has anyone been as humiliated as bad as Hillary? Mosley comes close


Alf Landon lol

Why won't she just go the fuck away?

i wanna fuck that cat

We need lewds of berniecat.

for what reason

You know why user, you know why.

I'm with Her in 2020!

Regarding the Hillary Question: Is she a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie or a terminator from the future that arrived 50 years early?

She's so deep in the bottle she's lost track of time.

I feel sorry for burgers, I truly do

Please put us out of our misery.

1. Her gigantic ego and narcissism (the same reason she ran in the first place)

2. So she can continue helping the Dem party carry out its main function: preventing the left from ever being represented in power in the US.


Berniecat's lewds would be too cute to masturb8 to tbh

What would be worse? Hillary "Mad Max: Ghadaffi edition" Clinton running again or her dumbass daughter?

Alunya should fuck the retardation out of her

Which chapter is that from?

they are both worse


she's a spite vampire, and will live into her 90s because everybody hates her rotten guts.

FPTP and two-party cancer must go

we already knew


Don't insult him. He's the most based around here

he spour more idpol than hoochie

um, try again sweety
it's because of brocialism like this we now need #the_resistance