Socialism and Incels

How would incelhood – or any form of social isolation for that matter – be solved under your personal socialist society? Shouldn't social interaction be a human right? How would we go about social interaction being "distributed?"

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This has really been bothering me though. I feel like it's a serious issue and i'm conflicted between believing social isolation is fucking horrible and that freedom of association ought to be maintained.

By providing free and equal access to medical and social assistance. Of course, not everyone may be helped still.

Get that neoliberal bullshit out of here, please.

Sorry champ you will still be an incel under socialism.

this has to be a cointelpro strategy, it keeps fucking happening.

Stop being a capitalist. Many Incels would benefit from capital being abilished.

vote jezza

actually socialist society means the women you like will be fucked infront of you by men much better at sex than you are. Marx spelled this out pretty clearly.

Yes Marx was a big fan of NTR. This was a major point of contention during the first international.

Jezza is fucking BASED.
He's a true socialist and closet IRA sympathiser, he's too good for labour.

People will be able to be more social post-capitalism.

Don't be a nigger you piece of shit. There are like a million clubs and organizations you can join and talk to people.

Do you think sex is social interaction? Be clear about what you mean you piece of shit

Should I just kill myself?

no, you don't deserve to die painlessly.

What the ACTUAL fuck does Holla Forums have against loners?

I don't think about this stuff, because in my mind these issues will cease to be once society becomes less atomized and public spaces are rebuilt. Am I wrong to think this?

Nothing, it's just that the incel/r9k posting on here never seems to end. It's fucking annoying

Based Jezza



You're right. The problem is it might not be rebuilt in your lifetime so the next best thing is making the best of a bad situation; self-improvement.

Holla Forumstier argument.
Get out.

Oh, I'm not an incel personally. I'm just saying these guys are asking for some political program tailored towards them specifically to "prove" that leftists want to help and I don't see why that kind of thing is needed. Incels are the results of atomization, and I don't see why they'd exist except in our capitalism

Of course these poor guys can't even imagine themselves to ever be desired and they can't even imagine a reality where they don't need a state sponsored gf to get some sucky sucky. It's sad


You really don't belong here, user.

My god, do I even have to say anything? You already look incredibly stupid.

The problem is there's multiple threads for it pretty much all the time. It's like idpol levels of annoying. At the very least these people could keep it in one thread, or in the trash.

just be someone else bro
like just fake it so you can sell yourself on the market breh
just objectify yourself and make yourself someone else

Fuck off, this is a brocialist board. we're class reductionist. your incel idpol belongs in the trash next to trans idpol.

You're not very intelligent, are you?
>>>Holla Forums

tankie or nazbol?

self improvement is taking yourself, making yourself an object, examining it, changing it so it sells on the market, and pretending its still you

protip, its not

I never said that was self-improvement you fucking idiot.

being a fatass isn't authenticity.

being a fatass isnt whats stopping these people from having a social life
your reductionist posts are only a violent reaction towards mine, and not arguments
self improve your posts, fag

you should be permabanned tbh.

ffs just increase mental health funding, ensure that there are plentiful good jobs (esp. for low skilled workers), ensure that higher education is inexpensive to obtain, ensure that there are enough counselors/therapists for all these rejects and you have solved the problem

also bring back fault divorces lmao

Leftypol takes bait like a fag sucks cocks all around him.



you'll get a free bullet to the head


incels are just psychopaths trying to score on pity. they're too stubborn for me to believe they really feel bad about their situation. besides they don't even want a gf, or any interaction with real human being, just despotic control over an object.

i'm incel and a communist so your blanket generalisation isn't accurate

Hilariously, under Socialism/Communism, women would have even less of a reason to associate with you. The only reason low quality males are able to "attract" mates currently is with material resources, and with monogamy already on the downturn, it's becoming far more common for women to give these low quality males an ultimatum: either they get to fuck attractive males on the side, or they're gone. This has given rise to Holla Forums's ultimate fear: getting cucked which is odd, since the chances of them finding a woman who'll grant them hole access in the first place is essentially nil. With Socialism/Communism, all material needs would be met by default, so the only way you're going be attracting a mate would be your personality heh and your looks top heh.

Might as well just start chasing dick and join the homosexuality craze that's been sweeping the far right.


Mods pls anchor these threads. It's getting ridiculous.

Don't bully comrades just because they're alienated and lonely

Nigger pride, Nazis, feminists, MGTOW, Nationalists, "Intersectionalists", incels, LGBTTBMLBDSE, Homophobes.
They're all getting the fucking bullet.

This bullshit is merely a creation of the mind of alienated individuals, completely atomized and separated by Capitalist ploys like suburbia and private property. They do not know how to formulate their discontent with present society as they lack class consciouness, so they cling to only thing allowed for discussion under Capitalism: Identity.

So they blame immigrants, white supremacy, niggers, jews, patriarchy; and its all working like a charm because none of these "culture war" retards have not even come close to pinning the tail in the donkey.

Capitalism keeps the working class divided by playing on their racial differences, it erodes man's capacity to create genuine culture only to replace it with lowest-common-denominator consumerist garbage, it promotes the outsource of jobs to maximize profit; what I'm saying is the material base of society shapes its ideology and behavior.


is the fourth one the guy mourning his gf's death because of carcinogenic twinkling hair dye

"Males with the ability and willingness to provide resources are highly desirable to females. In our evolutionary past, this would have been demonstrated through the ability to provide food, shelter, and protection. In modern day humans, cues to high resource acquisition are presented in different ways. Cross-culturally, females show an increased preference for economic resources than do males, and those males who marry at a certain age tend to earn significantly more than males of the same age who do not marry.[16][17] As females often choose mates young, the amount of resources that they actually possess may be small. Therefore, females seek traits indicative of potential resource acquisition ability such as a good education, ambition, and career potential. If a male becomes unemployed or lazy, the female is far more likely to discontinue the relationship with them.[18] In fact, even clothing can act as a cue for sexual selection, with females being more willing to engage in relationships with men wearing high status clothing.[19"
"Buss, D. M. (1999). Evolutionary psychology: The new science of the mind. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
Jump up ^ Trivers, R. (1985). Social evolution. Menlo Park, CA: Benjamin/Cummings."

false flags are getting weird as fuck lmfao

Where the fuck do you think you are hoe

nothing, nor do we have anything against incels given over half of us are incels



Go back to Holla Forums you brainless incel.
Socialism doesn't care if you can't get a gf.
Socialism cares if you aren't receiving healthcare, food and social equality.
Assigning a girlfriend per incel would be fascist style oppression.

How would I get a bf (gay) under socialism?

homosexuality is reactionary

Hilariously this is why socialism/communism WILL never come to be, retard. Just another fucking death knell for your utopia. You think men are going to sit idly by with this type of hellscape going on? You think the reactionaries of the past were bad, just imagine the reactionaries in that type of femoid dominated society.


It's called dating.
Homosexuals wouldn't be repressed for their sexuality. If they start trying to subvert the Socialist system with pro - gay protests and identity political nonsense? GULAG.
The ultimate goal is a classless completely equal society. Social warfare based on sexual orientation would naturally cease to exist.


I would imagine the spirit of comradeship and mutual sacrifice would solve most of it. As would access to mental healthcare.

Anyway, if you're speaking from personal experience, it's not that tough to break out from deep social isolation. Take it from me.

It actually would probably work out pretty well for me because I'm good looking and well adjusted. In the glorious femoid-dominated future I will be treated like a king as I'm accommodated in lush settings conducive to me sharing my seed with as many females as possible. While I am out to stud in my palace, I might just be able to see the sign leading to the incel detention center in which your… substandard kind will be contained and reconditioned to your proper place in society.

Gonna be pretty sweet fam, not gonna lie.

The secret intelligence agency will kidnap you and another loner and interrogate you both together. You will find love in the shared trauma.
In all seriousness, without the pressure to pursue wealth, people should relax, and will have to focus on more earthly things for fun, like relationships. Without the pursuit for capital, society would be radically different, I can promise you that. I can not promise you the exact nature of those changes socially. I am simply not intelligent enough to divine the future like that.
The issue with this is that it enforces making someone hang out with someone else. This isn't really human interaction.
There is no need to distribute it

Set up an agency that guides incels in their social interactions and dating (having agents who help you create a dating profile for example), and refers you to mental health professionals as needed.
A sufficiently organized bureaucracy can tackle any problem!

I've never really approved of the way that this board treats incels, constantly using the term as an insult like a bully in high school calling some wimpy kid a virgin. is that praxis? is it really worth the alienation of the incels who happen to NOT be terrible shitty people, just so that you can insult the ones who happen to be terrible on the basis that they're incels? I think not. I think it's usually just a base urge and comes from a pretty spooked perspective, along with the constant spam of phrases like "cooties" etc., implying that certain people are worth less, or that their thoughts are worth less, because they are virgins. they're just stupid memes that get posted for people to feel better about themselves by belittling the opposition, they don't accomplish anything constructive and result in lots of friendly fire and alienation.

To the incels ITT: please don't fall for the memes. some people in the world are just 0/10s in physical attractiveness, or have some sort of personality disorder that just makes them totally incapable of having a physically intimate relationship. some people can improve themselves and actually manage to attract a mate, but it's a spectrum, and the people on the far end of the spectrum are effectively doomed. this goes for men and women alike. some Brian Peppers looking guy is not going to be able to get laid just by having a healthy attitude about women and dating and being confident. it's just never, ever going to happen. some people don't look that bad but are crippled by autism or compulsive behaviors and thoughts that prevent them from forming relationships in other ways. not everyone can be helped, here.

If you're depressed, then I hate to tell you this, but losing your virginity will not make you stop being depressed. believe it or not losing your virginity is actually a meme and being a khv does not make you a failure or a bad person. yes, I know that Maslow's hierarchy of needs has intimacy and belonging as a relatively important need, below stuff like self esteem and self actualization, and he's not WRONG, but that's just psychology. it can be overcome. that might just be easy for me to say because I'm not a virgin, but let me tell you this: normies still struggle to find purpose in their existence. even Chad does, if he takes a moment to contemplate his existence, even successful family men, with loving devoted wives and children, are sometimes kept awake at night by the fact that they live infinitesimally small existences and are inescapably mortal, and struggle to eke out meaning in the face of the eventual heat death of the universe. that might sound overly dramatic in the context of the situation but my point is that having a gf or being a virgin is just an arbitrary material condition, and there is no arbitrary material condition that will make you feel inherently satisfied and meaningful. on the other hand you can live a perfectly fulfilling life without ever touching a woman. look at Paul Erdos.

tl;dr incel is a spook. it's not important

Red liberals need to leave this board and never come back.

Thank you for this post, user.
I always figured people use the term incels and virgin as two seperate things. At least I do so because as a virgin I don't want to associate myself with the hatred of women which is pretty prevelant amongst that community.

that's not what I was trying to say at all, man. if anything it was the opposite. being unattractive does NOT make you a subhuman monster. that was my point. but it's a fact that some people are just not going to get laid. but never touching a woman isn't necessarily a terrible fate to make peace with, either. it's not really admirable in and of itself to get laid. see again, Paul Erdos. it's just an arbitrary thing that people place a lot of value on because of, I guess, evolutionary psychology. textbook spook

One man. One wife. No exceptions.

Incels cannot even bother to shower and eat properly. How can we expect them to read and understand theory? They should be exiled to Holla Forums where they belong.

The board treats us well. We are just grumpy and lonely and feel like we aren't worth anything so we can be prone to shouting because we feel like we aren't being heard, which annoys the mods even if they are virginmods

Looks matter less than incels think

Yea that's what generally does us in. And social anxiety.

If you're depressed, then I hate to tell you this, but losing your virginity will not make you stop being depressed.

No, but having sex dramatically increases confidence around women in my experience, for about a month. It's a good thing to do in order to interact with half of the population better.

the only TRULY content incels I know are either asexual or so doped up on psych meds that their sex drive is gone. I remember losing my sex drive after being put on SSRIs for social anxiety (so Orwellian lol :( )

And I asked my pychiatrist like, "hey this is kind of a problem, I can't orgasm and I have less interest in sex"

And my psychiatrist didn't see that as a problem at all because he didn't see why I should be part of society that has sex.

Apparently my psychiatrist wanted to infantilize me in other ways too because other drugs he put me on basically ruined my entire life.

-sexual egalitarianism and a sense of male/female agency are not necessarily incompatible
-beside crude social-darwnian sexual impulses, systems larger than individuals have and always will control sexual attraction (media etc), no one has free will, putting other people behind the drivers seat in prominent institutions like the press and the media and government can dramatically change how the current sexual preferences of millions if not billions of people.are determined
-no one is fundamentally entitled to anything. Which doesn't mean entitlements are fundamentally bad, entitlements should be consensus based and socially constructed.
-there is an equally shitty man for every shitty woman, no gender is more important or better than the other in a society of material abundance

not to go all eugenics on you, but perhaps some people should not get a wife

how the fuck do you subvert socialism with pro gay protests

Looks are all that matter.

Yes let's legitimize their endless shitposting by making a designated thread for it. All the tfwnogf threads already belong in /leftytrash/, you don't need a separate thread for reactionary retards.

Any other arrangement than society wide strictly enforced monogamy and pair bonding is reactionary par excellence, i'm sorry. Real leftists like us will not allow you to drag us back into the bronze age where commissar chad keeps a HAREM of 25 women for himself and all other males go without sex and companionship while slaving away for the collective. I'm sorry but it's simply not going to happen.

Outlawing polygamy doesn't guarantee you a wife. It also doesn't stop high quality males from forming harems as long as they aren't married to more than one woman. I think you're trying to argue for "A wife for every man", which would be slavery.

George Sodini was a bodybuilder. He thought being a body builder and having 250k in assets would get him laid. It didn't and he shot up a gym.

Elliot Rodger thought having nice clothes and a BMW would get him laid, it didn't and he shot random people.

I'm an incel but that mindset your pushing just leads to dissapoinment, there's been times where I've looked great and it doesn't matter.

Like Sodini and Rodger if you don't have a social life and friends you aren't going to run up against enough girls to finally stick to one. And you'll also be extremely unnattractive to women as they like pro-social men. This is like scientifically verified.

I'd rather have them do their endless shitposting in one ignorable thread than have them spam threads every other day and fill up other threads with this.

Just because 1% of the male population can pick up any women they want because they look like a model, doesn't mean it has any impact on the rest of us or even normies. No one here is going to look like a model.

They should be permabanned on sight, no questions.

t. bitter incel beta

okkayyyy…. suurree…

Only the "temporarily embarassed alpha male types"

Are the reactionaries, the sexual egalitarians like me and a few others here truly want equality (and without coercion, it's possible there's someone out there for everyone)

Then they'll just ban evade and keep it up. You should know this by now.

what the fuck, are you retarded?

I'm not an incel, I'm just sharing the truth with you. You either look good or have loads of money, and since we are on a leftist board…

Are you?

the cumulative evidence from all of these threads is "yes"

Create a cyclical /lefty9k/ containment thread, and everyone else is free to click [-] and never see it again. Then you ban all incel posters when they post in other threads. Problem solved.




Exceptions that prove the rule, lol. I spit on incels and idiots like you that tell them "just be confident bro"

Just to clarify (I'm ), are you using virgin and incel interchangeably?

I really don't give a fuck what the difference between the two is.

One man one wife is fair and egalitarian. The only thing that is slavery is Feminism, free love, and the cock carousel. It is slavery for the overwhelming majority of the male population.

The only thing that riles up my bile is how this board constantly treats virgin males as a monolothic block. What the fuck nobody can even talk abput a problem anympre without being associated with this stupid vile stereotipe created by 14 years old that feel cool about name calling on the internet. Yes one can be a virgin and have a social life, have hygene, not hate women, not care if a woman already had relationships (I swear the most stupid r9k meme ever), have interests and a job/studying. Personally I even had 2 girls after me (I know "not an incel" but as always virgins don't want just to fuck and those two girls were terrible, evil people I don't want to spend a day ever again with, also incel is a stupid term because only guys who refuse sex in whatever context are volcels by this stupid ass definition) because I am not ugly. Shame on this stupid place for spreading this shitty, shitty meme

Someone hasn't ever studied evolutionary psychology.

Here's just a few studies that reference and study and even have the phrase "sexual hierarchy in them" including a recent one about the sexual hierarchy of wolves (Adam from college humor BTFO)>>2204298

I really don't agree with this. People are pretty varied, I sincerely doubt this one trick shit works. I'd go with the tried and true, be yourself. Just be yourself, get help if you need it, and go meet girls like yourself. If you are 200 pounds overweight, go somewhere here there are other obese people, and pick up an obese girl. My point is, improve yourself and try to pick girls based on similar traits rather than idealized ones. Why want qt.314 when you can have nice girl that understands you? Seems solid and you could graduate from there with practice.



I would use the term "foreveralone" because it better fits me and women are MUCH more sympathetic to being romantically lonely to not having sex.

It's just shorter to type "incel" that foreveralone, and other words aren't as well known.

Wolves are an intelligent and social animal, yes.

Because I read theory almost daily and I don't see how being a virgin makes me belong on Holla Forums.

Just admit you're not arguing from position of facts instead of smugly replying with memes.

