Why do so many leftists support Iran when they've banned all left wing parties, executed/purged communists in the 1980s and called the Soviets a "satan"? I get that the US is imperialist towards them but supporting the Islamic Republic seems stupid.

Other urls found in this thread: Marx was not an Atheist.pdf's_letter_to_Mikhail_Gorbachev#Content

It's mostly weirdo trots who are "EBIC ANGI-IMPERIGALISTS!!!"

Also Tudeh did nothing wrong.

Because their theory is fucking weak.


Implicit pro-imperialist Zionists detected

this and foucault-tier postmodernism

Because it's actually existing socialism

They're good boys


We don't support them because of Islam. We support them because they're part of the Russia-led axis of resistance to America.

Rafiq posting should be bannable for at least a week. Seriously in the last 12 hours I've seen more rafiq pics than in 8 months on here

Anti imperialism mainly. Anti Burger and Anti Sionista secondarily.

So believing that countries should live the way they wish and respecting their right to self-determination is supporting wholeheartedly Iran?
Fuckin hell…i'm starting to get the feeling that some people here if they had the opportunity and the power to, they would invade all other countries, only instead of giving them capitalism and shitty liberal democracy, you woudl be imposing socialism on them.
Fuck internationationalism

How stupid can you be?

This, you'd have to be really dumb to think otherwise.

That is exactly what all Communists should want, yes. Communism is a global system and must be spread by force - the opposition must be destroyed.

get your own opinions faggot


You mean Islam. Communism needs to go back in its box. And it will.

t. pro-imperialist


t. sionista

One thing is posting, one thing is spamming. Seriously.

All countries contribute to imperialism. read the international communism current

J Barg>Rafiq
Look up Adolf Stalin

I'll pass.

This. Based as fuck. Only true nazbol.

Like this, you facetious tool?


shill of the month is rafiq, get with the times philstine

"supporting any country with muslims in it in any capacity = advocating islam" is one of the most brainlet opinions I ever seen on this board

What's wrong with advocating Islam in the first place? It's better than Zio-Christianity which is currently practiced in most imperialist countries.


"Not advocating islam=supporting imperialist forces" is even worse

Get the fuck out of here


misquote me harder daddy

t. crypto-Zionists

t. Islamist child rapist

Good thing that rightly telling the US and its lapdogs to fuck off from the middle east isn't "advocating islam"

Not an argument, brainlet.

No it's not advocating islam.

The logical conclusion of Christianity when applied to real life is communism.
The logical conclusion of Islam when applied to real life is turbo-reactionary proto-capitalism.

probably because we're not grading on a fucking curve

You still support countries with theocratic porkies. That's undeniably one of the dumbest shit you can believe on this board and everyone must believe you are falseflagging.

That's literally what I just said


actually-existing Christianity is almost totally Zionist, though.

Bad move and implicitly pro-imperialist.

Marx literally debunked this. Fuck off.

well, Iran isn't just a country with Muslims in it. it's an explicitly Islamic Republic. that's a valid target for criticism from a leftist perspective. just because someone takes issue with the fact that the Iranian government is somewhat politically repressive and, yknow, sanctions stoning of adulterers and whatnot, doesn't make them Islamophobic or racist or anything

t. guy who actually quite likes Iran and Hezbollah

Falseflagging as what? It's perfectly fine, and even rational, for any country in the US crosshairs to react in strong opposition to US meddling/involvement in their country. To do anything otherwise is to be a retard with no historic memory. This neocon Sam Harris-tier handwringing about how anything less than full throated support of interventionism and empire is "Islamic apologism" belongs nowhere on the left.

Don't "support" Iran but find myself enraged by America's lack of introspection on the topic.

Ah yes let's just

Can't POSSIBLY fathom why Iran might view America with the slightest negativity. Nope, clearly they're just nasty and evil and need to be brought to heel with aerial bombing.

And the American government isn't? Please. America's racist government imprisons minorities who did nothing wrong by means of a racist justice system that can hardly even be said to be capable of delivering justice in the first place.

imagine being this much of a brain-damaged Holla Forums falseflagger

Protip: It's Zionism. Whenever you ask "Why is America doing X in the Middle East", the answer is almost always "Zionism".

Daily reminder that the Imam has got theory that would blow your weaksauce imperialist Satanic socks off.

