What language should be used as the "world language" when communism replaces capitalism?

What language should be used as the "world language" when communism replaces capitalism?

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so English but with Niggerfaggot?



Lojban is the only suitable answer.
It is almost completely neutral, it is by far the most attractive sounding of the artificial languages, it has a number of wonderful proposed orthographies and literally changes the way a speaker thinks for the better.

Anyone here that shills for Esperanto either knows nothing about their horrid little romance derivative or is a Chinese agent/useful idiot.

Every language. a thread died for this so Esperato fags can circlejerk a language

Whichever one has the most speakers at the time, probably English Spanish or Chinese

gas all esperantofags

English, honestly. Switching the "intelligentsia" language (obviously we wouldn't force a switch of the language people speak at home, that would be tyranny) from a perfectly functional and vibrant language with centuries of artistic tradition (useful, for aesthetic, fictional works and ideas inspire individuals to think of productive works and ideas to improve society) for a conlang 3 people speak just reeks of moralism to me. English is prevalent because of Anglo imperialism, but just because something got to where it was through dishonest tactics doesn't mean it must be removed if it fits its position well. and there'd be a high cost in replacing it.

If the Holocaust had succeeded in eliminating Judaism and there was a communist revolution after that we wouldn't be obligated to try to bring back Judaism or do something similarly silly to atone for the past. Get the idea of "justice" out of your minds.

Any niggerspeak will do, since gibsmedat will be default behavior.

What part of communism necessitates a world language again?

English is a shit language, just as is its "artistic tradition", and Britannia was a mistake.


Why force a language when capitalism ensures most people speak english anyway? It'd be a lot easier to keep it that way than to force esperanto
Why do utopians think of communism as reinventing the wheel?


Some guy had a formula i liked, the universal language should be translation.
Rather than one language crushing all the other, we should learn to switch from one language to another…

We need an language that is easy to write, read and to pronounce for everyone. Sadly english doesn't fall in the last category and I got no idea what language does.

English isn't easy to write, read, or pronounce for most, but that's not what we need – you can get away with bad pronunciation, and actually, the reading and writing isn't THAT hard.
What we need is a simple language with relatively few grammatical rules. And above all, one that's already spoken very widely, and by a lot of people. English matches both of these criteria.
It's really hard to master, but easy to learn.


C++, HolyC, and Lua.

No its not hard to pronounce talk to anyone that didn't grow up learning english they cannot proununce for shit. IF you are from england you can ride 2 hours to a village and their dialect is so strong you cannot understand them.

Mandarin cuz 25% of the world already speaks it and cuz it's the language of Mao. Anybody caught speaking even a word of English will publically receive lashes for every word in the sentence they uttered.

English is the language of deceit. *Flays self for typing this reply*

When did you niggers become bullet proof?

For what reason is a unified language needed?

Pidgin english, as its the simplest and easiest to learn language ever made.
People who can barely speak it can communicate with each other.



absolutely shit tier Latin orthography, isn’t everything else just fan made shit?

It will develop on its own to suit the needs of the global proletariat.

Why you need a world language?
This kind of cheep equality is no different from political correctness aka Americanism

Firstly, let's never have some artificial, shit-sounding language.

Secondly, let's have a language that uses the latin character system.

And lastly, it must be spoken by many people across the world and would be a nice transition to being the world language.

In reality, the only two suitable options are English and Spanish (and arguably French, but French sounds gross). We already have English as the de facto lingua franca, so let's keep it as is.

Why tho?

Unironically this.

Internet memes have become a pictographic internet vocabulary all on their own. Just take a look at this hot meme. Without knowing the specific context of the content referenced (being ignorant of german history or american history or whatever), if they've experienced the meme previously in a context they do understand, they can recognize the general intent of the image-form, however abstract it might be. The mix-and-match "Oh exploitable!" nature of the medium allows for cross-cultural exchanges in ways that words simply can't.

And just think, we have Capitalism to thank for this spreading of international context. The ubiquity of American popular culture has made it a powerful cross-cultural contextual landmark. It doesn't matter for instance if you're from Moose's Testicle, Wisconsin or Beijing. If these two people have both seen Star Wars then a meme variation on it whether in it's in good ol' Murrican English or Moon Runes then the image still maintains some level of mutual intelligibility.

