Aut-right has bunch of tumblr's dedicated to WN women, is there a gallery or a blog dedicated to leftist women...

aut-right has bunch of tumblr's dedicated to WN women, is there a gallery or a blog dedicated to leftist women, or at very least dedicated to women larping as lefties?

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But to answer the question no
Aut-right basically owns the internet at large at this point


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Why are homos so keen on putting their trap tag on actual (and obvious) women? It it because near to none of them actually pass?

Btw, trapsexuality is repressed homosexuality, just so you know.


You're no comrades of mine.

Neo-commie ruskies hmmmmm

QT, user

Let them stay there.

Didn't plan to, but I suppose there is a place on the internet for leftie qt's?

Russian showbiz has some demand for that indeed

gud stuff, thanks for sharing


That seems like an extremely bad idea.


There is a gallery of Nazbol women.

Stop being a thirsty little shit like they are. You're pathetic


that website is work of art on it's own

what? I'm not a Holla Forumstard

Gosh user I don't know why it would possibly be a bad idea to maintain a public gallery full of images of avowed leftists in an age where bots with powerful face recognition software troll the internet creating dossiers on people to track and coerce them.

yet when aut-right does it then it's somehow possible but when we do it, suddenly it's not



It certainly does.

That said, commie bimbo gallery is harmless, and if the govt goes after them - that's basically free victim points without nothing of value lost.

Because the aut-right isn't a threat to capitalism.

t. brainlet

Fuck off with this shit. Right wingers do that because they're thirsty losers. Don't sink to thier level

Nigga I just want to browse leftypol with my dick in my hand, don't be a party pooper.



That's a toho not leftist

kys fascist


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They might in future, but I doubt you're getting economically banned for it

Exposed to "far-right" ideas
Suddenly have to be careful
Yeah, you the real threat to capitalists rn


racism and genocide advocacy aren't acceptable in contemporary society. get over it

Not advocating for genocide
If something is racist and also true, still true

Also rather a switch from the original topic. Capitalists h8 populism, no matter what the direction. But the communist brand is poison atm, so they're nothing to worry about, and they can be used to attack nationalists, so they are.

Science when applied to humans is.
Not being virulently opposed to ethnic and racial nationalism if the people doing it are Europeans is.

you're missing the point. the government, business and media establishment is opposed to racism and nazi ideas. that is why "far right" movements are scrutinised and condemned. it has nothing to do with being sympathetic to leftism

Strangely scientists don't seem to think so.

It's both. They support the radical left as an attack vector against the "far-right", and will ally with it in the promotion of open borders, destruction of religious morality, liberation (individualisation). During the Cold War, afaik, the dynamic tended to work the other way, where they used the far-right as a cat's paw against the entire left the way antifa is used as a cat's paw against the right.

i wouldn't doubt that manipulation and co-opting of movements goes on, but the establishment simply does not promote anticapitalism, abolishing wage slavery and money, and other radical leftist ideas. they can oppose racism and nazism without also being leftists or supporting communism; they're mutually exclusive positions and one doesn't necessarily follow the other

they literally support and fund racist national fascists in Ukraine and Poland and Japan and just about everywhere else

i mean in the u.s.