Did someone defend America in this thread?

fuck off dumb american cunt. Even when you're "leftists" you start mouth watering over world domination.
When ww3 starts, i will join whatever side is butt fucking you turds. Killing americans ia good thing. You're not fucking human.

no my friend I did not say or even imply that America's government was above any form of criticism. simply that Iran is not immune to criticism from a leftist perspective. please unravel your sphincter.

grading on a curve is basically the foundation of anti-imperialism

t. brainless anti-Communist who doesn't realize that anti-imperialism is about oppoing the hegemon (whoever that may be) and not about opposing America for the sake of it

On this topic I'm going to disagree with Marx.

There was only one actually-existing Christian and he died on the cross.

Fair enough, assume I actually said "muslim majority countries" because that's functionally what I meant. And you know as well as I do - given your support of Iran/Hezbollah - that automatically assigning all motives and action of these countries to Islam is one of the favorite neocon propaganda tactics so they don't ever have to talk about the policies they're advocating as a "solution".

Iraq war was bad even if Saddam DID have WMDs and leftist idiots got suckered into debating a faulty premise

So that explains the deeply fucked american society - it's down to too much islam.

Iraq was a Zionist war for the sake of Israel

I didn't know there were any other Immortal Ayatollah fans on this board

this tbh, yanks started a war that killed a million iraqis, basically because they considered them subhumans with worthless lives. fuck america, fuck americans, kill them all.

Fixed. America is a Zionist colony.


okay well the colony and the colonials need to go too

It's not just that though, it's the total lack of introspection by Americans at all levels.
Introspection is a bad word, it's self awareness. Time and again America demonstrates that it's not actually aware that other countries have their own "viewpoints" so to speak, they just implicitly accept that others will agree with them. It's like non-meme autism.*

If they were merely evil, it wouldn't be infuriating on the same level - depressing perhaps, but understandable. Even if we took it as some kind of Pro-Israel moves - they're a liability to Israel in terms of holding such an abysmal strategic outlook, they just have lots of firepower.

*I'm willing to bet that America as an abstract entity would fail the sally-anne test, which is pic related. not going to say what the answer is because I'm interested if anyone will fail it.

yeah not like the country is run by an ayatollah or anything

Should the US invade Iran, yes or no?

oh no! not an aya-wotsit! that's a horrible forrin word and everything!

does the ayatollah run the country… or does the country run the ayatollah?

the dictatorship of the proletariat should t b q h

All Western countries need to go. We are a blight on the world.

No, it's Zionism and imperialism. "Spreading Democracy" is just how America sells imperialism to the public.

What the fuck? America is basically a piggybank for Israel. Israel would be fucked without the Israel Lobby doing work in America.

No, I'd rather not get nuked to death


The most fundamentalist countries in the MENA are all US backed nigger


atheism is part of communism
theocrats get the bullet too

What does that have to with the original post, you useless idiot?

Based Ayatollah showing those Russian imperialists and probably Zionists who's TOP DOG.

no, dictating people's religious beliefs is not part of communism

Cool, so when you talk about "defending Islam and Iran" in the context of modern politics in western media, you should be aware (if you don't live under a rock) that this is the go to response to questioning US foreign policy wrt Iran. So one option is to be a Hitchen's style rube and ramble on about Islam as if that's actually what the fuck we're talking about - allowing neocons to define the debate. The other option is to wade through the bullshit and talk about the underlying reasons for the geopolitical tension in the first place. Here's a hint, only brainlets and establishment shills think the answer is "because islam"

Religion is a weapon to confuse and mislead people and it should absolutely be suppressed with no role for it in public.

itt Holla Forumsyps try to flood a thread to support religious reactionaries that exterminated communists off the gulf all to promote confusion a la an old Holla Forums strategy
it should at least be easy for mods clean up the mess left

mods to clean

The answer is:


Lawrence Wilkerson on TRNN is breddy gud on this, and the conclusion is yes, Iran are the guddest boys and we should support them.


Are you?

In practice no, it doesn't work like this. Most people are retarded easily led mongs and they're mostly not religious. It basically makes no difference these days.


How do you feel about this then?

You cannot suppress religious thought because religious thought fundamentally runs far, far deeper than believing in god. At best you could succeed in making some people shift their religious fixations from actual religion and onto substitutes but ultimately that isn't going to really solve anything as it hasn't addressed the foundational problems in religious modes of thinking. It has just made superficial changes from the otherworldly onto the worldly.