Memes are the revolutionary people's language of the future, gentlemen. The Meme War is the conflict in which Communism will be won.

!Xóõ is the one true language


Only brainlets will be concerned about the lack of understandability between languages.



Like Esperanto?

we're comin bucko

English. All programming languages are based on English.

There's no choice in this matter, all the young people are learning English.

Esperanto's community is shit and all they do is talk about talking about the language. If we have to pick a romlang I'd go with Interlingua.

If you mean a Pidgin language then it will be limited by nature, so you wouldn't really be able to do anything useful than rudimentary deal making and small talk. If you mean a full fledged language then you're asking the impossible. Grammar is more than europeanesque conjugation and grammatical gender, it includes a wide variety of topics from properties of words (gender, animacy, telacity, etc.) to syntax. A lot of people say Mandarin has little grammar, but what they mean is little morphology. If you actually study it for any length of time you realize the syntax and shit like mass count nouns are insane. Trading complex words for simple words only results in going from simple sentences to complicated sentences. You can't have a "simple" language.

Because you are never going to expect 99% of people to dedicated hundreds of hours of their lives to learn a new language for no reason other than "some autists don't like english/spanish".

Nono. Why we need a PC language?
Such bullshit. Top Cultural americanism. This anti nationalistic rethoric is retarded and needs to end.

No language, a language will spread or one will be made, people will eventually just pick one or two, languages are dying at a faster rate than ever I believe. I really don't think any manpower should be focused on something fairly small.

Sounds stupid and not necessary for communism.

4x4 GET!!!

English, motherfucker, do you speak it!?

Gentlemen I have found your solution.

this tbh as long as we stick with accepted Greek-Latin-metric notations for science and measure

Fuck you. Cyrillic is the best writing system.

German. Most Leftist philosophy is German.


Cyrillic? They have 3 as a number for fuck's sake. We might as well be speaking 1337!

3 as a letter*

You can't impose a language, people will always gravitate towards the more "convenient one", as in the one they can do the most and reach the most people with. Look at Ireland, they've been trying to push at least bilingualism for a century now, yet NOBODY speaks Irish aside from some fucks on the islets off the Atlantic coast.
Also there's nothing wrong with keeping multiple languages and a lingua franca everybody understands, that's how things have always worked. Used to be Greek in the ancient world, Latin in the Roman Empire, Italian for traders in the Mediterranian during the renaissance and now it's English. Might as well keep it around, also nothing stopping you from learning more you fucking brainlets.


Well you can actually, it's how many national languages replaced a dialect continuum.

They were the lingua franca of the state, many dialects were, and are still spoken.
I was raised bilingual Italian/Venetian.

Uh, yeah, you can, and it's done and has been done for millennia. It's still happening now. Fug, even the Inka did it (glorious Anarcho-Imperial-Sungodism with Inkan characteristics).


I do agree with you regarding Latin, indeed it would seem that the majority of the Lojban community also agrees.
The problems being a lack of consensus on a new 'official' orthography and a small but vocal faction holding out for a rapprochement with Loglan.

While there has admittedly been a number of rather poor suggested orthographies.
I would say that the majority are quite good.
My favourites being:

Hanzi - mw.lojban.org/papri/Hanzi_orthography
Zbalermorna - mw.lojban.org/papri/zbalermorna
Valbli - gist.github.com/TUSF/d85c3d241c90fede0ea7065ed1107fd5

There is nothing wrong with that friend.
As I said, it changes the way one thinks for the better.

Reflexive global English (or whatever lang is on top at the time) that is understandable across cultures, but simultaneously allows for cultural variations and is not only "owned" by US and UK.

Put simply. the wikipedia article will be Ganga not Ganges.

Chinese obviously.

French is harder than other romance languages.
English or Spanish is the best choice, widely spoken and easy to learn.

Something new entirely. Language is not just a way of communicating, but is fundamental to the way we understand ourselves in relation to the world.