Why is Holla Forums so fashion oriented...

Why is Holla Forums so fashion oriented? It's like everyone is changing their ideas every month to fit in the current trend.

Disappointing, I wanted to see pictures of cute fashionable boys.

OK, whats the current trend now OP?

Some kind of uneducated leftcom.

Because the board is filled with idiot memers from Holla Forums. Reading theory is too hard so they latch on to whatever tendency gets spammed the most.

"Flavor of the month" type mentality is pretty much how chan culture works on all boards and all chans.


read bordiga

Show me example…i've been coming to this board for almost a year now and it seems the same to me since day one.

Rafiq seems to be the new hot thing, it's probably going to take over soon.

Rafiq comes in and out, so does Bordiga forcing.

broke: read bordiga
broke: read rafiq
woke: read bordiga and rafiq

It's just one retard posting "read bordiga xD" in every fucking thread. I didn't want to acknowledge him but now some people genuinely seem to think there's some sort of secret leftcom cadre lurking around here.

read bordiga

It's an old ass meme. People also spam Bookchin and Stirner.

r e a d b o r d i g a


t. $$$reddit$$$

read graeber

Read Rafiq

read bordiga


the stages of Holla Forums

1 read bordiga

2 google bookchin

3 read stirner even though every translation of the ego and his own is awful so that you can bitch about how nobody can truly understand him without knowing german

4 be taken over by unfunny tankies/ussr apologists/maoists who dont read at all

I remember when spookposting was the hot shit.

please read bordiga

We just need a return to lacanian analysis and then all will be well again.

but it ish preshishely zhe opposite, zhe return to Lacanian psychoanalysis will usher zhat primordial dishcontent which will upshet zhe fundamental order - all will not be well again, and zhis ish what matters mosht


Ancoms always switch


Yeah nah, most leftists dress like shit. I know it's a political statement about showing the man how you don't care and how radical you are. At best you could say they look like the people in Calvin Klein and Saint Laurent ads with the whole grunge and heroin chic thing

at least the autright knows they have to dress semi-decently to appeal to normal people and show you're one of them.

Where do I start with Danny Devito, Holla Forums?

Its an anarchist and SJW thing.

I'm an anarchist and I dress like I'm in a Polo Ralph Lauren magazine

His statement still applies then

has been the trend for months then

I shiggy diggy

i wanna read that

Anti-bullying campaigns were a mistake.

notice how nobody talks about bookchin anymore… its the same people who swap clothes all the time, for most others its a very slow drift is they change at all, and they usually end up not wholly one of the other

I'll post it on here at some point.

I'm writing on anarchism and the need for collective authority.

remember Hoxha going bunkers? I remember

..so the board got shit as soon as the bordiga meme popped up..

Also I will probably be writing another short piece on why anarchists need to stop blowing their load early and take fewer actions of greater consequence each.

I hold out hope it's just different people rotating in and out

Every community is like that, and 90% of it is simply because of short-lived ironic memes and shitposting. Community opinions don't change so fast. Relax, OP.

There was only one serous Bookchin poster and they are still doing it just less frequently. Probably getting bored with Holla Forums, I can't blame them.