Facts and history on our side. Society will not be haremized. We will not stand for it.

Dude, at least half of those articles are about humans.

What kind of christian fundamentalist do you have to be to think sexual hierarchy dissapears once humans evolved.

I think you are trolling me though.

If I have to talk about it irl I say that I've never been in a relationship, it's delicate and relatable. Online I use virgin.

I've been myself for… about… I dunno 15 years since puberty and no girl has ever asked me out or showed interest in me. I've also worked on myself my body my looks my clothes alll that jazz. It's the fact that I'm socially anxious that I can't get anywhere. I go on this site socialanxietysupport and like 80% of the male userbase are virgins or only had sex once, and it has the highest amount of 30+ yo virgins in a single space I've ever seen besides chans.

People are actually more like hyenas, but with only half as many dicks.

Forcing a woman who wants nothing to do with you to be your wife isn't "fair and egalitarian".
As I said earlier, there's nothing stopping you from going gay and partnering with another low status male.

Homosexuality isn't a choice you reactionary piece of shit.

That just won't happen. Women don't ask out men, if you don't do it, they won't. You can have a huge, always erect horse cock that cooks breakfast and women will still just sit and wait for you to ask them. I would advise you to start pumping yourself up and asking girls out. It is the only way forward user.
You seem to already know what is wrong as well, your social anxiety, and I did day a big part of it is improving yourself. If you're right, the issue is that you want/need he girls to come to you, instead of more or less Hillbilly Catfishing the fuckers.

You can train your brain to become sexually aroused over most anything, so while you don't have a choice in whether or not you're "born gay", you do have a choice in whether or not you're willing to train yourself to enjoy taking dick.

I think you incels should work on transforming yourselves into sissy fucktoys. A sissy fucktoy for every man!

I'm so lonely right now. In bed feeling super sick and I wish I had someone to cuddle. Every time I try to hang out with people it doesn't work out for whatever reason.

If you actually believe heterosexual men can train themselves to be homosexuals than obviously heterosexual women can train themselves to be monogamous and not reharemize society.

One man.🙏
One wife🙏

omg that reminds me of some guy on the foreveralone subbreddit, a real regular on the subforum, he's real

He became trans just because he couldn't get with women. Now that he started injecting estrogen he's attracted to men and has men fuck him. All cuz he couldn't get with a girl he had a surgeon turn his dick inside out.

Being incel can ruin a person.

why should I have to invest money and ask women out for rejection? I mean I guess eventually I wouldn't be rejected. But hetero relationships are the only scenario where you have to pay and work your ass off to be rejected.

At least job interviewers tend to not make you pay or waste too much of your time or chase them or whatever.

He's probably bisexual and thinks that because it's a choice for him that all heteros can become gay.

It's the world we live in, you don't have to like it, just accept it.

This isn't an escort site, you just pay to be snuggled

Cuddling, snuggling, conversation, friendly massage, platonic outside dates to dinner, movies, etc. Any platonic activity you would do with a friend is acceptable.
Minimum 1 Hour – Available in increments of 30minutes up to 10 hours
Military Discount: 25% Off (With Military ID)

Apparently a lot of veterans need to use this service

This isn't an escort site, you just pay to be snuggled

Cuddling, snuggling, conversation, friendly massage, platonic outside dates to dinner, movies, etc. Any platonic activity you would do with a friend is acceptable.
Minimum 1 Hour – Available in increments of 30minutes up to 10 hours
Military Discount: 25% Off (With Military ID)

Apparently a lot of veterans need to use this service.

Even if all women decided that monogamy was the way forward tomorrow, you'd still be unable to find one that'd let you touch her. Better get on those hormones, lad!

I'm telling you, this shit is really taking off on the far right. I think this could solve the incel problem.

But some of us don't want to reduce ourselves to groveling for women when women don't have to grovel for men

Paying someone to care isn't really what I had in mind.

Tons of beta men pay for women to care.

" If a male becomes unemployed or lazy, the female is far more likely to discontinue the relationship with them.[18] In fact, even clothing can act as a cue for sexual selection, with females being more willing to engage in relationships with men wearing high status clothing.[19"
"Buss, D. M. (1999). Evolutionary psychology: The new science of the mind. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
Jump up ^ Trivers, R. (1985). Social evolution. Menlo Park, CA: Benjamin/Cummings.""


No. Society would be reorganized so that all members have a mate. All capital must be equally redistributed, capital, social capital, sexual capital. We wish to build a more egalitarian and fair society. If you don't like it to back to being a red liberal on reddit you disgusting reactionary.

Your posts are awesome

A less repulsive request would be sex bot distribution. Clank, or hormones. Your choice.

This board believes in human dignity and rejects notions of social Darwinism. Human men will not be reduced to having sex with human simulacrums that are demeaning to the women who they are supposed to replicate. Go play in the mud with the reactionary children on the other side of those site.
>>>Holla Forums

Wherever I implied that, it was not my attention.
Because not all women will be interested in you, and unless you get a quality that makes them throw themselves at you. still wouldn't fix anything, you probably wouldn't enjoy dating a fan or whatever Should women fake that they like you user? You can always reject the process and not get a girlfriend, it is a real option.

This is an obvious shitpost, great falseflag or whatever.

Ah fuck I needed that. I haven't laughed out loud at a youtube video in months.

You're taking this meme too far.

This is getting silly, we just have to have this be provided free of charge to people who need it. There, human dignity restored.

The only person taking the meme too far is disgusting reactionaries like you who wish to commodify the human female form in the form of robots while reinstituting sexual hierarchies our species abandoned as it clawed out of the hyper violence of the late Neolithic.

-sexual egalitarianism and a sense of male/female agency are not necessarily incompatible
-beside crude social-darwnian sexual impulses, systems larger than individuals have and always will control sexual attraction (media etc), no one has free will, putting other people behind the drivers seat in prominent institutions like the press and the media and government can dramatically change how the current sexual preferences of millions if not billions of people.are determined
-no one is fundamentally entitled to anything. Which doesn't mean entitlements are fundamentally bad, entitlements should be consensus based and socially constructed.
-there is an equally shitty man for every shitty woman, no gender is more important or better than the other in a society of material abundance

except sometimes with sex no?

Incels get a cyclical and Rojava doesn't? Why can't you just ban those retards on sight? They are as bad as Holla Forumsyps.

Wow two mental illnesses at the same time ! Congratulations

Sure, we'll get hooker co-ops to bid on government contracts, we have to think in a pragmatically reformist way if we want to get anywhere with this. Of course there will be rationing, there are only so many sex workers out there.
If we are honest about the kind of society we live in, this should be unironic government policy.




Forced "companionship" is dehumanizing too.

Btw you can buy it too

so what does that have to do with women

if my step dad could get laid, anyone can

You wanted state enforced companionship, you got it, and in a way less dehumanizing way than limiting sexual freedom..

I really don't think that's the case, and even if we pretend that it is, it's highly unlikely that these 1s and 2s with severe personality disorders would be willing to marry other 1s and 2s with similar personality disorders.

As I've said multiple times now, you can have another low status male as your "companion". Problem solved.

Now you triggered me. Which gender has all the demi-gods then and why?

(((Buss, D. M.)))

man you aren't utopian at all

but anyway, flesh this out, what do you mean and how does this work?

Holy Androgyne nigga. Anything else is shit taste forever.



back when material resorces were scarce women's lives were objectively more valuable then males for evolutionary and basic survivial reasons.

In material abundance, all this goes away but people still think of women as inherently better than men when they objectively aren't, they are just a bunch of assholes like men.

Dude you're swedish…i've ready the other that the average swedish female has 12+ sexual partners between 18-28.
If you can't get laid in Sweden just fucking top yourself…now!!!!

Read Critique of the Gotha Program faggot tbqph

In a communist society with modern production technology, everyone would have more sex because they wouldn't have to work as much or worry about poverty, and could relax and have time to form genuine romantic relationships that aren't tainted by Capital.

they better learn to not be fuckin autistic and respect women as human beings and not objects to be possessed via sexual prowess or some weird pathology that fuels their self pity

This frankly.

Look here:

There, problem solved. There's no need state assigned gfs and other bullshit. You are desirable anons, please don't reduce yourself to believing this r9k bullshit about muh Chads and stacies and beta cucks.

To put it another way, you have citizen #2394200 who is obese, has 2/10 facial aesthetics, is a nazi and a coprophiliac, and has constant mood swings from BPD. How likely do you think it is that we can find an "equal" match, where both would be willing to enter into a relationship? I'm not saying it's impossible, but I think it's extremely unlikely to the point that saying "hey, and equal x for every x :-DDD" is ridiculous.

Low squality males would almost certainly have much less sex under communism. I think most of them recognize that.

Dem Jamals doe taking all the ct white grills.

they're not the target of the insults

it's nobody's fault that conspiracy theories on why you can't fuck are ridiculous. there's way more reasonable people being torn to shreds here, i don't get why incels should get a pass because they're sad. everyone's sad, that's called being an adult.

This. I've lurked on /r9k/ ffs, they're all a bunch of hypocrites. They moan and complain about how women only go for the "chad" but then they proceed to make fun of pictures with dudes marrying fat chicks or average women.

Well it would be pretty simple. Assume universal health care (because really, if you don't have that, fight for that first). You would go on regular medical check ups as you would always do, and the general practitioner there will ask general questions about your mental state and social life. "How are you doing," "Do you have anything going on," "I need to know about your sex life to make judgements about your health". If it comes up that you are chronically lonely, and treatable mental illnesses that should first be cured have been eliminated, he would broach the topic of seeking help in that field. Pass along some folders about the Agency.
Then you would get connected to a case agent, who first tries to help you into a relationship via conventional means. Like a good case officer at an employment bureau. What do your profiles look like, are you on dating apps, styling advice, etc.
If you have been through that track without success, or pending success, you would also get vouchers you could exchange for services mentioned here , or with classical massage parlors, prostitutes, and other approved parties. Those would be the ones bidding on this contract.

I know it's a bit Kafkaesque, but like all sucdem solutions its better than nothing. If we don't have as much people working in the factories, we might as well have them do work like this, as case officers or companionship workers.

not true, 61% of Swedes have less than 15 partners mid-way through life

People in general are a lot less promiscuous than Redpillers claim. Women in America also have very few sexual partners in their life and men too. It's like 1 per decade. As far as one night stands it's about the same, 1 per decade or less. The amount of women that purposefully go out with the intention of a one night stand is also extremely small.


Have you tried not watching anime?

Some of us are just poor and socially isolated. We're not all autistic or especially ugly.

There was a really good reply to one of these threads a month or two ago about how to go further with this conversation.
Too bad me nor anyone else saved it and we're going through the motions all over again.
I'll bite though. Social interaction doesn't need to be "distributed" society needs to be less alienating in general. We live in a society where you can work your ass off and still not make ends meet because you have to pay your porky landlord half of your monthly income or more.
Not only can you not provide for a family like that. If a person is in this position and already alone there's a good chance they have difficulties managing other areas of their life as well.

Also this.

Exactly, because as I said here 1s and 2s (of either sex) don't actually want to marry other 1s and 2s.

I find it extremely difficult to imagine any 20+ incel is a normal person. There has got to be some crazy flaw that you're not mentioning

Also being poor is no excuse. I'm pretty sure less wealthy people fuck more often



not true
i work forty hours a week, make five times average wage, have all the time and resources in the world and yet i dont have sex, or even date
people dont understand, i simply dont have the instinct for it. i cant flirt or talk about mundane shit unless i concentrate and make a strong conscious effort. and at that point its so tiring, stressful and not even always successful, so why the fuck bother

i cant. i dont have it. the numbers dont add up. it cant be done.

Not what I meant. I mean you aren't a psychopathic autist like Elliot or ugly and overweight? How did you manage to be incel all this time then if it was at least not by choice partly

Make a dating profile and mention how much you make. You'll pull girls no problem

some EU states already subsidize prostitutes, like there's literally parliament members who are "taking care of the incel question" through band-aid, just they don't like to admit it in public.

Your approach seems to be basically the same as what's already in place, which is make people pass through psychiatric and disability vetting to get vouchers, but psychiatry is a horrible exploitative practice.

I say your plan is fine as an intermediary as long as psychiatry plays no role in it. Just have the gvmt get references from friends on if you are sexually active or not and make some educated guesses with an appeals process. Also exchange public works and volunteering for sex vouchers.

But really the ultimate solution to the incel problem can also be worked out in a succdem fashion, which is
1. flatten the gender role hierarchy by androgynizing the population
2. somehow get men to approach women less (women become MUCH less selective this way)
3. Improve material conditions and have the "state as daddy" so women aren't prostitutes in relationships

This is already partially implemented in Nordic countries

see, I feel like this "equally unattractive person on the other side of the gender divide" proposition is working on a flawed premise. most 0/10 males aren't willing to date 0/10 females, and vice versa, because even 0/10 people have standards. they're just effectively out of the game entirely, so there is no possible match for either one. there's a limit to people's desperation to find a mate and it goes both ways.

If that's how someone should go about getting girls, people might as well just hire prostitutes and fuck dating

It was of course by choice, partially, as I could have sex if AI made that my priority, but I don't because of my terrible experiences with the bourgeois women I am surrounded by including my mother. I am a NEET with very little sporadic money so that doesn't help either.

you don't have to have instinct to learn how to talk to people. it can be learned like anything else.

I know how you're feeling, man.

That's not totally true. I dated a 300lb girl at one point in my life. There is a point where you're so lonely and drunk you have literally no standards at all

Exactly. This is why I consider custom sex bots to be the ideal solution for that chunk of the population under socialism. I see this on the same level as giving someone the option of having a free robotic limb if they were born with a stump, or lost a limb in an accident.

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. There is something wrong with acting like women owe you sex or that it's other people's fault that you're a virgin.

That's just a lack of imagination my friend.

But seriously, it's not hard to find female degenerates or male degenerates. Or let's say severely disabled people, THEY ARE THERE, the gvmt even keeps tabs on them. Some of them have no fucking clue how to go about dating, both the men and women. Just pair them together (voluntarily of course)


Since I've embraced celibacy this year I have felt much much better. It's such a relief to have just taken sex off the table. I no longer feel like a failure for being a 24 year old virgin, I now consider it to be somewhat of a gift as not being in a relationship allows me to focus on my studies, and the leftist project.

More like some part of them that wants people to suffer

I've found that fat women became more attractive to me back when I was fat. I wasn't even that hypergamous about it, like I was willing to take a woman fatter than me.

Now that I'm skinnier, I still have that mentally left over where I'll still find overweight women attractive.

ive done that, the dates were work. actual hard work. its not effortless, i have to at all times think and scheme and pretend. i hate it and end it.
then i say i need to try again, this time it will work out, and of course its the same.

i hate being alone, but being with others is like running a marathon. i cant. i lack the capability. its like missing a leg or a lung. understand, i simply can not.

Do psychiatrists in Nordic countries over-proscribe and over-diagnose? Ever Nordic person I've known seems to have had to deal with this. Or is it the general no sun = more depression thing?
Anyway, truthfully, like a lot of social issues, incel and gender relations generally are things that really should wait until we deal with capital itself. Until that time, these half-solutions will do to bind people to leftism. No sense in letting robots go to waste by turning Holla Forumsyp.


sun is overated user. It's almost November and today it was 32ºC
Fuck the sun, nuke the shit out of it. I want to live in the cold.


Heh, I still wish I could focus on my studies but I still have no real motivation even though I "embraced" it as well (put under quotations marks because I never really tried or rather actively stopped myself from trying, in case that makes any sense).

Yes, that's why I wanted to know if most people differentiate between the two. I don't think any woman somehow owes my sex and I don't resent them for choosing someone else who actually tried.

four of these studies are repeats padding I see and the rest only casual define a sexual hierarchy for there context. This is all a little bit off topic don't you think?

man you free will libertarian types are really annoying

overwight women are attractive user. Obese women yes are ugly, but a woman with a nice belly it's cute, you can use it as a pillow, it's comfy as fuck.
I rather have a overwight woman as a gf than one with a flat chest and a flat ass.

I know exactly what you mean and I felt the exact same for a number of years. You feel like there's some social barrier right? Like there's something you maybe missed about socialization that everyone else seems to know? You constantly have to examine your relationships and social interactions and live in perpetual fear of saying something that isn't socially allowed?

I was able to learn to some extent, but I never felt i actually "got" it. I'm able to function now, I can even get dates. It took a lot of pulling myself out of my comfort zone, finding a hobby I could dedicate myself to, deleting that fear of rejection and a lot of other things.

But I think it can be done. I think you can be a functional individual, but we have to somehow learn those social cues we missed.

Much love you user

I can say that having sex with an anorexic type girls was NOT fun. I kept thinking I was going to break her or she was going to die from hypothermia or something.

The super skinny image we fed through the media asattractive, is not good in the sack

I would be willing to bet that, even at that point, that there women who you would not have been willing to date. 300 lbs isn't the lowest of the low

Fun fact, the more overweight a woman is the more sex partners she has, this is true even into the most obese of the obese. They have more sex partners than almost any other group with the exception obviously of male celebs/athletes/dictators etc

even assuming that's true (?) it's a neat fun fact, but it doesn't really contradict what I wrote. there are factors other than obesity to consider

Socially isolated here. You are just asking the wrong question, ontologically backwards.

