This is the leader of a neo-nazi party in toronto

this is the leader of a neo-nazi party in toronto

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Why are American nazis such brainlet retards?

I'd vote for him

what did he mean by this

So why don't we elect fascists into office just so they can, inevitably, mess up and discredit their own movement further?


Because they never read what the real nazi Goebbels wrote about them back in the day.

I don't know what he is, but he sure as fuck isn't purely white…


Ron Paul has found his way into Canada?


He was in a movie too.

he's a PUA as well

What's going on?


Fuck, you got around to the obvious joke before I could


Wtf why is Tommy Wiseau running for the Toronto council?

Because commie porkies and jews lurk behind every corner and if it doesn't work out it's their fault.

There is a lot going on in here

You know when the edgy kid in highschool first learns photoshop

Is one of those arms wearing a Jamaican flag bracelet or am I not familiar enough with Euro muh heritage spooks?


I think they just wanted the heilers to have cool bracelets


We must watch different Bond movies


Macklemore was a Bond villain




I am giving up on the first world



fuck off and read marx

really makes me think




The bad design and just the overall weirdness of the poster fit perfectly with the fact the guy looks like Tommy Wiseau.


He's Russian and Greek

He was considered a literal non human by the Nut-Sac krauts and Militarist Japs he shills for…

Not only that, but the Persians once took over the Greeks which is why they're darker than most Europeans.

So is this basically the Unroo of the right?

Damn, this is fucking hilarious.

this seems like literally schizophrenia.

is this the party jordan peterson supports now?


Somebody needs to make a leftypol video of this edited with the black kid who roasts people going "no no no *bursts out laughing*">>2201539

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