‘Gonna have to just start killing if I don’t get laid’: Racist gun nut reveals why he plotted mass s


Shit man, I feel like that sometimes. But at least I would kill politicians.

Shortage of women leads to social unrest. Many such cases!

damn man this is quality journalism.
Spectacle in its purest form

Seek help

why do these retards care so much about getting laid

People don't like me - Heinrich Himmler

It tends to cause emotional problems in men. It's only going to get worse, unfortunately.


If he was lefty would he still be unable to get laid? Did his inability to get laid cause his right wing views?

What is even his problem, the guy doesn't even look that bad. Maybe he had super high standards

Read his book. It's unironically a masterpiece

He's ugly as fuck

I never understood this either. I've gotten laid before back in HS with my teen gf, was a qt but manipulative, but it has not made me happier in the long run, since I've been single for 5 years and a lonely mess.
Instead of saying "getting laid" I think they should really mean "getting a gf" because relationship is something that cures the loneliness, not a single occasion of fucking a female.

He isn't ugly. Elliot nor the op guy. I look worse than both and still have a decent sex life.

It's a problem of socialization, which is consequently something we're able to address as leftists

No, I mean the OP guy.

Please ellaborate
I'm lost

Peer pressure really fucks with guys. Are you a grill?

Women aren't forced into nuclear families any more. 80% of men are below average in attractiveness. This estimate may be a bit high. Women will prefer polygamy to unattractive men. This will lead to lots of angry men who will go full Elliot Rodger.

Probably fucks with women more tbh.

imagine for a moment you're a normalfag grill and this guy starts chatting with you.
and it's the same with rogers, check the videos, guy was totally nuts and i can bet whatever you want it showed big time whenever he talked to girls.


i'll bite. how can the majority of men be below average in anything?

Women are incredibly hostile towards each other compared to men.

To be precise, women assess 80% of men as being below average in attractiveness.

Aha, not my experience, but what's your point?

Also, women don't want an unattractive mate. Just wait until we legalize polygamy, it won't be long now. You'll see.

Oh those damn women. How do men assess women then?

Do men want an unattractive mate?

I'll agree that it boils down to my experience too, and is completely anecdotal, but since the hostility is lower among males then virginity is likely to become a flashpoint, rather than a constant stream of problems.
What makes you think males are more hostile towards each other?

Because they see heterosexual sex as a part of masculinity. And masculinity an an ecental part of there identity as men. If they fail to be masculine it triggers an identity crisis.

i'm pretty sure this thread's done and should be abandoned.

Men are willing to date the upper 50%.
Fuck the 49% - 26%
Fuck in secret the remaining 25%


No, but women are sexual selectors in humans, so they have the final say here. Society forced them into nuclear families before, and we used to have more men dying in wars. With a male surplus and women being allowed to choose based on their own preferences, we will have polygamy. We already have soft polygamy as it is in the modern dating scene, the top 10% of men do very well and the rest not so much.

Men's assessment in this study was normally (Gaussian) distributed.

Sounds mostly like you're pulling this out of your ass based on your own failings at getting laid.
Where are you from?

Bullshit. Men have lived celibate for thousands of years without doing slaughtering people. People still commit to celibacy today for various reasons.

If you end up killing someone, it isn't because you weren't fucking.

It's because you were already mentally deluded



Sounds unreliable

Before, we used to send these people to monasteries. Even if most men don't kill anyone, it will cause a great deal of unrest. What's the plan to replace monasteries? Virtual reality is my best guess.

I know we're on Holla Forums but can you at least not fit the stereotype

more reliable than any article written by a woman

lol I didn't say anything about women I just asked for a source.

well then - more reliable than rawstory.com

Still no source

It's just so fucking persistent. When incels can't get laid they start their extreme generalizations of women with their essensialist bullshit.
If you could at least make some sort of analysis of how society functions we could have a talk.

Does The Enquirer qualify as a source in your world?

the other incel complaining thread didn't hit bumplock yet, please go bitch and moan there.


You'd have to be blind to not observe that many women prefer to be a side girl to a top-tier guy than in a relationship with a mediocre guy. It's not incels fault that they're born inferior, but it is a concern for social stability, as they'll start doing dangerous things to gain status and increase their chances of getting sex.

Oh like Amy Schumer talking shit about guys because, like, who could resist that sexy body?

You want an analysis for how society functions? Women have it easier regardless of how much they piss and moan.
Remind me, women are higher on the progressive stack no???

You have it easier because you think you can get away with defending serial killers because you haven't had sex, meanwhile, throughout human history both sexes have been celibate for their entire lives and didn't end up killing anyone.

Stop blaming it on women, start blaming on actual material stresses. Because they're fucking with you.

Please just ignore this fucking retard, its a troll, a woman, or a liberal. Literally not worth talking to either of those three about anything serious.


Two wrongs in one sentence. Be glad this isn't Family Feud. I'd reach over and slap your dumbass.

Many men prefer the same. And people's perception of what constitutes "top tier" differs greatly.
Doubt it has much to do with genetics, but yeah.

What the fuck does Amy Schumer have to do with this?
Great analysis.
What does this mean and why does it matter?

Not as much, but we might see a dynamic where the top 20% of men have multiple wives and the lower-tier women have multiple husbands. Women are sexual selectors in humans.

They were born unattractive, at minimum.

no one here gives a shit about failed comedians user