Not supporting literal Socialism with German Characteristics


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*emancipatory screeching*

Do Nazbol even care about the white race? From what I can tell they are literal con-men who are scamming Holla Forums types into getting fucked.

Nazbols don't see color


NazBol is farther left than Strasserism, but they both support somewhat the same ideas.

Actual nazbol is reactionary Russian nationalism with edgy characteristics.

It's an ironic meme here, though you run into idiots who take it seriously and think it means that you can be a reactionary nationalist and a socialist too, which is false.

I want to troll Holla Forums with NazBol shit too one day, but I am not sure if they ban nazbolposting or not.

So what's the point? Why not just be Bolsheviks?

If you don't suck Donald's cock you'll get banned from Holla Forums.

what about 4/pol/, they have less strict moderation perhaps?

4pol has communist generals and regular America hate threads. They are also great for collecting mutt images. Here's one that's up right now.

They hate the global poor

really tickles my fancy

Holy shit that thread is gold, gold covered in feces and vomit. I haven't laughed at a thread like that in so long.

4/pol/ or 8/pol/?

it may be an ironic meme here,
but there is an actual nazbol party running in russia

Wtf I love bourgeois idealism now

And, like I said, it's reactionary Russian nationalism with edgy characteristics.

Strasserism came out of the same people creating nazbol (which is german not russian)


Asserism is basically just Nazism plus Social-democracy
NazBol at least from what ive gathered from the few legit NazBols ive met is basically just Ultra-Edgy Marxist-Leninism with Russian characteristics plus Joseph Stalin thought with some Mautism mixed in

Limonov and Dugin became shills for Putin and russian imperialism when the situation with Crimea started.

Holy shit, good. We need more of them here.
Usually american hate threads here are kino


Why can't I oppose capitalism without wanting to be overrun by retarded niggers and muslims?


Strässerists, NazBols or whatever flavor of national-solidaro-communitarianism is the self-description of choice among thïrd positionists today never concerned themselves with seizing the means of production. They're all unabashedly champions of class collaboration.

there's less genetic diversity between two h.sapiens living across different continents than between two chimps of the same troop in the same square mile. why do you find it more difficult to cooperate with fellow members of your genetic group than a chimp?


The communist generals are started by tankies from here though.



Nazbols are fucking based

A thread died for this.

Yes exactly. Values and tradition. See the pic related, that was built in 1160, then more shit was added in the follwoing centuries, so basically has all kinds of different architechture styles in it. It used to be HQ of the Templar Knights.
It is our duty to protect our history, our values and our tradition.
Capitalism wishes to destroy everything and replace everything with american logic and american garbage.

Image is inaccurate because they purged all the Stasserists around 1934

how many exploited laborers died building that resort for their tyrannical oppressors

also lmao that building isn't gonna suddenly disappear because of immigration or whatever has you spooked

NazBol/Strasserism is a big meme, NazBol has no real basis, it's just edgy Russians borne out of nationalists liking the USSR, and strasserism, while having a more solid base, is unbelievably anti Semitic, on a level that it doesn't even make sense, I'm talking esoteric and spiritual shit here

I do actually think communists ought to be more nationalistic. If you think your country's values, traditions, etc. are not worth defending then you are as bad as porky. Said values and traditions should not be used to exploit or oppress the working class but we can fix this and still keep them. Nationalism isn't an excuse to hate other cultures, that's chauvinism and should be discouraged, banter aside. I also add that immigration favours porky. Don't hate all immigrants (although shitty immigrants deserve to be deported) but porky is the one bringing them en masse at the expense of the working class.

Liberal spookfags out, nazis out


You should reconsider your position, because it is a bad one.

NazBol is a joke… We're also serious as fuck. Also NazBol doesn't exist and has never existed. Yet we're getting stronger everyday.

TL;DR Throughout history we're a mistery.

like pottery

read Lenin

Yes, did you have a point?

Lenin attacked the very concept of "national Bolshevism" as ridiculous.

lenin is a fucking liberal, nazbols rule

Not sure if you're being ironic.

Is this advanced Nazbol theory?

And that my friendo is the point of NazBol