Why do people say China is Communist when it's really Fascist?

Why do people say China is Communist when it's really Fascist?

Why do people mix up the two? Is it because of Stalin/Cuba-authoritarianism?


Care to enlighten me?

Why bother? you're just an uthopian who thinks everybody is good and that after capitalism is defeated there's jsut plenty of good people and everybody is going to love each other and we're all going to live happily ever after in luxurious gay automated communism.
Wake up and smell the coffee.

ignore that brainlet's reply. china is legitimately some fucked up dark ideological shit that can't evoke communism.

What a stupid post.


The CCP say it is socialist, that's why.


Because they aren't white.



China is not fascist. It is a heavily deformed workers' state. The KMT were fascists.

Actually a very interesting point. China should be the example pol types study and promote. But since they're not white they have to dig up Nazis instead.

Fascism isn't a synonym for "right-wing dictatorship". It's a specific movement led by a specific class that happens in a specific context for a specific reason.

Again, the KMT were a prime example of an actual fascist movement (during the civil war, that is.) The CCP were and are not fascists. Horrible, yes. Fascist, no.

because fascism doesn't mean having an authoritarian government and a cult of personality you brainlet

Not really, China isn't an example of a völkisch neverland were marble statues roam through the Teutoburger Wald. Those who hold up China as an example are environmentalists and liberals who see China as unburdened by populism and the wager of interests of parliamentary democracy.

So basically it's what most people mean when they say "fascism", but not the dictionary definition of it? Words can change meaning, you know…

Joke: China is democratic
Broke: China is communist
Stroke: China is fascist

No, they are nationalistic and socialist. They also engage in vital space acquisition, both economically and militarily.

Fascism had a progressive and atheist component, just as communism elsewhere, but once imposed on the population the return to classic Rome propaganda created a monster adding traditionalism, catholicism to nationalism, and expansionism.

The damage done to the existing society, even without counting the war, has been similar to communist states and they are both culprits for the present one dimensional society.

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Fuck never thought about it but they fill all the requrements for genuine mussolinian fascism

Their economic policy is actually really similar to Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.