Communism is the social revolution.

robots, /r9k/-types, the original incel board
I'm saying the left should offer them something in stead of nothing. It should be done if only for purely pragmatic political reasons.

I get that. It's not even so much about a lack of learned behavior as in , it's that being with people is exhausting.


Many thanks for your post, user!
People like you are the evidence, that not the whole humanity consists of scumbags. I wish you all best!

I thought we went over this in the other thread?


I'm caught between wanting to be a ho and this unhealthy puritanical state of mind that is still left over from when I was in a religious cult.
I can go on dates and usually feel pretty good after but the process of actually getting to the point where I can do it is exhausting.
That combined with being afraid that at some point the person I'm with will find out all the weird things about me eventually really terrifies me.
I've been petrified, almost living like a feral human for the past two and a half, going on three years now. I want to go back to people I used to be romantic, even just as friends, with who have in the past year reacted positively too me but I've changed so much. And yet at the same time I feel hurt by them.
This in between shit fukin sux and I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do or to think.
Sorry for the blog post. woops.

I needed this shit today, thanks user


worked wonders in japan didn't it

then do so

while i agree that incel is a spookfest in general, i find it particularly infuriating as i would count among them since i'm a neet virgin who doesn't shower much. main difference is i am not a pathetic whiny bitch starved for cunts. in fact i see no benefit to pursuing romantic relationship and generally consider myself superior to those who waste time on such shitty pastimes. incel moaning is proof of mental retardation and nothing else. fucking idiots, don't understand they're better off alone.

Do Incels count as subculture, like Emo or Nerds?

I searched the catalog and there was no incel thread. So I made one.

Isn't being ugly a form of inequality? It gives people an unfair advantage over others.

everything is a form of inequality. what if i'm great at writing poetry, isn't it unfair that your poetry is shit and mine isn't?

I was hopeful that somehow my life would improve as I got older. I can conclusively say that I was an idiot for thinking so.

this is not inequality, since there is no objective standard of measurement of creative ability.

unlike power and wealth

What if I'm rich and you are poor and can boss you around? Who decides what kind of inequality matters?

We can to a certain degree measure the amount of wealth/power a talent or attribute bestows upon a person.

yea but they have traditional gender roles.

See #1

You have to get rid of traditional gender roles or else the women aren't going to ask out the men

All those three work in tandem

Also Japan's material conditions are terrible because the men and women can't afford their own shelter and education for potential children

not in recorded history, it always ends up with shmoozes on top

Look, all I want is to find an androgynous but cute girl to dress up as a guy, we go somewhere and pretend we're strangers and flirt with each other for a while before "getting some air," and then fuck like mad in an alleyway. Alternatively I'd like to dress up as Ganon, for her to dress up as Link. We "fight" a while, but eventually one or the other of us gets the upper hand. I sort of picture fucking her from behind while one hand is around her throat (is there a way to say that without sounding sinister?). I haven't really thought about Link beating me. If you fail to plan you're planning to fail, so I never really considered defeat a possibility up til now.

Anyway, is that really so wrong, Holla Forums? To meet a girl, dress her up like a boy, and then fuck her stupid? Will your stale Marxism guide me toward that which my body and soul crave?


marxism is, like… a theory of political economy. don't ask Karl, he wasn't much fun anyway.



I've been thinking about something recently.

The MRA demand for men to get equal child custody. That's actually a really powerful demand.

Doesn't that remove the female from the position of sexual selector in evolutionary terms?

If somehow men became just as responsible than women for children, even beyond child custody laws, then men also become sexual selectors due the added responsibility

If this was enacted and continued globally for thousands of years (unlikely), male and female sex drive would have to adapt.

Men would become just as choosy as women. Maybe male sex drive would decrease. What else would happen?

thx user!

Hey could you uh, maybe dump some more boyish girls? Asking for a friend :3

yes pls

No you dolt, in that scenario sexual relations would already have happened. There's no correlation between custody laws and horniness unless you're expecting incest.


When will this meme stop

can someone who reads evopsych comment on my statement and not retards

Evolutionary psychology is a meme.
You should replace it with history.

you just don't like it because the alt-right cites it

you don't always need to simply mirror the right just 'cuz

also evolutionary history is vital to evolutionary psychology

forget evopsych, your comment would stand in the realm of evolutionary biology

and yes of course, men taking increased responsibility for raising children would cause a decrease in the need for men to do the shotgun approach to spreading their seed, effectively making them approach less women, and thereby over a long period of time, reducing their sex drive

What went wrong?

made me giggle

He was volcel. Incels that complain about being incels are just failed normies

a shit ton of philosophers were incels including nietczhe

nader might be the only modern person I can think of as a volcel, he had women fawning over him in the late 20th century, but didn't do anything

volcel is just a stupid name for asexual or incels in denial

yeah and fuck Nietzsche

or maybe all incels are volcels
it's just subconciously they are choosing not to,
but consciously they are going "what the fuck why can't I get with anyone??!!111"

might be happening to more of these incels then we think

the man literally dies of syphilis and you dumb stupid fucks insist he was an incel

He got syphillis from a medical infection.

he got it from a hooker

I do.

nigga marx went on pub crawls that would destroy your bony ass and was a rowdy motherfucker.

Yeah but their vaginas smell terrible in aggregate.


stop dating women that don't wash

No. Women were still sexual selectors when divorce was much rarer and men had plenty of investment in their child.

It has more to do with it being trivial for men to impregnate a woman, but women requiring significant resources to successfully bear a child. 9 months vs. 9 minutes, and all.

Rights are spooks.

Vagina odor is largely influenced by diet which contrary to popular belief does contribute to weight.

Sure, but tell your ladyfriends to wash nonetheless.


jesus, you complain about their pussy's smell but they never complain about the smell your pocket spaghetti make.

He died of a hereditary condition more than likely. Cases of insanity late in life were at the time just assumed to be syphilis.
Very possible that Nietzsche visited brothels but as far as a real relationship? He seems to have avoided one his entire life.

How do you figure?


First we were just a minor annoyance, now we have our own thread. Its amazing what a few dedicated people can do to a board. Stay triggered cucks, you can't hide from the truth forever.

Leftypol is filled with femoids and beta cuck white knights. They can't handle the truth so they take it out on you.

Reminder that women are secretly laughing behind your pansy feminist cuck ass. They get off of exploiting your betabux while fucking Chad. Women want to institutionalize abuse against men because 2000 years of civilization proved time and time again that they just couldn't compete.

I thought we were all triggering and problematic brocialists? Funny how all idpolers sound the fucking same.

You absolute nigger, you were just complaining you couldn't get pussy. What does make you then?

Kep charging those windmills Quixote. The internet is showing the parasites women are.

I'm so fucking depressed


Its your fault for listening to a womans opinion nigger. I am laying out the objective truth and you can't handle it. If you weren't so invested in idpol, you wouldn't be defending roasties online, now would you? Leftist logic strikes again.

You aren't entitled to a thread. Pull up your bootstraps and get to work. Don't blame others for you own failures, anarkiddie.

If you stole 200k you'd be thrown in prison for years. Yet not only women steal 18 years of labor from men regularly which on average would be equivalent to roughly 200k, they feel freaking entitled to it.
The ugliness in these posts is so staggering, man if anything the incel movement isn't growing quickly enough.

Defending what nigger? Just because I'm not a loveless wizard doesn't mean I don't hate feminism.

You're no different from a tumblrite accusing others of being mysogynists. Sad!

I have an idea: Let's have an incel containment thread, and a bitching-about-incel-threads thread, that way we can please both parties.

I have an idea. Let's coup leftypol and install a glorious Brocialist vangusrd that crackdowns on shit like this

The only person guilty of idpol is you. People present evidence of women materially exploiting men along gender lines and you accuse men of idpol with the audacity to complain about it.
You're no better than polyps that say the high jailing of blacks is proof that they're more violent.

Today I realized how wrong I truly was. I understand now the powers that be hate this website because of the free flow of information, I didn't even believe in shills to be honest but today opened my eyes. I realized how manipulated I've been through the mainstream media, the internet social media (ESPECIALLY REDDIT), and my general nature to dismiss dissenting opinions. I want to say that I'm sorry. Manafort's charges are for crimes committed a decade ago, The Podestas are under the microscope, Trump doesn't seem affected at all, and Russia "hacking" and collusion has disappeared completely. To add to that it seems like more pedophilia allegations are sweeping hollywood and the entire establishment seems to be in total chaos. What is truly going on? What have I missed this past year? I'm not a total Trump supporter yet, but if the entire power structure and uniparty establishment is going after Trump he must be doing something good.

You sound like a liberal claiming that fascists and communists are the same because both support revolutionary violence, ie hysterical. Is leftypol just a bunch of red liberals incapable of true thought? Or is it hysteria merely a common trait among feminized ideologues?

women do have more personal wealth than men as as a total even adjusted for income

But not by an enormous amount…. yet…

I wish we could have one of these threads without it devolving into /r9k/

Quite a bit below, yeah
Leftists really are the dumbest of all the chantards.



first second and last woman

Forced social interaction in work or forced interaction in gulag. Your choice.

Dude, right? Bois are the natural evolutionary step after tomboys, which are toppest of tiers.

The first and 4th one HNNNGGGG

Retard. This is inherently r9k



Reminder that sexual abuse is ok as long as Chad does it. Women are incapable of telling the truth, which is why femoid ran societies will always fail.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I've never complained in person, that's just social suicide. You just have to politely say you're not that into eating pussy.

Can you or anyone else into tomboys 18+ email me at [email protected] ?


Sexual liberation was a mistake.


why are women so cruel? the percentage of all males over 6' on earth is probably in the single digit range

Sexual liberation has not yet gone far enough.

There are women who don't mind, possibly even prefer, short guys and there are plenty of short guys who get laid.

Sexual commodification was a mistake.

Sexual liberation ie tantric practices still has yet to be achieved.

I got banned for posting the TRUTH, and leftypol doesn't even have the decency to announce it.

Wrong. Sexual liberation merely abolishes socially constructed sexual norms, allowing natural preferences (aka getting raped by Chad) to dominate. Shortness is dysgenic, so short people will fuck even less without patriarchy. Leftists are actually ok with eugenics so long as wymyn benefit apparently.


Do I pass off as a tomboy?
pic related

That's not what that word means.


We need liberation from "natural preferences" too. Transhumanist sexual revolution now.

No need to worry about being short when you have robo-legs and you're getting the virtual infinitely pleasurable succ.

post dicc

We just need a way for everyone to participate in it. Almost everyone against sexual liberation are those who are for whatever reason barred from the benefits of sexual liberation.

We don't have too much sexual liberation, we have too little


the action or process of treating something as a mere commodity.

Wait Punk girls still exist.

I thought you were referring to tantric. if you're saying you are anti-prostitution, then I agree.


That is not how the sexual free market operates.
Stop advocating for trickle down sexnomics.

stopped reading there

Read Fromm you morons

It doesn't need to. We've only had sexual liberation recently so you can't really say that this is the result all the time.

You're sad that you can't get gf, I'm sorry. But you've been brainwashed into believing you're disgusting and undesirable. That's not true

top kek.

I know you're kidding but the free market will fix it, not by making incels attractive but by making them anime sex robots.

that fuckin guy kinda ruined any public support for us

and he played into like every feminist stereotype of a nice guy

The first incel shooter after the financial crash, Sodini was more of a normal guy that didn't fit stereotypes

besides not having friends, he fit that criteria

Sodini also happened to fit the stereotype of a chad.

Are you actually a woman and not a trap?


*You and your anger

Leftypol won't like this because there is actual science here. Everyone knows being a materialist really means putting "muh material condishuns" in front of every vapid idealistic justification for liberalism.

How many times have you asked a girl out and how old were you the last time?

Oh, I see. Where are all the normies and landwhales now, now that they have been presented with evidence? The long quiet after every blackpill detonation is always wonderful.

Honestly, I'm not sure what it is even supposed to prove. Women prefer characteristics that help with a long term relationship when looking for a long term relationship? Stop the presses.

You pass androgynously, and you look quite attractive.

This is a Holla Forumsyp troll with a post-history of bait. This thread has been brigaded quite a bit today, and I expect it will continue to be a lightening rod for reactionaries from reddit and Holla Forums for the foreseeable future.

The movement for the liberation of incels deserves a place on Holla Forums but we need to be quick to spot reactionary attacks meant to divide us.

According to this study self-confidence is significantly more attractive than athleticism.

So, user, have you tried just being yourself? :)

Not an argument you fucking faggot. Leftypol can't refute my evidence so it resorts to social shaming instead of logical argument, take #435634.



Just shows that nice guys finish last, except if you are providing for some used up roastie slut.

an incel I disavow half the incels here
but when people are at the bottom of the barrel, they scrape out the bottom of the barrel and throw rocks unfortunately.

Not saying you should or shouldn't ban the reactionaries, but many don't see a moral reason to behave any particular way

as an*

It doesn't though. According to this for sexual competitiveness the best you could possibly be is an assertive, self-confident, athletic, extraverted open narcissist (and self-described incels already are narcissists) and that nice guys are preferred for long term relationships (which is what /r9k/ says they're interested in).

I think it's much more likely that "incels" simply aren't nice guys.

>implying I don't get laid once in a blue moon
I personally believe socialism would create an environment with less neuroticism, atomization and competitiveness, and hopefully abolish the commodification of almost every aspect of human life, so the average person (or at least, those who are a bit shy and so on) would have less difficulty finding a mate in general.
But tbh, I'm slowly becoming a volcel because I don't want to have a child accidentally, and sex is an unnecessary natural desire, as epicureans had put it.
Ok, drugs and alcohol are also unnecessary, but I don't want to deal with potentially heart-wrecking situations, expectations stemming from my gender, and taking a bet after having tried to decipher subtle cues. There is too much pressure put on men when it comes to romance IMO, and I had pretty bad experiences with rejection and the gossip and mockery associated with it when I was an adolescent

You just described AFBB you massive fucking retard. I thank you for FINALLY admitting the truth.

how large is your fetish porn collection?
mods, please ban the next post he makes if he doesn't post a screenshot of his cuck folder.

But according to this if the average /r9k/ user start just being themselves and hit the gym they would absolutely slay.

What are you complaining about?

Btw I’m not an incel, I just agree with the material reality that poor men rejected by women because they don’t have power, not because they aren’t approaching them enough LMAO

I'm not making an argument, I'm just interested in the answers to that question.

Wrong. Facial attraction is genetic and cannot be significantly changed by the gym. If you have a subhuman face, gymceling will actually make you look more ridiculous. Just lol at having a recessed chin in 2017.

Only here is the thing. That study didn't take into account facial-attractiveness, it took into account muscularity and personality traits. Unless you have a study that says facial ugliness will negate all your other attractive qualities I'm going to have to say this is a weaksauce excuse.

No you’re not, you’re interested in finding a way to blame my exploitation on myself and not the feminism. Feminism which is very much a by product of capitalism. In that it seeks to change condition women into blaming men for their struggles instead of porky, and seeks to make men as an identity pay for the exploitation they suffer at the hands of porky.

So why didn't you answer the question?

Because I choose not to, couldn’t care less about what you think it implies.

I'm going to take that as a "zero".

Thanks for answering.

*seeks to condition

it's interesting that you ask how many times he's asked women, instead of how many times they've asked him. there is this ingrained cultural expectation that the male must always be the initiator and pursuer, while the female just sits and waits to be chosen. this is one of the major imbalances of male-female relations

What if the answer was 100s, then what would your rationalization be? Then after that how would you move the goal posts I wonder?
Probably just accuse me of lying at some point. Wow it’s almost like this whole thing was an attempt to attack my personal character then my arguments.
Well you know what they say, scratch a liberal get a fascist.

Bitch, no one is obligated to fuck you.

Bitch, no one is obligated to fuck you

And scratch a commie get a brutal authoritarian, hmmm I guess that didn’t work quite as well lol

I’m not obligated to be a beta that lets others fuck and doesn’t seek out power for himself

You're right that is the case, women are rarely the instigator in relationships and in fact are encouraged not to be while the reverse is true for men and this ought to be different.

But that doesn't invalidate the fact that men, if they wish for a relationship, ought to be proactive in their dealings especially since in our culture the onus is on them to do so in all cases. If you in a culture that expects men to be the initiators in a relationship yet you never do so it is no coincidence that you're having difficulty. Not that the culture is justified in that, but it is still the reality.

celibate also means to be unpartnered/unwed, not just without sexual relations

That's why I asked an open ended question, I was interested in the answer. If I was sure you had asked out zero women and had an argument up my sleeve predicated on that I would just have started with that argument, but no, that would be dishonest and presumptuous. For all I knew you did ask out hundreds of women and get rejected each time, but the only way to know is to ask.

Wrong. If commies can justify seizing hard earned money and property from the bourgeoisie, then they can justify state assigned girlfriends. Both violate the principle of self ownership, yet only one clearly benefits femoids.

But you can. Have you never met an ugly person that got laid or had friends?

Reminder that women want to be treated like shit by Chad. Normies hate this because it shows that women are really just animalistic sluts who cannot be trusted with civilization.

