Why the FUCK do Americans enforce circumcision? Has any psychoanalysis been done on this subject?

Why the FUCK do Americans enforce circumcision? Has any psychoanalysis been done on this subject?

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Jewish control obviously. Prove me wrong.

Why do you care?

As an eurofag, circumcision is so fucking rare that that when I first found out that circumcision is a normal thing in US baffled me and made me think that most americans must be jewish or something.

It's… NOT enforced though?

How does it feel to be arguing for the mutilation of babies user? How do Jews live with themselves?

It's not enforced, but for some reason a lot of Christians do it. It should be illegal, but I personally don't really care that I was circumcised. Just takes annoyingly long to cum when I'm fapping.

Jews are under no obligation to explain their practices to non-Jews.

It isn't enforced, it's common because Kellogg thought it would get boys to stop masturbating and spent a lot of money getting the cock chop to be common.


Please tell me that is not what I think it is.

also a lot of parents assume that there's some good reason for it because why would there NOT be a good reason that they personally got a chunk of their dick chopped off?

It is though. Parents who don't circumcise their children can be charged with child abuse.

Is this true?

Because it is a sick rite which shouldn't be allowed in a modern and democratic society.

God, I really hate Americans.

removal of the foreskin from the human penis.
They cut the foreskin off.

I am genuinely curious about the subject from a psychological point of view. I recall reading some article that such a psychological shock so early after birth can permanently alter a mind to be more submissive. Naturally, polyps blame this on the Jews but it seems to have benefits for capitalists as well. From a religious standpoint, if this is true, it would also make sense as their followers would also be easier to control.


You know Muslims get cut too, right? And yet, Muslims are the only people in the world actively fighting capital.

I always thought they get cut because of hygienic reasons in the desert.
Which US-Mossad funded insurgency group are you referring to?


Also there are doctors who have circumcized babies because they think they have to, despite the protests of the parents.

They have religious reasons for doing so. Muslim boys get cut in Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. as well.

Musilims fighting against capitalism?! Where do you live?


Please tell me you don't see the Palestinians fighting against capitalist Israel, or Afghans fighting against capitalist America, or Kashmiris fighting against capitalist India, or Muslim militias fighting against capitalist France in Mali and CAR.

We must support Al Qaeda and ISIL in their fight against US imperialism!


I'm a Yuropoor but I have a friend who's circumcised because he was raised by crazy protestant fundamentalists. He said girls have mentioned to him they like it better that way.

Can the Americans here enlighten me on this? Do women really like it better, if so why?

National Liberation should be our priority.

I don't think most women care either way

Not if they're fucking Islamists you brainlet

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no one enforces anything, its an elective procedure


Girls I've slept with said they like it. Never really gave me a reason. I doubt it really matters.

lol who cares what they think