Anti-muslim action thread

Wrong, its not like they are an inevitably. There are real things we can do to convince them to leave.

First, let them know that they are going against the laws of Islam by living in a non-muslim country. The prophet Muhammad himself said “I disown every Muslim who settles among the mushrikeen.” more information in the link below

If that doesn't work, we can generally make them feel unwelcome. No special accommodations, no halal food or whatever. Don't let them normalize the hijab, and in general do everything you can to make it clear that they aren't welcome

As for what we can do collectively, I'd think rallies and maybe form groups and go to mosques to politely let them know they aren't welcome, both by us and thier own prophet.

We can not do anything violently. And we don't need to do anything violently. If there's violent backlash, good. That just makes us look better

Mods don't delete/anchor this thread. This is simply for discussion and just because it offends you doesn't mean it's not allowed

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Read Sayyid Qutb, Islam is the final stage of history after Communism


It doesn't offend us Holla Forums, Saudi barons keep Islam alive to control their population

I'll paraphrase something I posted earlier:

I'll be more interested in opinions about how illiberal and cruel Islam is when the West stops the wholesale butchery of the Islamic world. Did you ever stop to think that maybe to them we're the terrorists?

Just look at Chris Hitchens or Sam Harris to see how modern anti Islamic sentiment cannot be separated from imperialism. The moral pronouncements about Islam inevitably lead to the advocation of wars of aggression against the Islamic world and provide cover for the deathlovers and vultures.

More like "Israel leads to wars against the Islamic world" because that's actually what happens. Furthermore Muslim hatred against the Western world is closely linked to our backing of Israel.

The primary incentive remains capitalism though. Denouncing Muslims as uncivilized barbarians just let's liberals feel good about themselves.

I know a lot of you aren't offended by it but I was banned for a long time for this before. Also I'm not Holla Forums

I'm not talking about foreign Muslims, I'm talking about western Muslims.

Tbh we should start taking all the turbans of the Sikhs, kippahs off the jews and make buddhists eat meat too, because faith offends me.

Take off my cross? HOW DARE YOU!?!


It's almost like there were progressive, Secularist movements in the ME and imperialists made a habit of trying to destroy them with all their might [pic related], But yes single out hte muslamics because reasons.


It's a meme ya dip

this has some good idea on how we should approach the subject

I would say it's mostly Arab hatred.
The Anatolians and Kurds don't really care that much.

i have seen more rafiq sceencaps posted this weekend than i have over the whole of october, what's going on big guy?

Well, Arabs are doing most of the terror attacks, no?

Leftcoms are unironically the biggest spergs out of all leftists.

Ok. Earlier this week I hung out with my Muslim friend at his house (with two other white friends) and we played video games. They were playing Persona before I got there but I wasn't really into it so they were fine with switching to Far Cry 4. Did I ever get the feeling my friend was plotting the downfall of western civilisation? No, not really. If anything, he's more liberal than I am (as opposed to leftist). He doesn't really think about politics that much, or, I would guess, religion. He's obsessed with LoL and we make fun of him for it. I guess the point I'm getting at is, I don't see where the big problem is here.

Then why are they coming to the west in the millions?

We ruined their countries, so it's our duty to give them citizenship.

literally lurk more
bordiga is becoming mainstream, see


This doesn't make any sense, why flee into the lions den, why not to the safety of your fellow muslim brothers like in saudi arabia, iran, egypt, indonesia and so on?

They also are justified in taking revenge on us.

The West doesn't drone strike itself (yet), we wouldn't put up with the violence we commit if it was on our doorstep.

Fleeing islamist violence by going to Saudi arabia is like fleeing the nationalists in the Spanish civil war by going to Italy.

There's nothing wrong with pedophilia though.

Islamism is a dangerous, reactionary political ideology and should be rejected full-stop. It's as bad as everything coming from the traditionalist right. It's incorrect to lump Enlightened muslims and islamists together though.

Communists are probably the single worst thing to happen to Islam. Its state enforced Atheism or bust.

Nah, I'm here pretty much all day every day (desk job I can go online during), and there's definitely been more low quality Rafiqposting as of lately. It's obnoxious, because they honestly seem really pseudointellectual and I don't get the obsession people have with him

By your own admission, muslims don't necessarily follow the prescriptions of the Quran by the very act of being in the west. Therefore, whatever "islam" has to say on any specific topic would appear to be moot without a look at the actually existing practice of it. Yet your whole project of ethnic cleansing is based on the idea of this disembodies "islam" being incompatible with socialism or whatever, without any reference to the existing realities on the ground.


yes, good worker. you are a very good worker by supporting islamic immigration and thereby my halal meat trade, now go spread some more of those "customerrefugees welcome flyers"

Hitler didn't drone strike the jews but that sure as hell wasn't a reason for them to flee to germany when the nazi's invaded france.