Wrong argument. Why don't you just pull yourself up by your boostraps and start a successful business instead of bitching about muh capitalism being unfair? Half of all millionaires are self made men, dumb commie.

Step aside, plebs.


We are opposed to private property precisely because it is opposed to self ownership you moron.


The only reason you’d want more information about my personal situation is to delegitimize by grienvence by finding a way to blame the situation on myself.
This is sooooooo fucking paternal, this is a trick moms use on their kids because they don’t really believe they are able to exercise their agency in a constructive manner.
You gotta be a white burger, only burgers are arrogant enough to do this regularly

Communists don't have an ideology, but a collection of rhetorical tricks. Protip commie cuck, if I own myself then I can choose to exchange my time with my bosses money in a voluntary exchange. Wage labor is not exploitation even if some people are born too dumb to work nigger.

If you’re so interested in what’s motivating incels why don’t you deconstruct the conflicts of interest that are causing you to dismiss their complaints out of hand first. Prove yourself to me first!

Femoids truly live life on easy mode.

Or perhaps, I wanted more information about your situation to better understand it. No? Is that not what information is for?

Have I blamed you? No. As of yet all I've done is asked you how many girls you've asked out and presumed none when you got mad. The fact that you're reading so much into this says a lot.

I'm Irish.

It’s exploitative because the labor is worth more than what you’re paying for it. People who labor should seize all the profits for themselves, fuck parasite in all forms whether they be females or bosses.

When did I dismiss their complaints?


When you asked how many girls I asked, no ones fooled by this paternal bullshit act fuck you

See, this is what I am getting at. If leftists want to cry about muh exploitation, they need to be consistent in their approach. Since they are not, it is obvious that they are merely trying to abolish exploitation that is harmful to them while supporting exploitation that is helpful to them.

This is a perfect example of paternal gas lighting right here.
I imagine this being said in a calm voice all while I’m being fucked over by Chad haha.

That's not dismissing your complaint. At worst that is implying your complaint is partly your own fault, which isn't dismissing it - in fact it's addressing it.

How many businesses have you started?

This lol, which is why I find stinrner so compelling.


Unless you count my short-lived sweet-dealing enterprise in school.

How much money do you and your family have? How much land? And tenants? First worlder? How much of the things in your home were made by slave labor?


Lol and you guys wonder why the left has about as much bite as a toothless dog

well, in my case, i have been using dating sites for the past 5 years but i'm yet to meet anyone and seldom receive any unsolicited attention. i can speak only for myself, but as someone who is shy, reserved, quiet and intellectual, who doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs, and isn't interested in casual sex, there is only so many ways for me to be proactive in looking for a partner. for instance, i cannot go to bars or nightclubs as i don't belong, and there i'm unlikely to meet someone who would be interested in me. it just seems there's no 'place' for a person like me, and few if any women who would consider me for their partner, so i've ended up marginalised and isolated. i think people don't understand that it's very difficult for me and others to just 'do what everyone else does,' because that's not who i am and i can't force myself to be someone else. that's where this distinction between "normies" and incel types ultimately stems from; we're just different

it's a really difficult issue and i don't think anyone really has the answers

Not very much, maybe a couple of grand between us.
My granny owns her own house and it has a pretty big garden.
People who rent? None.
Yes, as said earlier.
Lots, probably.

That's right.

Oh I see, I was talking with a lazy piece of shit who wants everything handed to him despite already being privileged as fuck. Typical leftist drivel.

When did I say this?

Well, that is rude.



You're probably right there.

This is a good post and I wish I could make a longer and more thoughtful reply to it but I don't think anything I say would help.

So your family is landed. So sorry you’re not going to be able to impathsize with many incels which come from very poor completely unlanded families. See that’s the thing about being poor and or being ina shitty situation, it not just you, it’s your entire family which is why your ask them out advice is shit.
Ask them out, but they can tell your poor by your clothes.
They can tell how poor you are by the way you talk.
They can tell how poor you are by your zip code
They can tell how poor you are by what your family situation is
This shit about it just being about personality is just women lying to themselves so they don’t have to face the fact that their cold calculating cunts that are rejecting men based on power and not character. And all this sexual assault they suffer is due to them being in a power imbalanced relationship with a chad, a beta would never sexually assault a woman.

That can't be real


Good to know.

Not to mention I didn't advise you to ask them out. I asked you if you did ask them out. Any conclusions your implications you draw from this are up to you.

I'm not even mad this bitter faggot was banned. His only contribution to the discourse was vitriol and these repeated shitty macros.
For fuck sake, post some backing to your claim
like this
that destroys our claim
fucking pathetic bastard*

Strangely, I don't see the word "meritocratic" anywhere in that sentence.

Not to mention I didn't advise you to ask them out. I asked you if you did ask them out. Any conclusions your implications you draw from this are up to you.
I said landed, not loaded. Please fucking spare me the whole I suffer too shit every leftist hipster pulls
And yeah I’m just pulling conclusions out of my ass, not like every normie doesn’t ask incels or incel sympathizers these exact same fucking questions


True, but you seem to be taking both of those things to be synonymous. As if no poor people own their own homes.

Probably not, to you there probably is some logic to them. But you aren't making that logic clear. And these conclusions seem to be more interpretation on your part that things I actually told you - it's just that you haven't really explained why you're interpreting me this way.

*reposting because my shitty formatting made my point unclear

I said landed, not loaded. Please fucking spare me the whole I suffer too shit every leftist hipster pulls
And yeah I’m just pulling conclusions out of my ass, not like every normie doesn’t ask incels or incel sympathizers these exact same fucking questions


Spoken like a true liberal white suburbanite

but why are those men so desperate in the first place?

In Ireland we don't really have suburbs the way America does. And no one in my family lives in what might be called our suburbs anyway.

Probably because they're not getting laid.

Because 20% of the men fuck 80% of the women. Women are perfectly happy with haremization of sexual relations and it is why the sexual free market needs to be regulated.

Why is it so hard to understand that if you own your home your not poor. Maybe you live in a hovel but your not homeless and the specter of homelessness doesn’t hang over your head like Damocles sword.

Holla Forums

So my statement describes then yes?

*describes you then yes

doesn't that tell you something? suggest a deeper issue?


Well because most of my family is at least partly dependent on benefits and I grew up in a single-parent household. It doesn't really seem like the life of privilege you're making it out to be. Maybe more privileged than some people, but it seems a bit silly to say it's so far removed from yourself that I wouldn't be able to understand or relate at all.


Ah, but I explained my interpretation. What I'm saying is that you have yet to explain yourself, not complaining that you're making interpretations.

Sex is not a commodity, nor is it a necessity. You believe otherwise because you're so steeped in chan culture with constant bombardment of sexual imagery to the point where you give it more importance than it actually holds.

Are you a virgin? Because virgins tend to have all sorts of strange ideas about sex.

Which, spoiler alert, the stress of which can cause you to become bitter. And uh oh looks like we have a class idenifier, bitter people = poor. But being this heartless gives me bad feels so let’s blame the shityness incels are bitter about ON THEIR OWN bitterness.

This ain’t gonna work anymore in the post social media internet we’re heading into. Facebook and Twitter are all seeing declines, the superstructure is slowing being pulled from the grip of feminists

You are wrong. Sex is a necessity. Your post reads like the typical bourgeois apologists saying poor people don't need to eat more than 1500 calories a day while gorging on caviar. This is a leftist board and leftism is about satisfying human needs in an egalitarian way. Get the fuck off this board you do not belong here.

Goddamn your stupid, maybe the English were right about the Irish

Fooking this

If sex is a necessity, then why do I feel no compulsions to have it?

Well since we don't have suburbs here I'm not very familiar with "suburbanite" as a colloquialism either.

I'm still confused as to what I said that made you so mad.

Get your testosterone levels and stop allowing chads and the women in their harem gas lighting you into believe you are not entitled to a partner or sex.

Don't forget the proletariat used to be gas lighted into eating a thousand calories a day and living in hovels while the bourgeoisie sat in palaces made of gold.

Do not allow the chad sexual bourgeoisie and the female benefactors who ride the cock carousel to take what is rightfully yours.

Not so long as you have hands it's not.

How am I doing anything even remotely similar? You not being able to get laid does not mean you're being exploited.

Your solution to satisfying YOUR need is to take control over the lives of others.

Expropriation and exploitation are ok when we do it. Repeat 1000 times and you get modern leftism.

People with bad personalities are 100% uglier. This isn't some sort of effect on the mind this is real shit.

Literally read a book

You realize sex doesn't work like property? It doesn't matter if one men fucks 100 girls, because the next man can fuck five, ten, whatever amount of those girls he can. Having sex with a girl does nothing to stop another man from having sex with her.

Get off of /fit/ right now before I make you guzzle some soy.

What are you even on about?


I am exploited by free love and the haremization of society. The sexual free market needs to be regulated for a more egalitarian outcome. I will not allow bourgeois feminists and their apologists such as you to drag us back to stone age era sexual relations and brutal sexual hierarchies where a small elite have all of the sex.

One man one wife or death.

How? Nobody taking anything from you for their own benefit.

Yes chad keeps harems while I am denied a partner.


It's devolved from what could have been (though likely would never have been) a thoughtful, somewhat interesting discussion about how to treat those with mental illness and disfigurements in regard to intimacy into /r9k/ shitposts and screenshots from dating apps (wow, what a shock, women and men who use hookup apps are vapid and vulgar).

Anyway, I used to be a self-proclaimed incel because of my social anxiety, and then I met a pretty woman one evening and had sex, and since I've had many more partners because o felt more confident. Most of you likely aren't uncles either, you seldom find anybody who can't get laid. We should be talking about those with physical disabilities and mental issues, not about people who happen not to be literal fucking Chads.

But he doesn't, Chad keeps a loose and ever-changing cycle of casual sexual partners that are also available to anybody else as are the literal billions of women he's not involved with.

Sex is not a necessity. You can live on a desert island without sex. What you cant live without is mental stability, and what is making you unstable is seeing signs of sex all around and knowing some people are boning but you aren't, ++ the socialization which has us thinking we are only valuable if slaying muh puss. And fuck humnat args because this is more sociological than psychological. Its more about status than hormones. You're pissed because you are low status.

Maybe if we start talking about this instead well get somewhere. Because le chads argument of "if you were better you'd get some" falls on its face when you consider that we all have capitalist modes of choosing partners.

Chad literally keeps a harem you admitted in your post. Women would rather share a king than marry a regular guy.

Either sexual relationships are restored to their previous more egalitarian norm of one man one wife or society will revert to barbarism.

Wow what an excellent bar to set.

We are not to reorganize society around the standard on what one can subsist on in a deserted island. That is not socialism.

One man one wife will restored there is absolutely no discussion.

This week has by and away been the worst week in Holla Forums mod history.

Those "harems" were never yours to begin with, nor are they his really. Those women move freely from him to other men and he exerts no ownership or control. And unlike this purely hypothetical otherization you call """Chad""" you did not work to make yourself desirable to women.

This is different from real exploitation because under capitalism the capitalist takes the surplus value which the workers produced for themselves. In actuality, by using force to take these "harems" away from people you deem to be """Chads""" YOU are the capitalist exploiter in this scenario. They worked towards sex by learning to empathize and read people, by improving their bodies, by putting themselves out there socially to meet women, and here you walk in with the fucking Gestapo at your back, using force to exert a monopoly over what they earned. This sort of exploitation is what socialists seek to

That said, it's kind of a shitty analogy because like I said before sex is not a commodity. Sex is like conversation, it's a social function. Should we as socialists attempt to "seize the means of socialization"? Should we have "state-appointed friends" as well as wives?


One man one wife will be restored there is absolutely no discussion. Free love is social DARWINIST and reactionary. I don't know who told you socialism is about upkeeping bourgeois notions of free love and Feminism but they didn't give you the correct information.

Maybe if you spent less time on Holla Forums and more time socialising you'd have had sex by now.

Seriously dude?

Again, you don't know what "bourgeois" means. It absolutely does not enter into this scenario because like I said """Chad""" is not exploiting you by engaging in social interaction free from state interference.

Wrong. Workers enter into a voluntary exchange with their employer. the worker knows fully well that the boss is entitled to some of the value produced and can simply choose not to work with him if he doesn't like it. Surplus value production is NOT exploitation no matter how much you repeat it. The bourgeoisie built their businesses from scratch in the same way you claim Chad worked for his looks (just be born Chad m8). Its funny how you bring up the Gestapo since we have actual examples of economic gestapos killing people en mass. Leftists did everything you claim we incels want to do to women and more, so get off your high horse and own up to your own history you two faced piece of shit.

The sexual free market needs to be regulated and egalitarian outcomes need to be guaranteed. I am sorry you don't like this. One man one wife there is no debate. socialism isn't about restoring bronze age era harems.

I have bumped so many times. I dishonor myself.


Yes, you dishonored yourself by getting your feminist behind BTFO again and again and again. KYS faggot.

This is your enemy boyos, someone who benefits from betas accepting their shitty circumstances all while trying to make you blame yourself for it. If this were the 80s you’d be a Reganinte blaming the crack epidemic on black culture

Pure ideology. He's one step away from CEO apologetics.

This is how you spot red liberals kiddos. Take notes.

So instead of actually making an effort, you sit on leftypol and complain? Just work on your confidence.

Yea, why do niggers and welfare queens deserve anything above the barest of existences when they don't make the effort to succeed on the free market? All this socialism shit is CLEARLY designed to enslave the rich to the whims of the poor.


Where's your business friendo?

Unless you're literally disfigured or mentally ill your primary barrier is confidence and self-image.

Did Socdems kill Rosa because of Incel rage she would rather fuck Chad Liebknecht?

It’s still being marginalized, quit being so spooked by Marxism. Just because something doesn’t fall nearly within your ideology doesn’t mean it’s still not harming them.
You leftpolers use this same dumbass excuse to ignore racism then wonder why the left is lead by Hillary Clinton and the DSA and not an ML’er


I'm telling these cock carousel apologists are on the same level as boomers.

Keep dodging our arguments liberal. It just exposes your ideology as the hollow shell it is.

Nope, I'm right. It absolutely is exploitation. Do you deny that workers are paid less than the value they produce through their labor? Where do you think capitalists get their money from?

Nope, they do so out of pure survival necessity. Yes, they get some level of choice in WHICH porky they want to steal their money, but that doesn't change the fact that their options are to be exploited or die.

The vast majority of the time this is not the case. Usually the modern bourgeoisie just go from shareholder meeting to shareholder meeting, shuffling around the money they inherited from investment to investment, "working" 2 hours per day while producing nothing for society and hogging an obscene amount of resources dedicated to making their lives cushy.

You have utterly failed to make a compelling case in support of this position and are now outright ignoring my arguments. This seems like a religious belief to you, and in my experience arguing with people about beliefs they're unwilling to change is a pointless waste of time.

They literally do though. Unlike Porky he's actually earning his pecs and abs for himself rather than stealing someone's surplus value to buy it. Unlike Porky he put in the time and effort to get through social awkwardness and become better and being around people. Comparing socialization to capitalist exploitation is laughable.

Maybe they do, but clearly not enough to be successful. Otherwise they would not be incels by definition.

slave ray? how new are you?

Yeah leftypol joe can you be so sure poor people aren’t poor because they’re stupid and lazy. Liberal democracy slayed the aristocracy, it’s not the bourgeoisie fault Proles are too stupid to make their own profit making enterprise

Yes, socially.

My entire point is that using Marxist terminology in the social sphere is as absurd as using it in the cultural sphere.

"Cultural Marxism" is right-wing dogshit and so is this "Social Marxism". Neither of them are Marxist or leftist in the slightest because Marxism is related to economics, and to culture and society and other spheres only through the lens of the ways they are shaped by economics.

Please continue, your callousness is only helping me to despook more betas

Males are not going to allow themselves to be gaslighted into upholding non egalitarian sexual hierarchies any longer. I am sorry there is no debate. One man one wife we are not going to allow ourselves to be dragged back into the bronze age because feminists want to ride the cock carrousel and 20% of the male population wants to benefit.

Glad you agree.

This is why leftists are poor. Leftists seriously think that the boss does nothing and that they deserve everything. Hey, if being bourgeoisie is so easy, why don't you become one? Just take out a loan and live life on ez mode with all that imaginary surplus value you are taking from the workers. Stop making excuses and succeed on the free market.

Nobody is entitled to life. If they can't hack it, they should hurry up and die already.

Only 5% of Americans are self-employed. The vast majority of small businesses fail, not because the people who start them are "too stupid" like you claim but because the bourgeoisie actively undermine them. It is ABSOLUTELY porky's fault that the average prole is unable to realistically start his own enterprise.

Porky controls the government and passes all sorts of legislation which makes it artificially difficult for small businesses to navigate the legal and financial landscape in the way which is necessary to compete with the big guys. Furthermore, economy of scale means that a large enterprise spread across the country can afford to cut prices in one area in order to kill competition and make long-term profits.

Not to mention that they have various ins with government, giving them special access to state-regulated resources and government contracts in a way that the little guys simply do not have.

I love all these people who decided that people are ENTITLED to life but aren't entitled to anything else. Who the fuck made YOU the arbitrator of morality? Where is YOUR case that people are entitled to life?