Religiosity, like all things, is a product of material conditions and trying to suppress it is about as retarded as trying to abolish capitalism by making it illegal.

And it's not necessarily a weapon against people either, so much as a crutch people will naturally pick up that can be very effectively weaponized against them.

I feel that it's not very accurately descriptive of anything I've written in this thread

Don't act stupid. For the "other side" of your debate, you or others easily classified the arguments of non-Shiite defenders as "defending" hypothetical or past American imperialism. Even though that was not what they were defending.

This makes no sense. Holla Forums is anti-Islam and being pro-Iran and pro-Khomeini has historically been a leftist position.

you're too harsh on the Yankee civilian. the average American had no concept whatsoever of what the consequences of deposing Saddam would be. they were all plugged into the 24/7 propaganda machine. I think the generalized order of events that was sold to the public went something like this:

nothing in there about 1,000,000 dying in sectarian infighting that Saddam was keeping a lid on. CERTAINLY nothing in there about the fact that it would actually empower AQ and cause the formation of super duper AQ (Daesh). while there certainly are compassionless inhuman monsters among the American public who would have supported the invasion even if they were aware of its ramifications (hurrr hurrr hurrr bomb them towelheads), a majority of the country was just ignorant.

Do you not lurk here long enough to remember Holla Forums post being posted here all the time about a "strategy" to support liberal identity politics?

Religion is an overwhelmingly negative influence in society. Institutions like the Catholic Church are rotten corrupt dens full of fascist sympathisers that viciously oppose communism. They will need to be cracked down on.

It's an imperialist postmodernist position. What a stupid post.

Religion is massively in decline in the west and I'm not seeing some great leaps in enlightenment and conciousness. Quite the opposite in fact. Try actually observing reality.

depends which Holla Forums you are talking about. last I checked 8/pol/ was feverishly pro-Assad, which is basically the same thing as being pro Axis of Resistance, pro Khomeinism, etc. I made a strawpoll and it ended up being something like a 95% support for Assad, 4% undecided, 1% against. same goes for /sg/.

You have to choose - Pro Iran or Pro-Zionist. Neither/Nor is just implicit imperialism.

Support for Iran existed long before Holla Forums

Finally, someone who knows what's up.

This is a recent development on the right though, and certainly a minority in the grand scheme of things. Most rightsts are Zionists.

Choosing reactionary sides in a reactionary conflict is reactionary.

failure to choose sides is supporting imperialism and america.

I guess that depends on what you mean by "the right" or "rightist". if you mean the general spectrum of US politics, which is generally to the right of Holla Forums, then you'd be accurate, but when I think of the word "rightist" I tend to think of fascists who are, you know, not usually supportive of Israel

t. brainlet

The average yankee dog has not shown a shred of contrition about it, and will still claim others are violent while shrugging when you remind them their country is bombing seven countries right now, and Iran and DPRK haven't fought a war of aggression between them for 60 years. Fuck burgers. They're absolute fucking scum.

Great argument, better support future Iranian imperialism.

I only responded to people who were implying exactly that. It's not my fault if everyone who disagrees with you is a vague, indistinguishable mass for you.

Most of them admire Israel as a model state. They just want to send Jews there and be rid of them, and not have to pay for Israel.

Not going to happen until American hegemony falls.

Guess what, brainlet. There is no way of identifying posts. But I guess you're too reactionary to figure that out.

"real existing" fascism has never been anti-zionist in any meaningful capacity

Btw, you offer no proofs of this. You're useless.

You're the one who decided to write a bitchy call out post

does Nazi Germany not count?

>>>/reddit/ for all your idpol needs is that way, faggot.


What idpol? Feel free to point it out

I'm not sure if you realize this but supporting socialism, the liberation of peoples and general freedom then turning around and also supporting a theocratic, capitalist wannabe imperialist power is fucking retarded.

You are right though, this historically has been the position of the left. And those people are idiots on the same tier as liberals who celebrate gay rights while also selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. The left would be wise to get its head out of the 20th century and realize the USSR isn't around anymore, by supporting any tinpot dictator that pisses off the USA you're not doing anything to advance socialism in any conceivable way, this kind of thinking is pure LARP.

How embarrassing.