Fleeing western violence by going to the west is like fleeing the nationalists in the Spanish civil war by going to Italy.


Why are people defending islam here?

spooky, almost as much as OP

posters here defend other religions too, unfortunately. what do you think about that, not-Holla Forums?

Sadly for you, we're nowhere near that stage. You're much less likely to die from a western bomb or western-sponsored terrorist in the west than in some region the neocons are war profiteering in. And there's hardly going to be death camps in the west for muslims. Much like colonialism of old, the war on terror is nestled in dogma that makes it seem like a civilising mission, so that kind of ugliness can't happen anywhere near home.

Fuck off reddit.

Really, it's probably Rafiq reposting screencaps of their shitposts for self promotion.

You're a racist.

Again, it's our duty to accommodate more Arab Muslims to at least attempt to atone for our invasions and our failure to install Communism and stop Imperialism, and we ought to be thankful that they aren't engaging in more terror attacks, given that we do worse to them and also agitate to expel them all the time.

because we aren't racist pieces of shit? Anti-Islam is code for anti-Arab.

All Middle-Eastern wars are fought in the name of Israel. The Civilizing Mission is just marketing to the general population.

That if OP wasn't an obvious false flagger nobody would defend islam.
Nobody defends Monks nobody defends the jews on here.

sweeden pls

Nice try, but that's not how it works: unless you honestly think the goal of the bourgeois here is to get money from selling halal meat. Let me guess the Jews fleeing pogroms in 1890s Russia was because they wanted to push a kosher industry in the west yea?

I mean a lot of the violence is perpetrated by Turkey, the Sauds and Iran so yeah no. you honestly think a Pakistani farmer is going to get drone-strikes in Luton? No? Then you have your answer why they come to Europe than other third world states.

There's a reason people have multiple interpretations of the same religion. You can get rid of one form of it, but it will rear its head under another guise. It's because it's more about spooks than the actual dogma. I rather just get rid of Islamofascist. It's a much more reasonable goal, and as long as they aren't imposing their mindset on an entire population, I'm fine.

Yes, and those Communist states don't exist anymore. Contemporary anti-Islam is pure racism.

t. Rafiq


No. You fucking idiot.

unironically see

What post? this ?

Wow, a few token one-offs sure prove your point.

Not an argument.

I don't think everyone critical of Islam is a racist but everyone critical of Islam provides ammunition for warmongers that far outweighs any kind of good that could come from the criticism.

No the one I linked you dolt.

That sounds awfully anti-materialist of you

This. Arab Muslim is no worse than contemporary Western culture, really. Most of the bad stuff in the Islamic world is funded and backed by our countries anyway, so in a way our culture is probably more evil.

No. I never said that we should invade them or some shit. Just don't fucking build mosques with saudi money in sweden


Again why are you defending islam?

I'm not sure if you are really this retarded, or just pretending

First sensible thing said. Saudi Arabia can die in a hole and the only way to do that is to starve it.

Where does Saudi money come from? Protip: Western countries buying its oil and propping it up. It's our fault.

I see, we're at the stage that muslims prefer to come to their butchers, then to their brothers in faith. This begs the question though, why would the butchers of muslims give those very same muslims homes, education, healthcare and welfare out of their own funds?

No, that's what the poster of that meme thinks.
He won't get droned in Belarus either, so why move to Luton when he can move to a country that isn't dronestriked and does not conduct dronestrikes in Pakistan either?

Good image

Was hitler new york jews fault?

not if it comes from an internally cogent marxist argument such as

No it's no one fault but the system that allows this kind of shit, otherwise

Then you are a dolt. The MIC gains from any conflict started by any nation, be it for the sake of actual colonialist imperialism, against other european powers, against "communists" or in the ME.

Because Belarus is an economic shithole that is still a dictatorship.

They deserve at least some level of compensation for the atrocities visited upon them by Western countries, you piece of shit. Not everyone in the whole country is an imperialist butcher, some of us can see the value in at least partially giving reparations to Muslims for our failure to stop imperialism.

No? Why would that be the case? We give Saudi Arabia lots of money and military support.

You don't have to, a climate of Islamophobia contributes directly to the efforts of murderers.

What will make your criticism of Islam somehow new and fresh and not what the normal rightists say?

Are you expecting me to defend Saudi Arabia etc? Yes of course there's also an economic aspect to it, if someone offered you a job at 50c an hour and one at $20/hr I know which one you would take too, even if the other job 'belonged to someone else' or whatever. Is economic immigration a good thing, probably not, but can I really find it in me to hate the people who are just making the best of what our bourgs did to them, not really.

kill yourself false flagging Holla Forumsyp

Not defending Islam in the slightest, just pointing out that the directions religions take are the result of material conditions. The dogma is mostly a justification and cover, what it emerges from is what matters.