Hey guys using deep learning bots for posting repetitive texts is not funny anymore. But good job, for a very long time I actually believed that it was a real person who was making these posts.

Human brain with its easily assembled complexity is great at picking out patterns. And the pattern of the succdem incel poster is way too predictable, so the implication is that these texts are compiled by a neural network that is not self-aware, nor sapient.

If that is not the case, then trolling is terribly unfunny.

If that is not the case either, then please take your meds.

Sexual intimacy is a pretty big need to be denied. In the past incels and otherwise alienated men would turn to alcohol and quitely absorb their abuse.
Now that porky can make money off of addiction the superstructure is sympathetic to addicts.
Enjoy this time while you can, once the sex doll market takes off making fun of an incel will be as taboo as ridiculing a rape survivor or fat person. Mark my fucking words you spooked as fuck broke dick dogmatic Marxist cuck

Everyone is entitled to life, housing, healthcare, education food, and a life partner. It is basic human dignity if you don't agree you are a reactionary that belongs on Holla Forums.

Not an argument.

The chad sexual bourgeoisie will not be upheld. It is reactionary. You just need to make peace with that.

I am trying to get these liberals to question why they value life but not sex. These liberals seem to assume that apriori, which is very favorable to them obviously.

They're red liberals who are just going through a phase. They don't belong here. Unfortunately very few "leftists" actually care about bringing about an actual egalitarian and transformative society.


This too!

You're just like the retards on /his/ who miserably fail in defending their quran/bible and resort to namecalling and circular reasoning. This is the last (you) you'll get from me until you address my arguments.

If you're a male, which you are, you have this thing called "testosterone" which you may have heard of. Testosterone makes it so that you can see visible improvement working out 2 hours per week. I know this because that is literally what I do, and even when I was working 60 hours per week last fall/winter I still had the time to work out on my days off. As for cost, you don't need to have a gym membership.

Make yourself some weights out of milk jugs if you really can't spare the 30 bucks necessary to get some from a used sporting goods store. Go outside and run, you don't need a treadmill.

Do you really think that it's impossible for someone to be well-off when they're also working class?

I've gone for years without it and been just fine. It is in no way shape or form a "need".

I'm not making fun of you. Your situation sucks and I've been there before.

What I'm doing is rejecting the application of Marixst terminology as well as the idea that sex is a "need" and that people should be required to socialize with you against their will.

I hope it does. Maybe there would be fewer bitter, angry virgins on the internet and people would be happier in their lives.

You're not going to reply to me because you lost the debate.

From where exactly does this entitlement originate?

I don’t, your stupid ancap ass is spooked worst than the illeratate socialists that make leftypol.
If you had any brains you’d realize capitalists are wards of the state, it’d be in your best interest to suck the dick of the state than to bite the hand that feeds you, just because once in a while the state has to tax you to pay for welfare to
keep the proletariat from fucking becoming revolutionary

Secular humanism, desire to build a more egalitarian society, and basic self interest.

I'm sorry men are not going to uphold the chad sexual bourgeoisie and the cock carousel under socialism. Free love is a bourgeois and social Darwinist notion that will be thrown out under the new order. One man one wife there is no debate.

Me, myself, my ego

no. when you have working hands or a fleshlight you don't need the real thing. there is no difference.

No the argument is that you are repetitive like a goddamn clockwork and that the basis that you outline here is a piece of idealistic garbage,

The way others are supposed to get life, housing, healthcare, education, food is because of altruism. The assumption of everyone involved in the giving part is that they know if they were in the position of the impoverished ones, they too would want someone to give those things to them. And they would want someone who would want them be involved in making these things.

Entitlement as a concept is related to alienation and atomization. When the altruism is hidden, and you see only alien institution and alien constructs and patterns, then you reach the conclusion about the entitlement.

My counter argument is that any sort of romantic partnership arises from the relations of material production involved in this altruistic gift economy that can be wrongly seen as entitlement.

Who is more likely to not tell you to fuck off and not bother them with your creepy presence? Someone assigned to you via alienated institution, or someone that you spent a day working at the farm with, building houses, doing the shift at city maintenance?

Entitlement is when you receive but it is hidden who is giving to you. Altruism is the whole picture of the people giving and people receiving. And the two groups of people do not even have to be distinct and in fact be one and the same group.

But hey, if all fails for you, there is still pity sex. Yes, a woman can only take pity on you and softly caress you because such woman would be far more disgusted by you spewing this kind of garbage on the internet than with your material presence in front of her. I would bet hard money that women would find your posts here more disgusting than whatever you are able to present without a computer and without opening your mouth.

you don't know shit about Ego if you think it allows you to speak for Everyone

I didn’t say I spoke for everyone

One man one wife will be restored there is no debate. Everything else is backwards and reactionary I'm afraid.

One man one wife no exceptions.

You don’t know shit about me if you think I’m always referencing Stiner

Isn't dogmatism supposed to be bad?

you said everyone is entitled

If you're saying that under your ideal society, those would be 'entitlements', whatever. But to say that they're entitlements that exist naturally, that's insane.

How do you propose to enforce that?

One man one wife. Free love is social Darwinist and reactionary. I am sorry, but there is really no debate here.

One man one wife is egalitarian and progressive and is what we will fight for. Men aren't going to fight to destroy the bourgeoisie while upkeeping the chad sexual bourgeoisie.

I am sorry but there is really no debate.


no one knows shit on the internets. you new here?

I said the idea that everyone’s entitled came from me. The philosophy is my property, no further debate regarding its provenance is needed.

Communism is not about self improvement, its about getting rid of the state and the capitalist who exploit us.

We can't improve until they stop exploiting us you dope. Self improvement is spook.

By despooking betas, a tremendous amount of power can be harnessed to my cause by simply convincing betas to stop allowing themselves to be exploited


Top kek

None of those identities are getting the bullet. Your brand of class reductionism has got traction in exactly one place, a Nazi controlled Chan.
You guys bag on liberals but the average Democrat is a 1000 times more politically influential than all of leftypol.
Keep playing alone with your spooks in “The darkest corner of the the Internet” ie 8 chan. I’m sure one day those chad liberals will see things your way lmao. I can smell your all’s impotency against SJWs from here

which is why incels must capture the means of reproductions first

We are not against property as such, but private property you mong. Personal property and common property still exist in communism. If you actually owned yourself, you would be exchanging the fruit of your labors, not labor time, which is what slaves give.

Center right visitor from 4/pol/ here.

Have you ever considered that incels and extreme politics go hand-in-hand? I've seen more stories on Holla Forums of people who have gotten their shit together and met women, because they don't have this guy's retarded mindset >>2203325

They're actually, at the very least, able to take a critical look at themselves and accept that they're lacking in qualities required to attract a mate. By addressing these shortcomings, it is possible to attract someone.


ok I've been a leftist for over a decade and it hasn't gotten me a girlfriend

that's not the reason I'm in leftism, nor does it validate or invalidate leftism

I'm an incel, but leftism is the WORST place to be for pussy.

also mental illness, violence, and other stuff

Is this before or after they talk about how feminism ruined women and goes against biology?

I want to be sexually desired


Yeah there goes the CIA mods again preventing any real content from getting uploaded. I'd actually sigh with relief to see a mgtow and feminist both in here and state their cases but nawww, let's have vomit memes instead. That'll lead to socialism surely…

fucking mods I wanted to save that image lmao

Stop being an unironic miso-gynist then.


Wooow you sure showd that misogynist pig. I bet all the women will sleep with you now fedora man.

I mean… I mean first you gotta leave mommy's house and go outside so they CAN sleep with you for doing such a valiant virtue signaling.

Also they gotta sleep with 6'8 Chad first. But you can get some sloppy seconds.

They cannot kill me brother.

Pic related is your future if you continue being a little feminist bitch.

Imagine being a supposed "Chad" yet having nothing to do other than banning wymyn disrespecters on a Laotian tic tac toe strategy board.You are just as bad as me cucks, no matter how many roasties you defend online.

there's no point in a containment thread if you don't ban everyone who posts in it when it reaches 450 replies.



Otherwise, you have a point.

I confess I don't understand what the Y axis is supposed to mean.

It won't be solved because life is not good and things don't always work out. Someone once told you that everything was going to be ok, but it wasn't true, not for everyone. All socialism does is try to ensure that people don't starve to death and that society doesn't collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. It can't solve every problem, and that includes the contradiction between basic human rights of choice and social needs. If you want to call this edgy Holla Forums bullshit, go ahead. If you ask me that's hiding a difficult truth by pretending that having the right political beliefs will somehow absolve one of this truth

I think what us incels really want is good self-esteem. Having a gf is the best way to achieve this so naturally everyone's preoccupied with females.
I don't expect socialist society to provide a gf for me, but due to society changing from competitive to cooperative I definitely think it would help me out of this dark miserable pit I'm in.

Of course in extension also helping me getting a gf etc.

I dunno, I'd take intimacy over self esteem.

But regardless, the correct way to fight the incel problem is to combat atomization and invest in artificial AI companion tech.

Intimacy gives you self-esteem. That's why you want it.


What did they mean by this???

I identify with what you say and have no clear solutions. What I can tell you, as someone who doesn't fare well in bars, night clubs etc, is that being near women of interest is the number one key of the equation. The second is establishing a casual, non-formal relationship where you have the opportunity to show some internal qualities are not apparent to strangers (personality, knowledge, etc). These two requirements translate into engaging in social activities that 1) offer at least 50% female population 2) are interactive between members. The activity itself doesn't matter as long as it is at least tolerable to you and may require you to break out of comfort zones. For instance, you could try joining a book club or doing yoga, places that are usually women dominated. Lastly, being exposed to more women means increasing your odds of finding one for whom you fit "her type", making it easier.

Hope this helps at least some for those who are serious about trying.

They won't be happy until they have a harem of attractive women with balloon tits like in thier animes

Well that would make me pretty happy too so I can't say I blame them.

Absolutely perfect for

Fuck that shit. You get it because you contributed social labour to the collective labour pool, or because it has been assigned to you after a democratic decision. No agency, and certainly no pity of your fellow man, should enter into it. You're just throwing around magic words of utopian socialism, total garbage.

I wasn't sure I even wanted to post this cause so much of my online fun comes from being a mysterious stranger and all but I just cannot stop thinking about it. I've been laying in bed masturbating all day. I've cum like 10 times. Probably more. This isn't my first bait attempt, but it is my first bait success.
It was a friend-of-a-friend's party, full of people who I didn't know and who didn't know me. He rents a room in this huge freaking 10-13 room mansion that's rented out to a bunch of college students, they had some empty rooms (furnished, but not being rented out by anyone) that were open. They were just throwing this party for Cinco de Mayo, the place was packed. I was so fucking nervous and excited and scared and turned on. I've never been to a party where I didn't know a singe person to more or less latch onto. It forced me to mingle.
So I made social rounds, flirted a lot, pretended I was drunk and getting sleepy. I leaned against stuff and closed my eyes for a while. This one guy kept coming after me all night long, like I'd ditch him to go do more mingling and two people later he's back chatting me up. When I started "falling asleep" he "woke me up" and I asked him if there was somewhere I could lay down and he said there were rooms upstairs. I knew he was following me when I left and that feeling of being stalked was so fucking hot. Since I knew he was watching, I just collapsed onto the bed and made it look like I was out like a light. I was on my side, with my back to the door and my skirt was revealing some of my ass.
A few minutes later he's in the room and closes the door. My heart is just slamming in my chest. I can feel the gusset of my panties getting slick. "Man you weren't kidding when you said you were tired." He said. I didn't say or do anything. He called me stupid and sat on the bed. I got a sick bit of amusement out of him calling me stupid, but not because I am or because I like being degraded- just because of how wrong he was. He touched my hair, rubbed my arm and shook me a little, trying to wake me up. He rolled me onto my back and rubbed his hands over my belly and thighs. Do you know how fucking hard it is to pretend you're asleep when you're so aroused and every fiber of your being wants to writhe and moan? It's really fucking hard. For me, anyway. I just wanted to grab his hand and shove it where I wanted it. But I also wanted this.

His hand moved up my chest and over my breasts and he squeezed it, gently at first and then harder. He slipped his hand under my shirt and pinched at my nipple, he said something like "damn you're really out." Then he lifted my skirt up and rubbed me over my panties, seemed impressed by how wet I was. I was so turned on and aroused that it felt good even though he was too rough. He pulled my thong aside but the way I rolled over put my legs close together. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs and climbed up on the bed. I wanted to peek to see his cock so bad but I knew if I did anything to fuck this up shit would go bad real fast. He undid his pants and I got the feeling he was taking pictures of me or something, but idk for sure. He rubbed the head of his cock - it was big and it felt so fucking good - against me and teased my entrance. Now this whole time he's been moving super slow and being careful not to wake me up. But now he didn't seem to care.
He just slammed right into me. He wasn't as girthy as I like but holy shit. He laid down on top of me and just went for it. He had his hands in my hair and his face buried in my neck and while he pulled out to keep himself from cumming it was like he was edging me. He was laughing a little bit, like he couldn't believe I was asleep still. He pulled my tits out of my shirt and sucked on my nipples while he fucked me. I came, and he just fucked me through it, which I love because it like draws the orgasm out longer. Didn't stop to check on me or anything, just started whispering encouragement to me as if I was awake and complimenting himself on making me cum.
I really wanted him to cum inside of me, but instead he wiggled himself up onto my chest and came on my face, cleaned it off when he realized it would get on the bed. He then left. I made myself cum again (hands free orgasm) just from taking in what had just happened and lingering there. I wasn't sure how long to linger in the room, but I was still way horny so I stayed. I had started to actually fall asleep when the door opened. It startled me, since I was actually falling asleep, and I woke up. It was two different guys and they asked me if I was okay. I said yeah and bolted.
I was a little afraid they'd grab me and take me but they didn't. It all happened so fast. I ran out to my car, pulled out the condom and couldn't even wait to get in the house before I had to rub one out again.
There's some emotional shit going on, too, that I'm working through. This is so not me it's not even funny. Even if I never do it again, I'm glad I did. Definitely one of the hottest sexual experiences I've ever had

If bubba anally raped you in a prison cell you would ejaculate because your prostate would get stimulated. But so what?

"In a 2006 paper on the “medicalization of shyness,” the sociologist Susie Scott frets that we’ve pathologized a trait that’s really nothing more than a constructed social preference, branding awkward men as creeps or losers when they’re really just … different."
"Maybe that differentness calls for compassion — not another moral panic."
"In 2001, two researchers at Georgia State University surveyed 82 self-identified incels they found. Some were, as the stereotypes suggest, adult virgins who suffered from autism or another mental or physical illness. Some were who adult virgins who couldn’t meet people because of how often they worked or where they lived. Others were actually married, but not sexually active — either their partner was no longer interested, or something prevented them from being intimate. Frequently, they felt they had missed key sexual milestones in their adolescence and couldn’t catch up from there."
"Many of FA’s members, the group’s moderator believes, suffer from severe depression; he can recall three forum members who have attempted suicide. Both Gilmartin and the Georgia State researchers suggest that involuntary celibacy is part of a self-sustaining package of psychological issues: depression, neuroticism, anxiety, autistic disorders. Those problems prevent incels from forming relationships — which in turn makes their depression and anxiety more extreme."
"They point out that society has nothing but derision for straight men who struggle to get girls. That we stigmatize both shyness and virginity in adult men, even though both are, in many cases, completely natural."

Is he still alive?
Fucking Tinder…
I wonder how many suicides opening the market has caused.

Censored video of Richard Wolff

Wolff "Exploring sexuality outside of pornography is a basic human need"


Reminder that Chad can get away with anything because he is attractive. Femoids hate sub8 men who even dare look in their direction, but love being gang raped by Chads because women are programmed to seek alpha male seed. If you have beta genetics its over. Anything else is cope.

we're trying to post stuff that's stuff you can't find on /r/incels. That stuff is so yesterday

-an actual incel

Reminder that if you support feminism you support people like this. Women can now control your entire social life with the threat of rape.

Say something she doesn't like? RAPE.
Look at her in a strange way? RAPE.
Exist near her as a beta male? RAPE RAPE RAPE.

Meanwhile she can get plowed by 20 Chads at once and still be ok with it. Because its not sexually degrading when Chad does it!

Shut the fuck up normie. Stop being a little bitch for the femoids who profit from your misery.

man if a hot woman wants to rape you, you will like it too.
stop playing retarded. attractive people have an easier time getting sex yes. boohoo.

this thread is pure trash and pure ideology. this is why /r9k/ isn't compatible with Holla Forums and just with Holla Forums. Here your "x favorite" ideology is usually rejected. Anything belonging to the imaginary doesn't really matters.

what retarded fucking mod decided this board needed this shit?
the one positive is that I've managed to read slightly more theory, because I haven't been distracted by quality threads on the front page anymore.

idk but I would like to have flags again. makes everything easier, less words needed for most threads.

Wow, look at this misogynist here. Mods, please ban him. You should kill yourself for literally advocating RAPE, cis white male scum.

I bet stirnerfag here rapes women on a daily basis because consent is a spook. Why is a rapist your mascot leftypol?

not even as a troll you're entreating at all… smh uninteresting af this is why you're lonely.