Every socialist state has clamped down on religion rapidly for a reason. It's a hotbed of reaction and breeds loyalty to a force other than the proletarian movement and achieving communism. Fundamentally, the anti-materialist nature of all religion makes it a natural enemy of socialism. Even if capitalism was abolished, there's no reason to let religion take root once again or to give it any role in the running of the state.


Cool, so you can't find any. You can stop embarrassing yourself any time now

I think "most" is an overstatement. Jared Taylor catches lots of shit from brainlet racists for making that assertion, and brainlets constitute a majority of the movement.

Still waiting on those proofs you never delivered. Gee, you're too dumb to recognize irony too.

Every socialist state also failed in their goal of clamping down on religion. It simply didn't work, which should be no surprise because the idea that religion is going to make people into reactionaries directly and not material conditions is pure idealism.

I'm not making a case on whether or not it would be desireable, I'm making the case that it is not possible. Religion cannot be exterminated, it would have to wither away.

I think he catches more shit from them for having a Jewish wife and calling Jews white.

This. Not sure why you western dogs think that it's your job to "improve" the world with your bullshit, but sincerely, please, fuck off and die in your soulless capitalist hell holes. We don't need you and we don't want you.

Oh you were just being retarded "ironically". My bad bro, carry on


No, you sad idiot. That obviously meant you too thick to see the irony in your comments.

No they didn't.
The Muslim populations of former socialist Eastern Europe are also markedly less pro-Shariah than counterparts who never lived under socialism.

Great, point out the irony then

Not giving the proof I asked for first while taking the high-road on getting proof from me.

You make the claim, you back it up.

Not how it works. The burden's on you, idiot.


wage earner funds are actually existing socialism

I don't understand where this idea of targeted anti-theism as praxis came from, but I get the feeling that the kind of people who emphasize it don't have a real handle on marxist views on religion or how it differs from the average fedora-tipping new atheist pablum Marx was not an Atheist.pdf

I only like them because they’re moderately less shit than Saudi Arabia.


You're such a sad idiot and still can't even see the irony in your comments. Still waiting on proof btw

Only after socialism collapsed, which proves the point. You need a powerful atheist state to keep these reactionaries turds in line, because as soon as there isn't an authority to keep them from committing atrocities in the name of religion, they will. Obviously it differs from place to place but the general rule should be staunch opposition to all faith. If countries like Poland and Angola (both Catholic, which says a lot about the pernicious global influence of that wretched institution) are religious today, it's evidence that religious practice wasn't dealt with firmly enough among the populace, as well as evidence of the necessity of worldwide atheist socialism to undermine the basis of jihadism. I also don't see what's idealist about actively repressing religion and instilling a materialist, scientific mindset in addition to obviously building a socialist economy.
I don't know where the recent trend of apologism for religion is coming from among communists but I strongly dislike it. I don't buy the idea of the oppressed clinging to radical religious fundamentalism either. Stalin came from a dirt poor minority background and saw the folly of religion at an early age, channelling his tremendous ability into something actually useful instead.'s_letter_to_Mikhail_Gorbachev#Content


this was unironically good advice tho

This post turned me into a Bahai

how am i supposed to choose between stuffed crust and not betraying my people?

Several million dollars normally seals the delicious, irresistible deal, covered with cheese and only yours for the fate of a whole peoples, and $5.99.

It's not so much that i "support" iran as that intervention against iran that has any possibility of actually happening is full of shit that's actively going to make the world worse.
Plus their main regional rival is "everything-bad-with-iran-but-even-more-so-and-also-porky-as-fuck" saudi arabia, defacto everything against iran is doing things in support of saudi arabia and vice versa. under that calculus… long live the islamic republic!


Only you're missing my point, the fact that these types of people sprang up following the fall of the USSR and Yugoslavia proves the fact that both states failed at any attempt to stamp out religious fundamentalism. It simply didn't happen, religious fundamentalists came out en masse and got right back to work once there wasn't a state to punish them for being religious fundamentalists. Indeed you identify that this wouldn't have happened if the powerful atheist states hadn't collapsed but those fundamentalists would have never gone away either, they would have just continued to exist underground waiting for the day when eventually they would. Thus is the problem, a strong atheist state can't actually ever solve this problem. A heavy handed approach to promote atheism and stifle religion is never, ever going to work. It didn't work at any point before and it wouldn't work now. Some kind of strategical revision is in order. Clearly it is not that these states weren't aggressive enough in their campaign against religion. Unless you want to literally put religious people in concentration camps and wipe them out that way there isn't really any way you could escalate historical socialist state-atheist policies as many of them were almost as extreme (and not particularly effective).