Should I endorse religion and the canon of the shariaa because of this? No. I endorse their anti imperialist struggle but it ends there.

What a joke.

That's how all the fucking liberals in this thread sound

Admitting that it's NATO's fault that they came here. NOT MINE, I do not need more religious fanatics in my country, there are too much Christians already. How the hell can I organize people against NATO if their actions are used by state propaganda as justification of further wars?

Bin Laden was a CIA proxy from day one, and never stopped being one.

What have you done to stop imperialism lately? the blood of every droned Muslim in the Middle East is on your hands.

Spooky af

There is literally nothing wrong with pedophilia.

This, be against the system not the player. American, european or arab it doesn't matter. We seek to destroy the system that allows this shit, civilians and workers shouldn't pay the consequences. Self hating is borguoise

t. islamophobic.
Are you anti arab user?
that's how stupid you sound

What business is it of yours to 'criticise Islam' in the first place? If it affects you personally then fine but as a westerner you're in a much better position to oppose western imperialism than to somehow try to be a reformer for a religion you aren't part of, any effort you spent complaining about Muslims is a waste of energy. If the situation was different you'd hear me say different but Rafiq is full of shit and probably a schizo (self-important rambling on and on), he barely mentions imperialism in passing in that whole diatribe, when it's the central issue. I don't have this attitude because I think brown people are incapable of change but because we're the ones killing them and making change impossible regardless. It's nothing but hypocritical for us to lecture them on how to be good people.

yes, because I'm in position of power you spooked libshit

You have more power over that than you do influence over Islam

booty blasted polyp confirmed.

Muslim detected

I'm defending Islam, dude. Not sure how you read "hating Islam" from my posts. Our countries are worse than any Arab country would be without our cultivation of jihadis and backing of Saudi Arabia.

Nice deflection.

See, the first world is using the hijab as a simbol of liberation. That's what I'm againt. Not what they do in their country, I never fucking said that we should bring secularism in saudi arabia. We should bring it here in the first world and stop glorifing it. And btw we love it because of self guilt, but instead of going against the sytem liberals prefer falling for these gimmicky shit

If I had influence over Islam, I would organize their communities to track and persecute troublemakers so they would stop scaring normies. Go back to reddit, fucker

If you're pro Islam, they'll destroy the west and communism will win.
If you're anti-Islam, communism will destroy the west and Islam will win.

Either way, the west will be destroyed.

fuck off

Thank goodness.

my mistake

This is retarded. Dialectics don't work this way

We are all guilty of implicit support for imperialism by failure to stop it, though.

Who's forcing your mother to wear a hijab? What are you actually scared of or complaining about?

Yeah well, they probably think 'if I was a westerner I would lynch Bush and Blair' and so on but things aren't that simple are they. Fuck yourself first.

If that's what you want to believe then go for it.

Like how funeral services are all operated by serial killers…
It's almost like they're just moving to the places where they are given the most cash instead rather than fleeing from the big bad west.

Hello, I am western government. I really do not give a shit about muslims dying in dronestrikes, but I do care about spending billions on them when they come to my country. Why I am so contradictory, I don't know, but it's true because I'm bad and all the muslim refugees are coming to me because I'm killing them, it's 13232143343525454d chess you see.

If I ware an afghan pleb being gifted with a house, what amounts to a years salary in one month in welfare and free healthcare for reaching sweden, then neither would I take pity on the fools and refuse their offer. My accusation is therefor not aimed at those who make use of such stupidity, but those who allow them too.

Europeans owe them at least that much considering it's their fault that Afghanistan is shit.

then commit Sudoku. Muslims are no more our friends than Christians.

That's not true at all. For example, 25% of Lebanon's population are refugees.

Christians are worse. Who started the wars? Christian Zionists, mostly.

You're a fucking brainlet my dude. Muslim immigrants increase the supply of labour and increase pressure on wages (downward) and property prices (upward). That's a good thing for employers. Meanwhile it's the taxpayer paying for refugee benefits (which are nowhere near as generous as the Mail tells you anyway), not the rich. The rich are profiting from selling bombs and jets to the government, which is making a huge loss on the whole thing. Can you not separate the interests of the bourgeois from the interests of the government?

What's the agenda here? This is obviously Holla Forums, but are they trying to destroy muslims or the left, and it's pretty well known that they hate both equally.

Nodoby, still it's not a symbol of liberation, thinking this way is literally americanism

It's not like they don't do it. Saudi does it
Hitler loans were from americans, is americans fault? No, as much as I would like it it's not. They'd do the same in our position. Is not the country or the people. It's the system that allows this shit the problem

Are you referring to the Palestinians from the first arab Israeli war or from Syria? The former is because they were literally fleeing advancing troops and expected to return very soon to their homes. The second is basically the same, also considering to get to Europe many of them will die they stay in Lebanon, close to their homes that they intend to return to.