LEL, sure thing rapist. Go back to fucking kids with your 1 inch pencil dick. I am sure it will help you forget you are an anarchist for today.


How's it going, Holla Forums?

How are guys like this virgins. Guy looks totally normal

Capitalisms commodification is literally going to cause our extinction. Paul mason was right.


Patriarchy is what created the submissive female (stacy, sluts, whatev) and the dominant male (chad and their enablers) you incel chucklefuck. You should be a feminist.

Trannies are the future of mankind

why THE FUCK would you write all of this
christ, it's less an apology and more boasting

Because women are subhuman whores who have no sense of morals. They hate us for even daring to exist near them.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



I think i fucked up by hanging out with the other incels and autismos in school. I need to get out and meet new people badly and stop hanging around with these kind selfloathing people.

*kind of.

Hang out with me instead

Would if i could. I think i'd find people from here to be way more inetresting than the ones i spend time irl with now.

I love you

Now thats homo.

Homo is homo. I love you.

user no

Absolutely you should, if you have enough power to where improving yourself a little will put you in the semi eligible class than you should do so.
Doesn’t change the fact that it wouldn’t work for many men.

Don’t know why supposed leftists can’t see this pretty simple dialectic.
Capitalism demands that a man forfeit 18 years of labor or more to raise a child.
In return women birth a child that is genetically his, along with sexual intimacy throughout their prime years.
Women have collectively reneged in this old social contract and by chasing Chads in their prime years in hopes of achieving upward mobility. But it’s only safe to do this because all women are doing this, leaving an army of reserve betas they can fall back in their 30s.
Men are forced to capitulate to having to forfeit years of labor to a child that isn’t his for a women that for decades made the naked truth clear, they only married them because of circumstance, not love.
The synthesis of this is begining, the betas are essentially going on strike. First by loudly proclaiming this explorative new social normal, and next by refusing to marry or otherwise pay for the economic needs of women.

First of all, that's not a dialectic, second of all, in capitalism everyone is forced to suck dick to get upward mobility.

So people should just be happy about being screwed over cause the devil err I mean porky is really the one to blame. Not the prole right in front of you screwing you over. Continue enjoying your irrelevance you spooked commie

Gee I wonder why the left isn’t winning.

How is it not a dialectic? Men and women have different ideas about courtship that are flawed and therefore causing conflict.
The rising militancy of incels and their sympathizers is the synthesis

I wouldn't mind this to be honest.

that doesn't sound very involuntary

lmao what the fuck are you on. The whole point of socialism is so people don't have to care about stupid shit like "upward mobility" and marrying up. And when we talk about marrying up, marrying/fucking another prole is hardly going up in the world. If you look where the majority of cucking is going on, it's by and large the bourg and the petite bourg who's cucking you dumb Holla Forumsyps.

The synthesis has to be involuntarily?

Well socialism isn’t here you spooked commie and nobody according to your own fellow commies has ever successfully done it.
Damn your “socialism will fix all the screw up shot in the world” sounds a hell of a lot like religion you godless commies go on about being an opiate

*screwed up shit

aren't we talking about INcels?

sup Holla Forums

M8 even the USSR had better sexual relations than modern capitalism. The movement to reduce atomizaiton is valuable whether socialism ultimately comes into being or not.

I’m not an incel. You don’t have to be an incel to be effected by the toxic western dating scene.
I can get laid but by only obese women with mental problems, and I make decent money and am not bad looking or have mental issues. I just don’t make more than the average woman and am short so I can’t boost a woman’s social standing either

According to you commies the USSR wasn’t socialism. It’s gone regardless, is your solution really to waste my life waiting for another USSR? Lol, I bet the incel movement goes on to surpass you commies once again lol

According to you commies the USSR wasn’t socialism. It’s gone regardless, is your solution really to waste my life waiting for another USSR? Lol, I bet the incel movement goes on to surpass you commies once again lol

Wrong post sorry

can you move the goalpost a little more

I'm not asking you to wait for another USSR. I'm telling you that the best solution to all this isn't autistic screeching about muh traditional values. It's fighting atomization at large and the power of capital/money.

It's a widely kept secret that patriarchy was created in reaction to the rise of money and markets. However, it could not overcome capitalism because it wasn't concerned with attacking it directly, and thus we are here today.

I don’t get what that has to do with what the incels are complaining about. It’s utopian to think the USSR will return when it couldn’t even out live capitalism.
Rejecting men solely based on power and status is the epitome of objectification. Women should be free to do it, but why are you liberal white knights fighting the incels narrative? Aren’t you against capitalism because it’s exploltative? How is being outcast due to status not exploitative?

How am I moving the goal posts. You commies are the ones that keep bringing up the USSR.

I personally don’t believe a return to classic patriarchy is possible, but how can you make a materialist argument that stripping women of their ability to work outside the home wouldn’t cause to them to come crawling back to betas with the legs wide open ready to birth those betas children.
It’s like you commies are aliens that have never met a human.

I'm not saying the USSR will return you dolt.

You yourself just laid out the problem, and that is power and status. Porky and his lackeys are the utmost benefactors of this. Our politics is one meant to destroy artificial and unnecessary status and power. when we say we are opposed to atomization, we precisely mean we are fighting against the social ostracism capitalism has created for the unemployed, NEETS, ect.

It’s not about traditional values even for the ones that say it is. You saying I should happily raise and pay for children that aren’t mine, be in a sexless marriage with a woman that only married me because she had to, can divorce me for any reason and take my kids, and I’m supposed to be happy with all this along with being deprived of intimacy throughout my 20s and early 30s.
Also that denial of intimacy is a purposeful tactic on the part of women to make betas desperate enough for a partner that they take on this wildly exploitative relationship out of fear of dying alone.
My hardcore lumpenprole grandma can see through this bullshit but you leftists consistently can’t.

you're wasting time

Gee, it's almost as if that would take an amount of social engineering and tyrannical government hence unseen in the 21st century. Have fun with years worth of loveless marriages where you throw money at your wife as she fucks chad.

Because that happened once already, you dumb fuck.

My priest says Jesus will return too. You both have no evidence.

It’s not porky being empowered by this toxic dating culture and marriage laws. It’s women. Explotation doesn’t begin and end with capitalism.


Also, you know what happened then? Marriages were still based on status and power, so your faggot ass would be right back where it began.

I don’t see how because something was done on the past we can’t do it again. We still have slaves. In fact it’s estimated there’s more slaves now than there was during the antebelle south. Though it’s generally not chatel slavery to be fair.

No I wouldn’t because women would be of a lower status than me.
Any beta can go to a third world shit hole today and be swimming in pussy cause guess what, he’s a chad over there, status is relative what the woman’s status is lol

No, I'm saying that's what we get now under capitalism.

Socialists would fight for a public option of child raising, whereby you wouldn't have to pay a cent, we would fight for investment of AI and robotic technology for android companions. Without the profit motive encouraging addictive fast/junk food, or social media that creates separation, people will be more fit and connected.

Women aren't scheming about ways to deprive betas of intimacy, they're just doing what's rational and bearable in our capitalist system. They're going after relationships with the rich and powerful, they're going after attractive men, and because the chads and porkies of the world are more than willing to sleep around, they get all the women.

Because the same thing would happen, brainlet. As living standards rise, women generally demand theirs rise as well.

We’re talking first world, nigger. Even back then you would be a virgin bitch, because men only want to marry their baby girls to chads.

Like seriously why do you think fascism appeals to men. Cause they’d be on the top of the food chain at least socially. This is like kindergarten stuff.
Before someone makes fun of the fact of state issued girlfriends you commies with your fellow feminists seem perfectly comfortable with using state violence to control men’s sexuality via marriage laws and rape laws that make it easy af for women to falsely accuse men of rape. Don’t get me started on how the state sentences men to longer and harsher punishments than women, but it’s really all porkies fault right lmao. Stay irrelevant commies.

Spoken like a true nu male. Bet you’ve never lived outside the states lol

Spooks and desperation

really made me ponder.

And no, in fascism most men were sent off to die far away from their sweethearts because muh lebensraum muh aryan race, they were at the very bottom of the food chain, literal cannon fodder.

Living standards rose through the post war 50s but divorce rates didn’t rise till divorce laws were liberalized brainlet

That happens now,

Living standards rose as well as the cost, brainlet. It’s why so many women left to join the workforce, dum dum

Communists are irrelevant, unless your goal was female supermacy don’t know how you can argue otherwise. Just saying this particular thing you executed successfully. Game recognize game

No shit. Men have always been on the very bottom of the food chain. Especially in fascism. this the exact same shit of idpol, you see someone of your race, your gender, whatever hits you in the fee fees, sitting at the top, and you actually think you're in charge. Fucking cucks.

Women generally lived at home if they had no money back then. That wasn’t uncommon. Gee, it’s like you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and your ideology just follows where your dick points

Living costs didn’t rise dum dum, only nominally they did. Average buying power for a worker didn’t start decking till the 70s and the start of the neo liberal era dum dum, which dun dun! Feminism is a product of!

Why not? It's not like your fetid sewer of a gene pool is worth passing on anyway. Society might as well get some use out of you before your body is cycled back into its constituent parts and reabsorbed into the nutrient bank of the collective.

*didn’t start declining

Fucking wew

Tee hee triggered feminist commie alert. And my fetrid genes are getting passed on to a Vietnamese villager I’m marrying. If I followed your man hating advice I really would have died alone
I though commies were against exploitatation, you cucks showing your true colors I see

But I’d be classified as being alpha, I know it’s contradictory but fuck if I care I’d be swimming in pussy

Gee it’s like you’ve never lived in any 3rd world country where you see men earning a fraction of what an incel makes and about 100 times more reactionary still easily find an eligible bachorlet to marry

That “ decking” is what I’m referring to. There’s a reason those thing coincide, albeit feminism didn’t begin in the 70s

All I hear isn’t fascism would be just as shitty as what I have now but id have a wife and family under fascism, and not this nebulous promise of socialism coming one day.
Seriously guys do you even listen to yourself talk?

*All I hear is

Were not talking about the third world though, are we?

Black Pidgeon Speaks is both a social Darwinist and believes in limiting women's sexual freedom.

And another thing if you hate fascists so much why did you build your entire community on a Chan controlled by them. If you say to convert them I’m going to laugh.

OK Anita

The third world doesn’t have feminism so yeah we are. Fascism promises to end feminism in the first world, so if fascism takes hold of be able to get a gf like the poor men in the 3rd world can

3rd wave feminism gained prominence during the 70s


You know, except for more secret police, more genocide, more wars, more censorship. Yes, all the excesses of capitalism exist in fascism and vice versa, but they are multiplied ten fold.

Socialism isn't about some nebulous endpoint, it's the real movement that exists now, fighting for a better world.

Jim and Hotwheels are capitalists, not fascists, they don't give a shit about you're nazi masturbation fantasies. Holla Forums was originally a breakaway from /lit/, but most people just came here to escape liberal idpol during GG without having to put up with right wing idpol from Holla Forums

Enjoy raising chad's kids

Because we being there trigger them.

You must be one of those softie white commies is see at the university. We literally have all that now. Oh it’s increase 10 fold oh no that’s so much worse than being slowly dragged out over several decades. Also 🍔burger🍔s killed 90 percent of all the natives and like a quarter of all Koreans during the Korean War. But that’s okay because it was in the name of democracy lmao

How am I tasing chads kids if I’m the only one sleeping with her. I know it’s hard for a commie cuck to imagine having a wife they actually can control lol


If our baby flunks his DNA test and isn’t mine I’m shipping her right back. But she’s a villager lol, she actually fears being without a husband because she lived with out a welfare state her whole life. Also being wed is fucking better than being single, have fun with your cats femoid lol


Cuz the community belongs to us.

that's second wave

how can we currently have more of what we have now? jesus christ can you literally read two lines of text

You only do that once in awhile. Seems like for being so smart you commies have put your community in a precarious af situation

But the means of production (the Chan) belong to fascists, it’s like you don’t even read Wikipedia articles about your own ideology

So much for the need for intimacy lol.
You should just go for sexbots dude.

It’s like you commie cucks can’t imagine a normal healthy relationship with a woman.


I’m not a cuck because I didn’t capitulate to toxic feminists and raised someone else’s kid while married to a woman that hates me and is always looking for a chad.
Just because I don’t see my wife as a paragon of virtue just because she isn’t tainted by commie feminism doesn’t mean I do t love her and that she doesn’t love me.
Be realistic, everyone marries a partner to get something out of them. I’m just saying western women want way to much while offering their garbage obese bodies, or a mountain of mental baggage after throwing themselves at chads their whole life.

This cuck is not with me.


maybe grills don't want to hold hands with you because you're mentally challenged


I won’t be, tell me femoid since you commies are so big on stopping the exploitation of labor, how is forcing a man through circumstance into forfeiting 18 years of labor to raise a child that’s not theirs not exploitative.

The diseased brain of a commie folks

I’m getting married. I’m not an incel, I WAS an incel till I read Stiner

If you followed the conversation, the guy made pretty clear the main reason his hypothetic mailbride would be faithful is out of threat of starvation. In this case yes, this is putting someone on a leash. You're not making big life decisions with your sweeheart, you don't actually care if someone appreciates and trusts youand want to be with you, you're demanding someone pretend to love you.
So i reiter what i said, just go for sexbots if what concerns you is the appearance of love rather than the real thing.

The ubermensh fascist

does she hold your hand though

She’s not starving in Vietnam you racist SJW. Read a fucking book about Asia, it’s not sub Sharah Africa. I represent a better life yes, but I’m not rescuing her from starvation.
And she’s scaraficing a lot to marry me, moving away from her family and her culture. Upward mobility is her main motivation but that’s true for
Hahaha stay chucked by feminists, that they’re the real women and traditionally raised women are just back stabbing wolves in sheeps clothing which is totally not a project on your part lmao

Yeah, and we have sex too! Does the thought of my beta ass getting young pussy trigger you?

It’s not?
What does this have to with communism?

No, because some people’s lives don’t revolve around getting pussy. Lol

And yet my coworker earns more than her husband and they're together since 20 years. What sorcery is this?

Well excuse me if being denied a basic human need most of my adult life became an obsession. We can’t all be softie trust fund hipsters

Hmmmmm it’s like women’s expectations have changed in 20 years.

You don’t need a trust fund. If sex is what you need, again, all you need is about 50 bucks and a pack of rubbers.

Aren’t you against capitalism because it’s exploitative. I just shows you an example of men’s labor being exploited, how is this not a concern to you if you really are concerned with labor being exploited

You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife though


i'm coming to establish a leftist board inside your wife

Don’t. Get a divorce. If it’s not yours and she’s making you pay for it regardless, how is this not a failure of the neoliberal state, and capitalism turning the modern family into a money relationship, rather than one where one can leave at any time without fearing they will lose some basic necessities.

Come on user don’t be jealous, you can have a woman that’s not a man hating ham beast too. She had plenty of single gal pals back in her village to go around.

You're the kind of guy that prefer buying over renting i guess.

It turned making a family with a western woman into a money relationship. Her time in the village means she’s not nearly as alienated from the MoP as western women are. She doesn’t see any material wealth, including myself as disposable. Western women do. That’s why they are never satisfied with what they have, they are consumerist to the point of being a cancer.

Yes, you build much more equity when buying. Plus I don’t want to die alone user, even if FALC came tomorrow we’d all still die one day. I want to spend my twilight years with a loving wife, she wants the same.

Sure you can. Just put a ring on it and pay her to stay in your home. I’m sure someone would be willing to accommodate your house wife fetish

Damn you commies really are godless heathens lol. Seriously though seek help

“Having” a wife isn’t a fetish, but housewife fetishes do exist. It’s surprisingly similar to the maid fetish, actually

Being married is not a fetish, but your description of what mariage is like sure sound like one.
Seriously there are some intersting similitudes between you posts and what you can find on some ERP forums…

Why do commies deny the 80/20 rule. How many men do you represent upward mobility for women. Or in commie speak how many young single men do you think are petite bourgeois?

The third world family relationship is still a money relationship and is still affected by the movement of capital. Christ sake, some of those places still have dowry

What’s ERP. Sheesh since when did not wanting to die alone because a mental illness. I’ve been alone for long periods of my life and I can tell you it’s no fun. When your old you have no chance to get a partner anymore. And capital will most likely leave you alienated from your children and grandchildren. I’ve seen that date with my own eyes and yeah it’s terrifying

*I’ve seen that fate

*do you think represent

If you have a mental illness, you should probably be trying to sort that out before you get with someone anyway. Doesn’t matter what type of poor girl is forced to be your wife by a fascist state, if you’re too nuts to respond to her needs, she’s not going to like that.


You sure you’re not a liberal? Yes I know if I don’t met her needs she’ll be unhappy. Think is her needs are waaaaaaaay less than what’s demanded of a western woman so I’m able to meet them with only a little discipline.

You sure you’re not a liberal? Yes I know if I don’t met her needs she’ll be unhappy. Think is her needs are waaaaaaaay less than what’s demanded of a western woman so I’m able to meet them with only a little discipline.

Erotic Role Play. Your posts reeks of it.

I'm assuming you meant to say " since when not wanting to die alone became a mental illness".
Having kinks is not a mental illness as long as you can distinguish fantasy and reality.

forgot the rest of my post.
Not wanting to die alone is not a kink, but your description of conjugal life shows you're pouring a lot of fantasy into that notion.

like how?

like how?

