subscription. Mind you: that feature was actually something they removed. It worked just fine previously.
This seems to be an increasing trend amongst commercial software. Take features included in the base program, then cut them out and sell them through DLC, addons, packages, subscriptions, etc.

Newpipe doesn't have this problem


You turn off the shower or drain the water and then dry yourself off before stepping out.

I bet you put the toilet paper roll on the inside too, you fucking heathen.


it's not, "greed" has never been a problem. only fraud and deceit.

Can the entire world launch nukes at the U.S.?

I want off this fucking ride. We have most of the world's wealth here and we do feel the need to help the world. I'm losing it man. I need someone to press the button. I'm tired of suffering mentally as I can't help my fellow man survive. I'm tired of having to check and make sure an uncover cop isn't following me home because I'm black. I'm tired of trying to tell my family that capitalism will never save us. It just fucking make us more exploitative towards each other. I'm tired of having to fucking decide if I'm gonna buy more medication or go grocery shopping or if I'm gonna pay for internet this month.

I've fucking had it. These porkies have too much power. Just end me Holla Forums. Strap me to a fucking bomb and throw me at wall street. Make sure you fucking press the button.

America will never have a revolution for the working class.

Like one guy already mentioned you can get newpipe or this modded youtube app which doesn't have ads and lets you use youtube red by default.

You need to be rooted and have twrp to install it though.


Edit:there is a rootless version but I got the rooted version so I don't know what that is.