What are Holla Forums's thoughts on rewilding North America?

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reactionary garbage. read Rafiq

You have to be shitposting
If not, fuck off back to reddit

no he's not. read Rafiq.

how embarrassing

Rewilding is deep ecologist nonsense. We don't need rewilding, we need an organised and disciplined Communalist movement

Rewilding as in reintroducing animals into their orginal habitat and restoring the wilderness
Humans can live in eco friendly cities and towns, but allow other animals to have their habitats as well

The only thing Holla Forums and Holla Forums have in common is their hatred of environmentalism
The fuck is wrong with you boards

read all the rafiq posts here, they're quite long for a forum but good

I just stated we need a Communalist (i.e. radical ecology) movement. I just hate deep ecology

Why the fuck do you hate deep ecology??!!
Do you at least support the half earth project by E O Wilson?



Sociobiology a shit

This nigga goes in

I mean, he's sort of right but he's also very obviously never heard of any kind of ecology other than deep ecology and wilderness mysticism

YES i am for it

We waz treez n sheit

Comrade, have you got any rafiq posts you could hit me up with so I can get woke to the reactionary nature of ecology?

fuck off rafiq


Rafiq is literally schizophrenic and will be put down after the revolution.

t. Rafiq
This is why I can't take the article 100% serious. Consider USA vs EU. Yeah, the midwest plains have a much more extreme climate than EU. Hot summers and cold, snowy winters. But there's still more deaths from heat strokes per capita in EU. Why? Shouldn't those who live in the hotter parts of EU be more prepared for it, as they can specialize in coping with heat?

The answer is more AC in USA. If you can cool down during the night, you decrease the risk of dying from heat strokes. Especially if you're old.

Well, plant some fucking shading trees and have someone hose off the road once in a while.

No one is forcing anyone to build in Suspicious River Valley.

All trees will be cut down after the revolution

this t b h

Not caring for the environment is literally Mao tier.

lol rafiq has read too much science fiction. ecological and climate processes sustain human life and human psychology and we do not have the means to reproduce either in enough abundance to sustain a diverse enough population of humans. i agree we must make the most scientific evaluation of the biosphere and not succumb to bourgeois environmentalism, but the most scientific evaluation is that we need every little bit because we don't really know what will happen as we lose entire biospheres.

I've come to realize that Holla Forums is a chink hive
This board is chockful of chink shilling, and has extreme distain for western leftist values such as deep ecology


Haha whoops, autocorrect. No idea how that happened.

Not caring for the environment is actually reactionary tier retardation manifested from being raised in this capitalist dystopia. Even deeper, it's in our human nature to think about what we want in the now, so we disregard climate change and remain oblivious to the fact that we're in a mass extinction event. Easter Island scenario can't come soon enough to wake these retards up. And China needs to just stop fucking existing so the Finns can come in turn that region of the world from self-destructing free market capitalism to sustainable succdem paradise.

Путин хороший человек не сделал ничего плохого

Wooopsy. Didn't meant too. I'm not russian guys, don't worry

this thread is full of LARPers clinging to some bullshit.
I was just thinking about how jailed Indians (from India) will ask for cow's urine to drink while serving time. It's so sacred to them that it's like, you can take away my rights, but don't deny me the cow pee!
just outlaw factory farms. don't FALC that part. decriminalize/desubsidize 'normal' farming. Once imperialism stops, people will be free to use land correctly.
There should be a gigantic Biosphere in the center of the US, housing whatever indigenous people or bourgeois white people who embrace Yoga culture except there aren't any markets so they can have a place to not be total hypocrits. Actually there will be one of these, and tons of forced femme gulags - that'll be all of capitol hill, after the civil war.

You need to practice writing or take an english 101 course because fuck that was hard trying to understand what you're saying.

Rewilding would have to be anti-natalist to the core. Human populations are currently too large to be sustained without conventional agriculture and forestry. I mean, there are high yield permaculture techniques that mitigate the space requirements for some types of agriculture, mainly vegetables. But you can't have AnPrim magic food forests without mass genocide.

This guy has some very serious ADHD

Fuck off Vermont farmers are probably the least harmful to nature and the most-leftist out of any in America.

Because I want to be a farmer.

Have villages surrounded by farmland, then surrounded by forests. Don’t rewild everything.

Also don’t do it in just three belts. DO it where land isn’t used. Or isn’t needed.

Imo we should be rewilding (if that's what you want to call it) more and more of the planet every year once socialism is established, in all regions. It would be more ecological and efficient for humans to be concentrated into megacity zones based around existing centres of culture and population connected by ultrafast trains and solar/electrical powered aircraft. We can sprawl all we like on other planets but earth has to be shared.

Social ecology > "deep" ecology

Urbanites leave

I mean it'd be nice and all but its unrealistic in the extreme while the human species is still running wild on the planet.

These rafiq posts ya e activated my almonds
First in front of the wall

Urban living is the only realistic future for mankind

Wouldn't mind, tbh

the boreal forest is pretty useless. except the parts that connect with the south lakes.

Cascadia would be amazing. With white supremacists dead of course.

you're generalizing like an idiot. Ecology is real and great.

weak falseflag

I'm on board with this but I would like important areas of human history to survive too as tourist zones or whatever.

I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in 2015-2016
Still super wild out there, particularly south of the Mason Dixon line.

Space colonies would be sweet. That image is a O'Neill cylinder, made famous by Gundam.

Google Bookchin holy shit

this is amazing

Is that really Holla Forums's position?

it unironically is. you should have lurked at least over a year ago

I stopped coming to this board some tine ago, back when it was 8th. Now came back to this. Interesting development.

When did this rafiq character emerge?

Bullshit it is, just because some people troll every topic on animal rights etc doesn't make it some kind of consensus.

I suppose that's how the chons work. People with a differing opinion see a thread vaguely related to ecology and don't even click, because they know it will be filled with rafiqs/anti-sjws/incels/whatever other subculture tends to be loud in that manner

This guy is wild for sure. I'm very glad we're going to be extinct before those manner of visions can become reality.

keep reading

I am, and I remain unswayed by this prophet. He sounds extremely autistic. Feelings are a pathetic remnant of an animalistic past and shall be bioengineered away all in service of Humanity.

Yeah, just like it happened in Chernobyl, right?


Give me a break, I just discovered this shit. What's Nick Land?

Read Fanged Noumena & Thirst for Annihilation.
Nick Land is unironically right.
Can't post PDFs yet, BO fix the board pls.

Wikipedia tells me he's a Dark Enlightenment guru. That's not terribly leftist.

PDFs are up

That is why you should read Zizek as a complement to both Rafiq and Land.


I actually don't get why Nick hangs out with the NRx crowd. He's definitely not a reactionary in the traditionalist sense. Nick land's overall point is that not only is capitalism unstoppable at this point, it will lead to the extinction of humanity in the near future. If human agents survive they will be dehumanized beyond recognition.
Though this isn't all there is to his works.

Great. Let's see if multiple image posting works too.

Tell me, why should I read him?

Hillary Clinton already gave a reason to.

Because he's batshit insane interesting. The same reason for reading other philosophers.
That might be true, but it isn’t a good one.

No it’s the position of armcharists

No. If communism will make humans wreck nature as carelessly as capitalism does, then it will ultimately not be much better because it will end up getting us fucking killed. The biosphere is still far beyond our full understanding, but we do know that small changes can have huge effects, and that we depend on a lot of natural processes that are potentially disrupted by our activities.