When I think back to my time spent on Holla Forums and /i/ in the 00s...

When I think back to my time spent on Holla Forums and /i/ in the 00s, what stands out to me is the coherence of how raids were planned. There was tactical unity, resulting in force and direction. Yet now these sort of hacker tactics are used seemingly only by the alt-right. How can we get leftists into the sort of raiding and online tactics that old user and the alt-right seem to be sophisticated with doing?

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The alt-right are shit at it tho

raids are dumb and gay anyways


Not always

Did you see that article about body part brokers? Sending cadaver parts in the mail should be a standard raid practice.

M8, /i/ was fucking awful. Are you sure you're not OD'ing on nostalgia shots right now? I find raids hilarious, but the vast majority of raids there were failed personal army shit.
You serious, nigger? Aut-right spergs are completely incapable of grasping the "I don't give a damn" attitude which made so many prior raids successful. They do not raid to make people offended, they raid because they ARE offended, and it shows, dragging down the quality whenever they try. Even despite their moralfagging and butthurt, they fail to even remotely match other moralfaggy, butthurt e-activist raids like Chanology.

This doesn't necessarily mean they're competent though.

Purge SJWs, they make up a majority of our side and are the reason we’re so inept.

Serious reply:

1. Scale. Back when we were rading Habbo Hotel or the CoS we had small organizations with little to no ability to handle a surge of disruptive channers. We were successful because they usually fell apart right away.

2. Time. A decade ago the internet was still relatively new. Organizations didn't really know how to handle it's downsides. Most serious institutions now have countermeasures sophisticated enough to stymie a raid.

3. Goals. The goal of your typical raid in 2005 was to ruin someone's day. Political groups that don't just want to disrupt, provoke and draw media attention have more complicated goals.

There's obviously factors attributable to the left at foot (divisions, idpol purity contests) but even without these problems your classic pool's closed raid isn't the best instrument for agitating on healthcare or worker's rights.

You just gonna pretend that the pewtube raid never happened?


Someone from here completely assblasted the pewtube admin by running scripts and uploading porn.

Hahaha, nice. Did anyone archive anything?

I think if you check their admin account on twitter you can see them being assblasted in real time. Search their username + leftypol.


So what happened to pewtube anyway? I know they shut it down for awhile so that the operator could whine about those dirty communists using his free speech website.

I assume it flopped like it was destined to. Corporations have caught onto a trick that if they censor one half of the spectrum at a time, the backlash will always create alternatives skewed towards that side of politics and a popular net neutrality movement can never form.

yea they had no major political impact or anything

Raiding culture and vigilante justice on the internet is fucking idiotic, dangerous and childish.
Watch Black Mirror

Chans have too much exposure these days to be effective in, for lack of a better term, "traditional" internet warfare (including, in many cases, the presence of potential targets) and in addition anywhere worth targeting is no longer a soft target by any metric. It takes a disruption (such as neogaf fucking imploding) to open a breach large enough for a more traditional traditional raid to exploit.

they did not

If you guys form a discord or something for this sort of thing I'll definitely join