What are some of the porkiest companies in the world

Shall we list some of the nastiest shenanigans run by big firms to exploit people.

For example, Nestle tried to make the poor mothers of third world countries to become dependent on their infant formula.


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The nestle baby formula debacle was over 50 years ago. That may have been peak porky, but i don't think they are still reigning champs.

The Porkiest of the Porkies

Coca-Cola death squads.
McDonald's sudden turn to eco-friendly behaviour after chopping down huge portions of the Amazon, promising from then on to replant more trees than they cut down.
The Congo Crisis (specifically the state of Katanga and the assassination of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld)
Prison-industrial complex bribing judges to send everyone down for the maximum sentence, and to trump up charges where possible
Pharmaceutical-industrial for bribing doctors to prescribe SSRI's and opioids/synthetics
Tobacco and alcohol industries lobbying against the war on drugs in order to maintain limited competition


I want to write a screenplay some day about Chiquita banana death squads in Central America. It would be a black comedy.

I look forward to seeing the bastardised final cut full of crass American humour and slapstick.

What are some modern companies that make use of slave labor in Africa?

I'm more concerned about Nestle's (and many other companies') privatization of municipal water supplies.

One area where Nestle (supposedly) is making minute improvements. Most of the chocolate industry essentially still does this.

Amazon forbids employees from casual chitchat 'because it steals company time' and tries to make them deliver crap on their way home from work
Samsung and Microshaft build telescreens
Those Celine Dion CDs (by SOPA-loving Virgin Records iirc) from the late 90s that bricked any drive they were put into as an anti-piracy measure
Ritalin and other counterproductive and often quite fucked-up medical fads, dunno whose fault they all are
Kelogg and unnecessary surgery
Google n co's campaign to bowlderise, de-anonymise and monentize everything online by unpersoning or hotpocketing whatever they disagree with
Walmart destroys local economies and assigns its employees work that takes longer than the hours they're paid for
Unis spy on students and random people online, often in collaboration with Alphabet Soup, textbooks and the need to learn gender studies or patriotism or some other irrelevant spooky thing to get a degree in engineering or something are a fucking scam too
DRM on Teslas and John Deere vehicles
I had to give my ISP power of attorney to post this


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Tyson Chicken disallows employees to use the bathroom at sane intervals, forcing many to wear diapers on the job.

Tyson is literally Jungle tier. They're forcing workers to go so fast that they lose fingers and animals are being cooked alive.

That's the only thing you've got? 50 year old BS? If that was the apex of human evil, then we live in the best of the worlds.

And they did it with the sanction from the US HQ? Or was it just the god old fashioned latin american violence at work?

Here's a good example of BS made by local departmens not sanctioned by the HQ:


When the HQ in Sweden got wind of it, heads rolled.

The Indian spice trade runs wholly on slave labour. I have a friend who works in the commodities trade, and at one point he had to see to it that their S-Asian affiliate could get certified "slavery free" partners. They could not find a single one.

Hormel Foods Corporation the makers of Spam

No idea, muke brought it up recently but I remember it from some website a decade ago that used to suggest articles, music, games etc.

I remember as a kid those psa's between mid day childrens programing, that warned children to drink milk everyday, or else their bones will weaken and break.

We were taught, milk was a absolute dietary requirement.

I can assure you if a multinational employs death squads, then HQ at least knows about it and tacitly allows it.

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united fruit company is the best example
creating the term banana republic (the pc term is special economic zone now) and slaughtering strikers

Chiquita Brands International, has admitted to paying nearly $2 million to right-wing death squads in Colombia

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