As I said, as socialists if we're to address a problem this can only be done by analysing the material conditions that create such problems. You can't just try and cover up all the most superficial manifestations of it and hope it will go away. Like capitalism in that way religion would have to wither away if you want to be rid of it. The question you need to be asking is why are people religious in the first place? Where does religion come from? And with that knowledge how could you ease the foundational psychological issues that give way to religion?

This is what I meant earlier when I said religion is bigger than just believing in god. It is a complex culmination of a lot of human experiences and intuitions that you could never do away with for good if your tactic is to just penalize people for adhering to already existing religions.

It's idealist because, well, this logic is predicated on ideas. You treat religion as if it is simply an idea that can be defeated if enough people stop believing in it and start believing in atheism without any consideration of the material conditions that would lead religion to seem necessary.

Religion exists because it is a crutch, it's a crutch people will intuitively pick up when necessary even if you totally eradicate all pre-existing religions and all memory of them. If there are religious people in your socialist society it's not a sign that you should oppress them super hard and hope that does the trick, it's a sign that your socialist society still has quite a ways to go.

To use an analogy that would probably be very patronizing to any religious people on Holla Forums, children don't stop believing in imaginary friends if their parents beat them hard enough for doing it, they stop believing in imaginary friends when they make friendships with real people and don't need them anymore. This is also the case for religion, you can't oppress it out of existence you would have to make it unnecessary.

That's not very materialist.
Less flippantly, it could also be that the new circumstances actively created new religious fundamentalists.

It probably did but that still requires pre-existing religious fundamentalists to be able to mobilize these socially and economically frustrated people into religious fundamentalism. It's a continuation of a phenomenon that the USSR tried, and failed, to extinguish.

But nonetheless this isn't relevant to the broader argument and points of the post.

perhaps a lot of leftists have a secret wish to go for a crane ride by the neck

This. The Russia-China-Iran axis is the revolutionary axis of resistance.


They're pretty good at fighting US imperialism and are a lot less reactionary than most of the Middle East

Any "leftists" who unironically supports Iran is a retarded edgy larper who just wants a reaction from stingy parents or friends. Iran is a reactionary religious state that mass killed communists and leftists and oppresses its own population. Yeah its nice that they have managed to resists US imperialism but that doesn't mean shit for the struggle against capitalism.

Eat shit spooked fuck. Both the US and the west and Russia-China-Iran are imperialists capitalist fucks who should be all destroyed.


your right-left political spectrum is retarded. anyone who uses it is just a dumbfuck hustled into circlejerking in the bipartisan politics

you mean supports a global revolution right this moment without any fucking idea how to run things after and will to execute it in the first place

everything is reactionary in this world isnt it





During the Islamic Revolution Iran literally executed people if they answered "Yes" to "Do you believe in dialectical materialism?". They will always have my hatred.

Tbh the only countries or regions Stalin was interested in was those that were part of Russia before the Revolution.

Its like supporting Nazi Germany because they are anti imperialists.

Every Tudeh commie in this thread is going to get hanged from a crane!


because turd worldism and mautism are ideologies for the mentally defective

you know in the 30s germany excelled in social welfare for the working class well beyond the ally states.
so blatantly comparing something to "muh nazis" isnt going to work unless youre arguing with a dumbfuck normie.

regardless, even comparing Irans foregein policy conseqences to those of the US and israel is makes support for iran a no brainer.
every country troughout history has persecuted political opponents. just because some of those persecuted happen to be in the same fad as you doesent change shit about the country on the actual scale.


there was a substantial period where the nazis stopped wage growth for the working class entirely at real-terms wages in 1933 (iirc). the primary beneficiary of the nazis during this period was the middle classes who saw their wages rise.

increasingly convinced that the whole "working class nazis" thing is maintained because the middle class can clearly imagine working class brutes sending innocent people to death camps, but can't comprehend that they too would shut the gas chamber doors if ordered.

They are the only nation opposes a racist imperialist apartheid with racial Jewish only settlements being built on top of forcefully bulldozed villages.

Isreal is a fascist state though. Support for Isreal in the US is bipartisan both left and right.

