How do we purge the idpolers?


Purge them from where? Are you a member of an organization?

From the Left, nigger

make them read Bordiga, not even joking

paging hoochie

Make this book essential reading.
Not even joking. The only way to make them go away is to become their no. 1 enemy

Tbh an effective strat is to be actual socialists: in hte UK labour party most Idpolers are blairites so they purged themselves from the leadership when Corbyn took power. Kinda a cruel irony.

Do you even understand that text?

I do. I do understan even better the uncomfortable situation of a liberal that has to justify a piece that is constantly called antisemitic

I don't think idpol is even an issue worth discussing anymore. The extreme idpol movement lost steam with Hillary and now people seem to be much more focused on class issues.

pic is why idpolers are shilling against rafiq on Holla Forums

Anyone that actually talked to rafiq on revleft wouldn't shill him this hard.


So rafiq was an anarchist?

He was a stalinist. And kind of an asshole

rafiq "bullied" redditers that didn't know theory so hard that they still shitpost about rafiq being mean to them to this today

You're thinking of Ismail.

Nothing bad in this

Barely anyone browsed reddit back then. Stop making shit up.

nigga u dumb

It's easier to push an idol than to actually understand theory.


Both those things are self evident.

Ismail is a fucking Dengist now lol.


I'm talking 2010-2011 you dense pony fucker.

Proofs? That's a new low for him.


there's a lot of ex-users of revleft on facebook and reddit. when they talk about revleft they usually allude to or mention rafiq undeniably for reasons like

there was no reason for rafiq to be notable at that time, his prime was arguably in 2013-2016.


what do you mean idpol?
it's simply not realistic imo for Full Workers' Class Unification, Consciousness, and Revoltâ„¢ in %currentyear%
people identify by sex, race, language, religion, before class. It simply doesn't occur to them. You'd have to bait them in with some form of identity politics.

I mean, don't get me wrong, but we have been living under the neoliberalism for so long that the leading referent of the term socialism is "$1917 minimum wage, muh healthcare, muh programs, i'm with her 2020".