I'm a spic, and yeah, the korean war was fucked up. So, do you want to have a korean war on your fucking doorstep? I think fucking not.

Nigga, you were the one who said you were mentally ill, not me.
Like I said, if you’re so nuts even desperate women from other countries are starting to file complaints, I’d be careful. She may put up with it for a while because of your status, but don’t blame me when you start sleeping in separate beds.

Also, crazy doesn’t begin and end when you cross borders.

I never said I was crazy, I said you implied it with your pseudo concern with regards to my anger. Which is the go to tactic of every feminists that finds out I’ve wed a third worlder

Whatever you say you racist SJW cat lady. I’ve already heard it all from feminist concern trolls like you.
She’s could be crazy, she could leave you, she could have an agenda, she could be using you.
You hypocrites have all this concern for my welfare when I beat the monopoly you have you eligible women but couldn’t have cared less when I was a depressed alcoholic or when other incels say they will kill themselves.
Please spare me, I’ve projected my power over you, I found a partner without kowtowing to your demands. What you’re really afraid of is off more betas follow suit so you spread all this FUD about marrying their world foriegn nationals.

what is the issue about not having a gf or having sex at all?

*third world foreign nationals

No one cares you wed someone from the third world. I’m not a feminist either, so calm your tits. Didn’t even ask you about your anger, either.

I made it clear I WAS an incel. An experience like that doesn’t just leave you, so I’m sympathetic to incels.

Oh you're projecting something all right.

Women aren't making some big conspiracy to put you and other incels down, that's absurd. if they are unfeeling, it's in the same way whites may be unfeeling to the police brutality faced by blacks. can you really blame them? how were they possibly supposed to empathize?

Dude, no one gives a single fuck about who you marry. You may have accidentally called yourself crazy, but right now you’re on a tirade against an opponent who isn’t even there.

you're replying to me as if that was specifically directed to you

Plenty of feminists care, can’t tell you how many have attacked me online and a few times IRL.
It’s all about power, they are disciplining betas by withholding sex. When they see a beta getting sex without going through them it triggered hem something mighty.
And yes this does have to do with leftism since them losing me is one less beta they can exploit for labor.

I can read between the lines dude. How is it that I’m just pulling this out of my ass when it’s word for word the same concern trolling I get from feminists.

It’s a conspiracy in that they are acting collectively to protect each other’s shared interest. Dude I’ve lived this shit, I’m not bad looking but my wife is easily an 8, I GET SHADE ALL THE TIME

sjws are gonna sjw, don't let em bother you faggot.

you're really giving them a lot more credit. if they had that kinda collective power we'd already have abortion on demand and free tampons for everyone.

I’m the only one here standing up for incels, so then who are you talking to.

user, I don't know how to say this, but people are assholes and the fact you do have a nice wife should be enough to know they're full of shit. stop letting them get to you.

the incels

Shit rolls down hill, incels aren’t the ones keeping that from you. They’re men that are more powerful than you, aka Chads, but feminists lump all men together as oppressors in a pol tier conspiracy aka the patriarchy.

jesus christ you really are a bunch of manginas who will cry about anything. if you don't want your gf to withhold sex don't make it a chore for her, she'll be the one to beg you for it.

bitch you can stand up to incels and not be a fucking nazi

Obviously, you can't.

My best guess is because you think we're liberals or something. I don't know, you tell me. Quit asking me to explain your reasoning.

*stand up for

Guess you never read to kill a mocking bird.

I'm not a woman I'm the spic from earlier. I don't give a shit about patriarchy or whatever. But you've already admitted that the "chads" are the ones really in charge here.

I’m not a Nazi, but you commies seriously can’t succinctly express what you can offer the average person that’s struggling. But you keep pointing to all these complex abstractions that will save the day.

I can't remember where that happened in the book. Either way, we are talking about a specific instance, so it's irrelevant.


I’m serious yes I know it was primarily about racism but a false rape accusation was nonetheless used and it was in critically accepted by women because the predator was a man

It’s actually quite sickening

Sure we can. It's called communism

Who is that guy I keep seeing him.

since when is communism in any way shape or form related to incelhood

did marx talk about incels anywhere in capital? why is it every incel that comes on this board expects some sort of promise on a silver platter? oi i really like dogs, what does marx say about me getting a dog when the revolution comes?

regardless, you still didn't answer my original question

Oh shit, I just realized he meant that rape.
God damn it…

Chads are at the top. Incels are at the bottom. And women are somewhere in between depending on their own class status. What part of shit rolls down hill don’t you understand. Someone weaker than you can’t hurt you, incels are weaker than eligible women in so far as sexual politics are concerned.

are you not this fucker

yeah the fucking complex abstractions of material changes.

It'd be an empty fucking promise if someone says "vote for me I will enslave a bunch of women to be your wives," so no, we're not gonna fucking promise anyone that. What we can offer is a struggle for concrete change.

It's Review Brah.
He reviews fast food.
I think his youtube show is called "Running on Empty".

Marx said to apply and transform his theory. Not dogmatically adhere to it. I already said marriage is a way to exploit labor from men. But men used to get something out of it, sex and their own children. Now they don’t and women are disciplining men into taking the new shitty norm with incel good
Incel hood trickels up. It forces all men to accept shitter women. In the same way a reserve army of labor disiplines workers.


If, even according to you chads are at the top, the whole point should be trying to mobilize everyone else against them, not trying to divide everyone up into smaller camps that are easier to control.

you do realize the book was written by a woman, right, and the whole point was that the reader shouldn't believe the accusation?

I think the fact that he was a man may have been secondary in that instance.

You can’t offer that though. You can even offer a concerte material example of what you want would like like as in
There would be a Park here, and an apartment complex there. This guy would handle environmental problems etc.

he did, i still don't know what not being able to fuck has to do with abolishing surplus value extraction though.

so don't get married

I know it was written by a woman. My grandma is a woman and pretty much agrees with me about my views on western women.
She’s been through real shit that could have left her dead in the street but my grandpa bailed her ass out, she’s as confused as me as to the women can be so cruel to men. When shit hits the fan you need a partner and no one is going to there more consistently than your husband. My wife believes that too

Dude people other than the bourgeois can extract surplus value from you dummy. If I jack you paid off car is that not extracting surplus’s value from you, you paid for it by selling your labor right? Sheesh even my villeager wife understands this.

Because people in the middle are fucking over people at the bottom. I’m not spooked by Marxism I want all exploitation suffered by me to end porky or not

That type of city planning is usually done when people in power have a city. I mean, that's not an impossible task for communist. If you really want to talk about how many trees should be in New York and what color the stop lights should blink, be my guest.

If you want it ALL to end, you have to get rid of porky.
You seem pretty spooked by sex, tbh.

no they can't, that's a very specific thing that was explained in a book 150 years ago.

otherwise i can start calling surplus value extraction whatever i want, what if i ask you to give me a french fry while we're at a restaurant and you give it to me, am i suddenly a bourgeois? that's not what that expression means.


That’s what I’m saying idiot. The bourgeois is so powerful because they steal wealth created by workers, but people like women can steal your labor too sheesh. What the fuck do you think feminism is about. Power over men.

what do you want a fucking political party or a movement?

The basic, most immediate demands of the socialist movement are:
1: shorter working hours
2: coopertization of industry
3: the democratization of government
Local politics might have somethings more specific in minds (and those are the people who would be making demands for we want a hospital here), such as the repeal of right to work laws, investment in education, investment in infrastructure, ect.

The point regarding incels however, is that you're not gonna get what you want from the fucking nazis, and even if you could, it'd come at the price of incredibly tyranny and destruction. The heart of socialist theory is a strike against atomization and alienation brought by capitalism, from that angle, you have a chance. read this


the act of sex isn't a spook you moron, the way you're talking about it is.

And guess why the people in the middle fuck over the people at the bottom? Because they're getting fucked over by those at the top!

Am I a Chad if I fuck fat chicks exclusively

do you have a thing for fat chicks?

No, just a Queen fan.

You're a real American hero.

A movement, it doesn’t matter, the dialectics are in motion but you dumb ass marxists who couldn’t critically analyze your way out of a paper bag can’t see it.

Incels couldn’t met whatever demands you or women place on them even if they wanted to.

So they’re checking out, they’re striking and their rhetoric is reaching more young men because all men expect chads are negatively impacted by the toxic dating environment feminism has created

We have an entire generation of men who grew up in divorced or single family homes and seriously don’t see the value in being wed. They view women as harpies, many divorces were no fault divorces and many children have realized their own mother denied them fatherly attention for sepcious reasons.

They have no illusions about what motivate women into wanting a relationship. This dialectic is already clear in Japan.

How about an individual, interactional mandate?


Stop fucking fethisizing Proles. They’re not fucking over Proles weaker than them because they’re getting fucked over. They doing it because it gains them power. The only way to get people to fight porky is if they are forced to fight porky.
That starts with the weakest people putting their foot down and standing up to the Proles one slot above them.
That will force those Proles to end their exploitation from the Proles above them and so on.
No ones gonna seriously fight porky, the most powerful class ever fucking seen in history unless they absolutely have to.

Except that's exactly how it's been working and it only ever works in the bourgeois favor.

What fucking demands have we put on them?! Marxists aren't the ones who have been saying they're scum if they don't get laid or x and y standard with women, the capitalist media has done a fantastic job of that on its own.

The communist party is big with the youth in japan

Also, that's pure liberalism, to be quite honest.

you're doing Gods work.
Big ladies need lovin too.


Wow so keeping a fellow prole from fucking me over is really just helping porky!
Thanks commies, protecting myself is really just being a bootlicker to my oppressors.
GAWD you marxists are dumb. Like damn I didn’t think it was that bad

do you know what's a good way to keep other proles from fucking you over?Working together against a common enemy

they are, they have 300,000 members are they've seen a big surge in youth membership in recent years.


Hahahahaha nah I’ll try something that actually fucking works like flexing on them with even more power

Who and why are they fucking you over?
These are questions you don't seem to ask.
Who said you can't do both?
Nazis are technically proles, but we hate them.

Not an argument

you're a fucking moron m8.


when I asked then they said it was because their mommy denied them her titty when they were a baby.

solidarity comes from struggle, if you don't struggle, no shit you're not gonna get solidarity.


We are for liberation of everyone, including women. And including incels.

same reason it's not our responsibility to disavow nazbols or leftcoms or whoever.

Go home Holla Forums you're drunk.

I see a lot of struggle out there but not any solidarity. Seems like your insights on human nature are bullshit.

that's your personal experience. I see plenty where I'm from

Is protecting yourself from proles that want to collaborate with capitalism and make life worse for you isn't in conflict with what most people here believe. Not sure what's confusing you about that.

What if I told you, it's possible to want to get your dick wet, and not lose the forest for the trees?

there is no one communist theory. anyone can pick up an idea dumbass.

It is, proles pass on their exploitation to workers weaker than themselves mitigating the effects of capitalist exploitation.
Whites do it to blacks, women to incels, first Worlders to third.
Proles will never ever stand up to porky unless forced. And they can only be forced by not allowing them to mitigate their exploitation. Shit rolls down hill and it will never stop until the person getting shitted on stops it.

That's one hot take.

dafaq are you talking about, quit talking in platitudes you worthless commie. Got something to say spit it out.

That's not how exploitation works.
They all have their surplus value extracted. Christ, please at least try to understand what we believe before arguing, please.

I mean, no shit? That's why we're here talking about it, because we see it as a necessity. Secondly, proles need to know what is happening to them first before any action can be taken. We all see the symptoms, but if you can't make a proper diagnosis, the problems will repeat themselves. We have to stymy the wound, not just apply a solvent.

Really got my noggin jogging


* I can't

I already spat it out, if you paid attention.
I'm essentially saying you're myopic af.
Solidarity isn't done for its own sake. It's only a vehicle by which proles organize to get their material interest met. If certain proles are detrimental to that endeavor, then there's no reason to seek solidarity. If someone is stopping you from getting your dick wet, and you want to get your dick wet, then there's no reason you would show solidarity with them.

How do we make them than fuck was
by stopping them from screwing over other proles
For all the crying leftypol does about idpol this is a pretty simple solution to it

When did you say anything about getting your shit physically stolen? From the looks of it, you were referring to labor. It's my fault if you fail at being concise and we're left to extrapolate.

*not my fault

Duh that's what happening right fucking now. Which is why the left is at an impasse and gets confounded by weak shit like Idpol.
Fuck solidarity, if someone is keepingme from getting my duck wet I'll fight them or go around them. All the proles wanna be porky you fuck wit.

Also, what you are referring to, from the look of it, is imperialism, and that's still a direct result of the ruling class. That won't go away by having the proles war among each other. You're obsessing over peripheral still.

whoops your right, but regardless proles can steal surplus value from each other. If I red line a black person into a ghetto that black person pay more for worst living conditions meanwhile my own home rises in value.
That black person is a proles and has no choice but to live in the city, I've just stolen surplus value from that person. And you want that same black person to have solidarity with a white people that just screwd him what planet do you live on. That black person just needs to bolster his own power duck this solidarity bullshit

You've confused solidarity with "interest", now.
I may not show solidarity with a person, but I may still have similar interest, that when push comes to shove, I will want to see fulfilled. The collapse of capitalism is one of them.

no I'm not, you've obviously never organized a major project. peripheral shit adds up, if you screw a bunch of people over just a little you can steal a ton of surplus value.

The proles exploit each other, hard. If white people couldn't rely on black people to absorb most of the abuse of the state they'd actually start fighting it, like how they fought against the Vietnam war.
White people supported the Vietnam war all the way until their asses for drafted.
White people couldn't have cared less that the ranks were being followed by poor minorities.
They still don't, and we have the internet so you can't blame alienation. 🍔burger🍔s know their iPhones are made by Chinese proles that were throwing themselves off the roof of those factories. They couldn't have cared less until the Chinese workers stood up for themselves and organised and drove the new iPhone prices up to a grand.
Fuck you bullshit solidarity, it's a bullshit praxsis. We should encourage proles to end all their exploitation whether it commits from porky or not

what a fucking mong, porky would have a fucking orgasm if there were more people like you.

And no, that's not how surplus value works. they can steal money, and commodities. surplus value isn't some cosmic karma counter, it's a unit used in production to understand inputs and outputs.

plenty of white people were hippies and counterculture fags back then, cuck.

And what's more, it's great for american proles that the chinese are standing up for themselves and organizing, it means companies are less likely to relocate to china for cheap wages.

lol no they can't. Seriously, I want to know what you think surplus value is.
First, what do you mean by redline? I'm beginning to think you don't know how this works. Surplus value isn't the same thing as gentrification.
Second, the black person might still have solidarity with the white man despite his higher income because they recognize how the relations of production operate, and it's in their interest to change them.

I mean, it's good you're pointing capitalism needs an underclass, but you're forgetting why that underclass exist in the first place. As for the Chinese workers, and proles not caring, ever heard of the IWW? Again, a lot of this goes back to education. pre-the red scare you had plenty of people unions showing solidarity with the working class around the world. The apathy today is more of a recent phenomenon.

I'm not saying it doesn't or it isn't important, but you're obsessing over it. You've lost sight of how the particular is part of a bigger whole.

how is surplus value measured, you're all just dogmatic marxists that give le smug face when challenged.
Worker creates value, but does get to keep all the value they created. Worker buys commodity made by other worker. Is that not value he's buying?
If he buys a car and it gets stolen how is that not exploitation. He doesn't just get his surplus value he created stolen, it's all stolen from him.

No have, which is why Hillary Clinton is more powerful than all you Marxist combined.
The proles exploit each other almostbas much as porky does.
It's relative, if a proles has to work twice as hard something than he other wise would than what he has is even more precious.
Are all $100 from a rich person is no big deal but could destroy a poor prole.
Racism sexism etc is that real. It's theft of that last dollar. And fucking proles endorse this shit all the time.
White people vote for laws that literal enslave black people. This abstract surplus value shit isn't as real as having you daddy or husband thrown in jail for years because some racists were butt mad and took it out on you.
You all are dumb as ffffuuuuuckkkkk.

yes I've heard of the IWW, they're dumb as fuck too. They work with fucking criminals, like how the fuck do they think criminals make money.

*no you have

plenty of white people SAID they were hippies

What the fuck, mods actually made this a cyclical. Must we stoop so low to acknowledge "incels"?

What did he mean by this?

You keep saying this, but you still haven't presented a decent argument as to why.

lol no it's not.
You know the way "exploitation" is more technical economic term in Marxism, right? It's not about how bad someone feels another worker took their porkchop sandwich at in lunch room.
It has a direct effect on that. It's undercurrent of it.
quit whining and make an actual argument worth rebutting, already.

Explain what you mean by this

This isn't Holla Forums mate. We don't consider feelings and fantasies a basis to form opinions upon.

Thinking of paying someone to cuddle with me.

Problem is I live with my parents and it'd be weird for them to come over and then if I get a hotel room just for a cuddle buddy and not an escort that'd just be weird cuz the cuddle buddy would be thinking I wanna fuck when I don't really want to do taht.