Holla Forumsyps don't really think that far to be honest

Whose vassal is Saudi Arabia?

American race laws in particular were an inspiration to Hitler, loans aside.

don't underestimate Holla Forumsyps, or the power of autism and hate

I think they're trying to ebin redpill those lefty libs on Holla Forums

You don't have to buy into the 'religion of peace' shit, that doesn't mean you have to jump on the Sam Harris train either.

Also, money talks, is the person holding the gun responsible? Sure, but the person who sold it to them isn't innocent either. When we pour billions into the Saudi coffers we know it'll be used to fund terrorism - when we give billions to Israel we know it'll be used to fund the murder of Muslims. When we build BAE Systems jets we know they'll be used to kill the innocent.

That's exactly what someone caught red handed would say

Whose vassal is Hitler?

Where did I do that? did I say nuke the muslism?
Holy fuck.

what's your problem? that muslims fight back sometimes?

You are all pathetic. Both you and your muslim pets need to shoved feet first into woodchippers. Reading this thread disgusts me.

Germany was a great power, Saudi Arabia, not so much. Everything is bankrolled by the US. This is pure deflection from Western countries' responsibility for the carnage in the Middle East - from the leaders down to every citizen who implicitly supports it through tax dollars, anti-Islam hatred, Zionism, and so on.

Sorry let me prove I'm not a Muslim somehow. Fuck off.

When you say 'they're backwards, they're dangerous to the west, they're not like you and me' you're de facto supporting the rhetoric of imperialism.

Too bad you guys get chased off every time you try to organise eh?

I just love how leftists claim to be for feminism yet willingly allow muslims into their countries. Even so called moderate muslims would be considered ebil patriarchal scum who deserve to be castrated if they had white skin. Feminism is nothing more than a tool to dominate civilized men while women enjoy getting raped by third world savages.

Westerners are more violent than any Muslim, they just institutionalize it and pretend it's not their fault. Nazis are a good example of this. You deserve the terror attacks, really.

This, we need to stand in solidarity with Muslims against imperialism and recognize our complicity in it.

Where did I said that tho? Where the fuck did I say that you son of a whore?

My problem is that your mother is stupid whore you fucking idiot. Where the fuck did I said that?

Jesus fucking christ this board during american hours.
I don't like islam=/=supporting imperialism.
No I do think that islam is shit and shouldn't be allowed HERE in the first world or in an eventual socialist country. I didn't say we should spread our secularism in their countries.

If you analyse it objectively your correct. The counterargument is mostly based on optics, because the muslims don't fight in the correct way, like say starving thousands of yemeni children to death for literally no reason while hiding behind saudi arabia.

How the fuck can I tell who said what with the flags gone? But you're whining about the hijab and wanting to 'criticise Islam' for encroaching on the west, how else can I describe your view?


Our countries are a plague that deserve nuclear cremation.

Sorry for not getting sufficiently bootyblasted and lamenting the destruction of evropa (is that the correct spelling?) at the sight of a hijab, you twat.

This thread is half muslim imperialists practicing taqqiah and white libcucks inundated with white guilt groveling before them. Take notes, kiddos.

The only Muslim imperialist countries are US proxies.

Why the fuck should I take the advice of a Nazi on what's threatening liberal values?

surely a self identifying nazi couldn't have a dubious ulterior motive

I have no ulterior motive. Mine is out in the open. Your "muslim allies" are the ones who are not forthcoming, and you will continue to fall for it right up until they are levying a dhimmi tax on your empty little heads.

We owe them at least as much.

Good fucking god. So much projection, everybody knows that Nazis are the most untrustworthy ideology in existence, you're born liars.

Yeah at this rate maybe in 2000 years, problem is we're on track for humans to be extinct in 300 so it's not a great plan.

We make our intentions of violent ethnic cleansing of European lands perfectly clear I'm afraid.

Why is this word dropped so much on leftist boards anyway? Very telling.

If anything its native Europeans that deserve cleansing for what they've done to the rest of the world.

You can try baboon person, but you will fail. You are our play things. Run along now.

looks like someone's afraid of the BBC

I'm white, dude. We deserve it. Nazism is the logical endpoint of all Western thinking - it is irredeemably evil.

>>>Holla Forums

Who's we? Send them to live in Jewish areas.

There's a reason people hate you Jews.

Yet you are banging down the door to live in Western Nations because yours is a fucking shithole.

Go live in a Muslim nation.

Holla Forums is furious because I correctly identified their complicity in imperialist massacres but they don't want to do anything about it and are uninterested in atoning for it.

Why not leave it to private security companies? Or why not put bounties on the terrorist's heads?