Not to apologize for Religion, but you do know that when Islam conquered the middle east they were fighting pagan tribes that were way more reactionary right?

All of classical Christianity and Zoroastrianism

Obviously, Sally will look in the box because she saw Anne stealing her marble from a distance, killed the bitch and buried her corpse in a shallow grave. Now she has both a basket and a box, and also a marble.

On topic, the lack of awareness is because of the effectiveness of American propaganda. You've got CNN, MSNBC and Fox, all of which sell the same line of bullshit, but differing slightly on a few of the details, which means a Burger thinks he has obtained many points of view.

Same reason they supported the USSR, because of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" logic. I personally reject this, as I feel it distracts from the truth of the leftist message.

when the first muslim conquests was when Muhammad unified Arabia by fighting the pagan tribes there, war with Byzantium came afterwards.


except the USSR was a Marxist-Leninist state that fought capitalism, colonialism, fascism and religious fundamentalism.

Is not Iran fighting Israel via Hezbollah? Does not Israel support capitalism, colonialism and fascism?

Also, does not Iran counter Saudi Arabia, a strong and strategically important US ally?

Hezbollah fights against Zionism and colonialism but it's fundamentally a party that preaches class collaboration under a religious banner. There are limits to this, as any Marxist should know, hence why Lebanese and Palestinian communists must lead the struggle. Iran is a different matter, since it's an established state with an odd mixture of theocratic elements and a national bourgeoisie.

I certainly am not claiming that Iran is communist, just that it serves as a counter to the US, and that that's the reason some leftists support it.

Yeah and I have no problem with that. What I am wary of is the way some people on the left uncritically defend Iran. If the Iranian people rebuild their once strong communist movement and seek to overthrow the current government, then good, but I can already tell that they'll be castigated by Western Brezhnevites.

Me too. I am also wary of the way some people on the left uncritically defend the USSR and other Bolshevik states. Vid related:

and yesterday i wished for a sandwich and the sandwich didnt come

are you stupid?
the whole reason people were willing to be ordered to go to war and so on is because they were freed from the mass inflation, bullying from foregein powers and were given geat social welfare privileges like collective vacations and ensured employement.
the problem is that today when "experts" try to find out what led germany to build up behind hitler and go to war they just sweep everything under the rug and say

absolutely wrong. The point being made there was "middle class people will also follow orders"
Illiterate fool.

Are you stupid? The inflation was in the 1920s and solved by the time the nazis came to power.
Also the "ensured employment" was at the cost of being unable to transfer job without employer permission.

I'd suggest reading about Kurt Von Schleicher's time in office but it's apparent reading comprehension is not amongst your talents.

what the fuck was that point even suppost to mean?
ofcourse the middle class is gonna be subordenate like the other two classes, are you fucking retarded? who ever said they wont be?

if youre biased enough to say mass unemployement and instability are better than ensured permanent employement just because you dont like who runs the country in question then you have some problems to work out.

heres some more salt from a few books:

and then you still have the projects like the highway and other transport programs, the reinstatement of the country as a legitimate power etc,
but thats not my point here, my point is that only dumbfucks will compare something to "muh hitler, muh nazi germans" to make it seem bad since they have no good argument.
and ofcourse of the widespread bias that produces even more stupidity.

Maybe because all religion is inherently anti‐materialist?

You need to actually read the link, my fedora'd friend.

the middle class, pretending the nazis were a genuine working class movement.
if we're just going to write things we disagree with and then knock them down then frankly i'm appalled that monetarist morons like you still exist in the 21st century.

every attempt at controlling M3 has failed with untold negative consequences in other areas of policy. the growth lost to monetarist insanity will never be recovered, nor will many of the good businesses strangled to death by a pointless exercise in self flagellation by interest rate. (or, indeed, the increased power of currency speculators as a result.)

as for your points on the age of consents and the status of transgendered individuals, i'm frankly appalled. You are a terrible human being.

ah yes very impressive.


how is that in any way relevant to the original point? are you implying someone said NSDAP was a workers movement?


iwas quoting authors like Rauschning, Degrelle and Hess, with the second one being a more active author in the post war years in exile. Are you going to ad hominem them too?



because it's not called imperialism when Russia does it.

Leftists support Iran?

You do know that Holla Forums supports iran because the jews told them not to


I don't think so tim