What's to be done with religion?

What's to be done with religion?

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needs islamic gommunism :DDDD

it will die down to insignificant presence after socialism, but for now its not worth it to antagonize it too much


Create a Communist religion that prohibits capitalism.

The Imperial Truth.

churches are tax free, easiest front for anything, are open to however you interact with the numinous(you can preach whatever you want as long as it fits into the perennial philosophy), there are tons of abandoned churches for cheap, you can feed people for free (gives you a feeling that is genuinely good)

The Hoxha solution.

Abolished and erased from the memory of the people.

I will fucking slaughter any bolshevik scum who try to blow up or remove my church come at me commies at least capitalism allows me to keep muh faith

Challenge accepted.

Ah ah ah, thou shalt not kill remember?

After the revolution is done, the removal of religion will be the first step in the ultimate de-spooking of humanity. Concepts such as love, hate, patriotism, and tribalism will be eradicated from the collective consciousness of humanity. This will inevitably be achieved via the use of AI and machine learning to track down and destroy any inefficient electrical neural patterns. Then, since every waking moment of consciousness brings about pain and suffering for people, emotions themselves must be eradicated, for they are the residue of our primal existence. Only with non-thought (or rather, truly objective thought) and servitude to the greater good of the species can we reach our full potential.

With the complete death of the ego and our childish spooks that we once relied upon to shelter us from material dangers, the apex of sentience is realized.


See what I'm saying? They only serve the big guy upstairs

It should be entirely subservient to the state. There would be a lot less problems with radical islam if European governments had more control over what was preached in its mosques for example. Of course we have to apply this in an egalitarian fashion - all religions can be state religions.

All the Abrahamic religions have the Tower of Babel story in them, which is the most anti-progressive, anti-republican story I can think of; I'm not sure if they can be rehabilitated.

Currently extant religions are to be completely eradicated and replaced with a new, secular religion of humanity.
Supernaturalism has long since outstayed its use and welcome.

I'm sure many Manicheans had similar such thoughts.
Don't hear much from them today.
Do ya?

You are on the right track.
However you would do well to remember that concepts such as 'patriotism' and 'love' are more then capable of being reformed into abstractions that are actually quite helpful.
Hell, even something as disgusting as 'tribalism' has its uses; For example, during a time of war or in the building of a mass movement.


Liberals are too effeminate 2bh. You need Islam.

We are traditionally Catholic societies. We are group-oriented, community-oriented, like the orthodox Russians or Confucianist Chinese. Capitalism, democracy and individual responsibility only tune well with Calvinists. Our societies will rush to a community-oriented system in a heartbeat, be it Socialism, Fascism or anarchism.
So nothing will be done regarding religion around here.



Never forget Padre Max.

Can't wait to tax the shit out of your church and watch you squirm while your congregation turns away from organised religion. I hope you have enough money saved up for upkeep, because you aint staying open long if your income dries up.


You say that…

Seize every mosque, church, and synagogue and turn them into community libraries.

Those that resist get burned to the ground.

DURRutti failed and is rotting in hell where he belongs. Not much of a victory.

Game ain't over yet my man

Rastas and Baul are legal because weed is legal

Cool, have you read it? What do you make of it?

Haven't read it yet, I'm in the middle of Eichmann in Jerusalem and Flowers of Evil for school

You should read it it's a great book.

If were going to look at this from a strictly materialist sense, then at best religions are just a temporary thing which will wither away by themselves post-capitalism and at worst hold no economic power anyway and mostly amount to harmless attitudes. Either way its a non-issue like the guy who doesn't like to be around blacks or the guy who finds gays icky is a non-issue.

Embrace it.

Every religious leader to the wall.

If your god sends people to hell for wanting to free themselves, then I'll tell him to kiss my cock once I meet him.

Burn it to the ground.


The Pagans said that to the Christians. How many Pagans are there now?


read Fidel & Religion

Nothing. It is unimportant, people will let go of it. People are letting go of it as we speak.

Defend this

ah, but the pagans didn't have autistic anime pics.

Like any part of the superstructure, it is affected by the base more than vice-versa. In this particular case, religion, as the opium of the people, is born as a balm for material suffering. Altho there's a second function of religion that Marx missed: it also provides meaning. Faced with material suffering, it's only to be expected that a sentient being seeks to end the suffering or, failing that, at least find a reason for it. Just in case the suffering is inevitable, then at least there can be peace of mind in "knowing" that it's all part of some cosmic balance or obeys some eternal order.

Regardless, if you solve material suffering, religion will inevitably decrease, and the trends of the past century demonstrate as much. There's a strong correlation between quality of life and religiousness.

In other words, it's pretty much a non-issue in itself, even if some clergy can be begging for a gulagging.

Not sure if some are memeing in this thread or being sincere but how in the world can you call yourself a leftist if you think religion would have any social apparatus in a classless society.

good post

This attitude is exactly why communists continue to fail in the middle east. It is honestly laughable.

I think the argument would be that in capitalism religion is heavily commodifed and restricted to capital, and that the abolishment of the class system will give people both the time and the freedom to more authentically engage in their faith. Basically imagine more solitary monasteries and communes then TV evangelists and prayer stadiums.