I've paid an escort to cuddle with me in the past. They prefer it actually. Plus with those paid cuddle buddies they usually have a no touching rule and fully clothed rule.

I'm sure any escort would prefer cuddling. It's also nice to make small talk with the escorts, it really puts everything in perspective. I used to think prostitutes were brainless sluts, but that isn't true at all

absolutely good take

why don't incels just fuck off. they can be happy if they just lower their standards. most incels are a strong 4/10

But that isn't true for the majority of women

I'd rather girls bang dogs than "Chads" honestly.

You haven't had enough experience with real women, you're making these assumptions based on infographs and anecdotes on imageboards.

t. femail. The internet is exposing you cunts with every passing day. Femoid hypergamy shows itself in everything from materialist consumerist culture to dating stats. Day of the rape cannot come quickly enough.


If you are still treating holes with respect today you are an idiot. The truth is out there for everyone to see. Women desire to be dominated by strong alpha males. Women want to be property, but only if its to Chad.

I don't know why so many leftists are against incels spooking men about women wanting food men when the truth is women prioritize how much power a man had, real or perceived, over anything else.
To men this is good, the more men that stop believing that if they just follow the rules they'll get their basic needs met the better. This kind of thinking is fertile grounds for revolution

I'm a guy
See this is what I'm saying. Do you really think this shit posted in incel circlejerks is an accurate representation of how women actually are?

*against incels despooking

Atomic blackpill incoming. Feminism destroyed in 1 article. Impressive.

Stats don't lie. 70% of stereotypes turn out to be true. Go back to sucking dick femail, its the only thing your mouth is good for.

Yes, women are seeking status and upward mobility. This was always true, the difference is the reactionary fathers of these incels could find partners because their income did represent upward mobility to most non college educated women.
Now that more women than men go to college working class men can't give women upward mobility so are rejected in mass


In real life, as in daily life with adults, most people are in relationships. There's a specific population that uses tinder and OkCupid- those looking for casual sex and flings. Those stats aren't surprising given that

This actually applies to males of all political alignments cuck. The difference is that only leftoids find it acceptable because leftoids already have more estrogen than healthy for males anyway.

If a man said as a single childless man I do not dare single moms they'd be skinned alive on social media

why the fuck do you lefty cunts have to ruin literally everything?


Leftypol tier. KYS femoid.

See, more proof that estrogen makes you dumber. No wonder women cant compete despite being given everything in life.


ban everyone in this thread pls

Look at that smug face leftypol. That is the face of something that knows its privilege and how to use it. Its the face of a bitch who can, has, and will get away with murder. It, gentlemen, is the face of the modern woman. Remember this face the next time a hole tells you it is oppressed.

What stats should I be posting. I've never experienced the shit you are complaining about. Guess I'm part of an alternate reality

you commies can't take the heat?
figures you cucks can't even argue against us
don't come to regular Holla Forums and shit up boards and I won't have to smack you down at your safespace

You seem to think this problem only affects incels. I'm not an incel but the only women that I can find willing to date me have serious mental issues, are obese or both. No I'm not fat, I'm maybe 25 lbs overweight and I make 80k a year. But because I'm a manlet and not white I seriously struggle.

Do you only go for white women?

No, but I won't date single moms

Reminder that education only matters if you are in STEM. The more femail dominated a subject is, the less credibility it has. College classes win femail majority major == highly expensive daycare. Might as well have repeated high school LEL.

Clearly your female lizard brain has been overloaded by the TRUTH. Show me proof that personality overrides looks for non betabux relationships cunt. Protip, you can't since those don't exist.

And while I make good money I come from a poor family. I refuse to go into debt to buy the conspicuous consumption needed to attract the average woman. But I by no means dress shitty or drive a shitty car

Femoids have no idea what life is like outside tutorial mode. They are basically overgrown children you are allowed to fuck.

I mean you'll have to settle, that's a given.



But he's not white. I thought you hated non-whites, femoidposter.

Well commies should settle for capitalism too then. You guys aren't even close to socialism.
I'm not sure how you don't see men being forced to date single moms as a labor issue.
You have to pay child support for a child that's not yours if you divorce a single mom.
That's 10s of thousands of dollars

Literally go try it yourself nigger. Even 0/10 eldrich monstrosities have beta orbiters because of our fucked up dating culture.

If leftypol isn't tumblr, why does leftypol defend femail hypergamy like this upstanding young lady? Clearly there is significant overlap (because you people are actually the same YOU FUCKING RETARDS)

Pretty much spot on. Even applies to leftypol with a few tweaks.

You done fucked up femoidposter

Impossible. Even 12 year olds are getting railed now. It was over for me before it began. Innocence is a lie.

Settle for what? Being on the hook for 100k for a child I wasn't even asked if I wanted.
Also you can't build a healthy relationship on such naked objectification.
Women who are single moms only see betas as proles they can exploit. The fact that she had a child with someone much more sexually attractive than you are just makes it clear she would never had anything to do with me if her options and power weren't so diminished by having a child. I respect myself to much to get married to someone that just sees me as a wallet

come on now

5 females are in a room. How many of them like rape?

You guys act like wanting a thin, sane woman is like wanting a pony.

Surely there's someone who isn't a single mom you can date? I mean you'll have to settle for someone a bit fat or ugly. But you shouldn't feel bad about that since you are yourself

It is if you aren't fit and sane yourself

Wrong. Femoids demand top tier Chads despite being disgusting landwhales all the time. Feminism exists to perpetuate this double standard, where holes get to bat out of their league while men arent, and nothing else. KYS femail. Stop defending your excessive privilege in front of us. I hope you get raped by a pack of nigger refugees through the holes they will cut in your throat.

It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this?

(It was only a kiss!)

What is your life like femoidposter? I want to know what took you down this dark alley?

We should as leftists be encouraging men to seek out women and relationships they feel are healthy and reciprocal.
I always advise men to go over seas to third world countries where women are much more appreciative of men.
Not because they're smarter but because the state is much weaker there and poverty forces you to appreciate the security a man brings.
When shit hits the fan the only person that's really going to be there is your husband.
The state along with everyone else will be out for themselves

Women must love me because I hate them, I'm mentally ill, and I've lost control of my life and offer nothing but scorn for others, and I'm probably closeted.

I am fit and sane.


So, basically Chad. Stop telling us what we already know faggot.

No I was talking about you.

This is bad advice but you shouldn't disguise what it actually is. You're using money and leverage to get her. A relationship built on that basis probably won't last if that security goes

It's basically a western woman marrying a rich dude, but on a smaller scale

👏poop is 👏good
butt 👏not to 👏eat
👏poop is 👏good

If you don't believe capitalism is a meritocracy why is it so hard to believe dating isn't either. You guys have all the same excuses the bourgeois have, you didn't try hard enough, you didn't earn it, I don't have any problems getting what I want etc.

wew lads im gonna be wizard, time is flying by fast.

shut the fuck up pissman

Girls making normal guys jealous: I kissed your best friend

Girls making me jealous: I watched elevator review videos with your best friend

But you just described Chad you dumb nigger. Leftoid intelligence at work here, not very impressive. Would not hire.


I guess you have a lot in common, maybe you two should date

Yea, just say you want us to go overseas to fuck cheap STD ridden prostitutes. As if that changes the fact that we will always be losers in our home countries.

This is wrong, statically relationships to foreign nationals have lower divorce rates that marriages to domestic women.
This is great advice, third world women don't assume the state will be there for them and take greater care of their husbands.

You're right, nobody is ever going to love you and you might as well kill yourself.

Reality is tough sometimes get used to it.



Of course all I'm saying is that relationship is one that's built on you being able to provide financial security and a decent life for her



Top lel. Commies are the most delusional children around, yet I have one telling me that life is tough. I will off myself as soon as a single commie kills himself for being a poor idiot who cant compete in the free market.

Literally betabux. Of course, the threat of deportation makes it all work like it should.

This is the face of

Next time some dumbshit normie tells you that looks dont matter, realize that they too are coping in their own dumbfuck way.

Stopped reading here. This post has a happy ending.


This is wrong, if you're from the third world you don't rely on markets to furfill every need in your life.
My third world wife doesn't just rely on me for security but for affection, entertainment, advice, everything.
Because of that she doesn't just see me as a wallet. She's not a babe in the woods either, if anything she's more cautious around men, sex and relationships because she was more vulnerable to men s abuse in her home country


my cum is light yellow & when i ejaculate it slowly bubbles & gurgles out of the end of my dark purple penis, making a ketchup bottle noise

I deserve a wife

You have to provide security to foster intimacy. All long lasting relationships are built on trust and security.
Also Western women seek out the exact same thing from men.

sick of all the animosity that seeks me out just because i'm a mean-spirited sack of shit who's always on my high horse about half of humanity.

Watch out white man

Reminder that if you are not at least 6 feet tall its over.

Yes, they too want their betabux and free shit after getting fucked by 500 guys during their youth. Just wait until you are 30 and do whatever the bitch says without ever getting so much as a handjob and you win!

t. used up roastie

Don't worry, she will love you for your personality son (Also helps if you are 12 inches).

It's built on providing financial security for each other. She works, and when our child is born she will work part time and care for our child. She also cooks and cleans.
Day care alone is 300 dollars a week. I'm as dependent on her as she is on me.

Sorry feminists, but if you didn't want our ire, you shouldn't have been born a slut. Eat shit and die.

No I was speaking on behalf of your yellowed antibiotic MRSA infected goose cock

Whatever makes you feel better about it I guess. My dad's wife met my father in the Philippines. The dumb old fuck believes the same thing you do and goes on about how Western women are spoiled. The girl is my age.

This trend of third world wives being anything but indentured servants you persuaded to come abroad with the promise of a good life is pretty disgusting


I was talking about your cock because I'm your mother.

all kinds of woman they get horny they are hornier than hell in the city for husband money fucking kissing p utting in their ass

i go fuck another jewette lady old young or i do like the blonde senator do the hand give like the blonde senator

the woman system is made to multiply and that what they do in some civilized manner female senator whip it up in their bath rooms

dude, share your source code with me.

You look like the grinch's dad if he had AIDS

I'd cut you up and roast you in little chunks over hot coals, darling.

She came willingly, my relationship with my wife is reciprocal. Yes her life is better married to me, and that's a good thing.

I'm 9 years older that my wife. We're both very comfortable with this.

I was correcting an user and said that western women seem out security the same way third world women do.

Then why sperg out when first world women do it?

You are trying to humanize western women and absolve them of their sins. Fuck you cuck. Western women are degenerate sluts who use you for your money and expect you to be happy with it if you aren't Chad.

Western women don't want what the average man had to offer. That's their choice and I respect that, third world women do want what the average western man can offer.
I'm not making a morality judgment. It is what it is.

Because third world sluts (all women are sluts) can be disciplined with deportation in order to keep female nature in check. Western holes are entirely out of control.

The security western women want can only be provided by a small elite of men. It's making themselves and me unhappy

[my gf tells me she's leaving me because I spend too much time on Holla Forums] honey, please


Those are spooks, and you know better than anyone that me nor women care about your loneliness. I'm just advocating you see things in terms of power and act accordingly.
Being mad at western women doesn't empower you.


*men unhappy

[making out w a girl]

HER: do you have a condom

ME: I've never listened to Cum Town. Not even Chapo

HER: what?

ME: I only listen to NPR

It does make me feel better. And if enough men do it women will be forced to make their expectations more realistic. Honestly what can't you get out of marrying a beta.
Sure everyone wants a Chad but if you can't get one make a life with a beta.

Just ban them already

This does have to do with capitalism. Marriage is an economic unit, didn't even Marx say so?

Obviously I'm still using Holla Forums to either find my wife or lie about having a wife

Where were your parents.

Oh, you eat ass? That's gross as hell, I get nervous looking girls in the eyes

All pathetic incels would become women.
No. but that doesn't matter, because you're not human.

Why would I consult a mental health professional when I have constantly post on the incel thread on leftypol and go on /r9k/? About my histrionic hatred of everyone? That's not very class conscious of you, I say as I whip out my dick to car transformation smut

You lost the debate before it started.

UN Resolution 780 where a girl has to reply to my DMs on Adult Friend Finder has passed by universal support

Commies can't handle debate. Not a surprise, but it does get tiring. You should just kill yourself commie, since weak beta males will never overthrow the Chadiptalism.

Nah but in all seriousness you are a little vomit goblin who doesn't fuck

My parents are both poor but stayed together although there were a couple times either my mom or dad came close to calling it off.
Regardless my upbringing was far more stable and secure that most of my cousins whose parents were also very poor.
If my parents had split, or had their attention divided between step kids and exs I would have probably become as dysfunctional as many of my cousins whose parents did divorce.
I take sex and relationships very seriously and any children that come from poor but intact marriages do also. I was still from a working poor background so we struggled. My parents have each told me about the tremendous sacrifices each made to each other and me. Sacrafaces that wouldn't have been possible without the other spouse.

Wrong, love can spring on the battlefield


We are one and the same comrade. The difference is that I recognize reality while you cope with your impotence with communism. Women will never love your subhuman face no matter how much feminism you indoctrinate yourself with.

I made it in life because my parents stayed together and my mom only slept with two different men in her life


I lost my virginity to your pet dog at 15

Girls think it's really cool when they ask where your toilet paper is & you tell them "oh we've been out for weeks now I just shower after"

women love a man who can drain corner 3s but they also be needing a man with aggressive above the rim play

Its a shame he was infected, wasn't it? Thats why they had to cut a new asshole for you.

You abuse animals?

No, she was into it. Don't get in the way of a consensual relationship please, its reactionary.

No you just said your dog had an infection in response to me mocking you

What the fuck is wrong with you, you let your dog get an infection? What the fuck?

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Take your meds

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god is the ultimate gf

No I mean your prescription drugs you take nightly

Oh, like those pills our dad was on that you stole every night anyway. I still wished dad had let you die after you fucked up the first time, but he was too blue pilled for this world. Rest in pieces dad, no one deserved this less than you.

We /erp/ now
Your fetishes are shit

You're arguing with a man who you're pretending is a girl that fucks your dog who died of herpes overdose and takes pills that our roleplay family all take and you probably brought that up because it's true.

Seek help. 24 hour inpatient evaluation.

Dating advice for men: in 35 states, sending your spouse a papa john's pizza legally initiates divorce proceedings and a minimum 100 foot restraining order

As opposed to you, who eats literal dog shit? Filthy mouth there slut, I wonder where you got it from.

Just because you hate yourself doesn't mean I don't. Where are you going to be even 2 years from now prune? Not even your dogs will want you then.

I don't hate myself I just like mocking you because you're a repulsive gnome man who's probably under 6'0 and complains about women every day of his life.

You should have been shoved into the locker more. And I can tell you already got shoved in lockers more than most growing up.

So I'm a self hating man or a dog fucking woman

Get your accusations straight

Sure thing slut. If you were attractive enough for humans, you wouldn't be on this board. Instead you congregate with all the other subhuman losers at midnight. I am the closest you will ever get to real love. Get that through your head.

For the last time user, I'm a man. You are not responding to a woman.

Wrong. You "identify" as a man because one day you looked in your mirror and realized that that was one square jaw you have. But you will always be a woman, no matter how many animals you sleep with. You are a manfaced subhuman whore whose only hope in life is to brainwash the entire world into thinking you deserve to live. That is the real reason why leftism is a thing.

Woah deep bruh

The most valuable companies right now are social media companies. They're all skinner boxes that either string poor people along with long periods of no social affirmations while bombarding the most desirable people with attention so they'll stay on the platform and continue to act like bait for all the other people.
This picture if anything is exactly how it works

Watch some MGTOW theory (for some reason, the best of it is in video format):

About what men want in women and what women want in men:
About human incentives in general:

If you like reading more then there is:

Have you ever considered, oh, I dunno… First learning how to be happy without a relationship?

I've dated guys who're emotionally-dependent on me, and it's really awful. I tried my best to help them out, but there was precious little I could do without them taking the initiative to resolve their anxieties. By my mark, dating an actual incel would be ten times worse.

Pretty much this, tbh.

I spend 7+ years happy without a partner. But having half the population avoid you feels bad. It starts to effect you negatively. Especially if you have a sex drive.

Women always talk like all the problems come before the rejections and avoidance.

Where really the rejections and/or avoidance breeds or amplifies a lot of problems.

Some women have the opposite problem, where they are so propositionedt that the signal-to-noise ratio makes it so they feel frustrated at not being able to pick someone.
But those girls, and most girls quite frankly would react negatively if they couldn't get a single person to show interest in them after over a decade.

Whether at themselves or other people, but they'd react negatively. Most "incels" react negatively toward themselves, hence the many incel friends I have that have commited suicide. Some also take it out on society instead of just trying to "improve their personalliy" and failing to meet their goals.

Easier said than done. Relationships bring many material benefits, and being single for a long time carries social stigma. This is before we even start to talk of a hypothesized physical need for companionship in some people.

I go out in public looking like a homeless person and have a boring personality to ward off whores and social meritocrats.

But as soon as a woman accept me just for being a person, if she decides to go out with me, I'll actually take out my nice clothes, my better personality, and everything she would want.

nothing you said refuted his evidence.

Try being happy without a relationship (or rl friends for that matter) for 10 years.

Time to do some housekeeping