When did you realise Black Pigeon Speaks is a lonely pigeon-obsessed weirdo?

When did you realise Black Pigeon Speaks is a lonely pigeon-obsessed weirdo?

Wow her voice is way lower than I remember. Are we sure she isn't trans?

this goes in the trash thread

Every time

I hate these people as much as anyone else but this is Holla Forums tier

In other words the Earth is round, water is wet, and OP is still a faggot

it was hate at first sight

youtube btfo

His video on us was so shit, you can tell he just read one mean thing said about him and got ultra triggered. Then quickly made a video on us. Even showing screen caps from .pl

When you go around the internet making a name for yourself by bitching about ugly beta-males and end up being an ugly beta-male, he deserves to be called out on it.

Deep Ecology was a mistake

I remeber when I was little this weirdo near my home that did this same shit with pigeons. He took care of them, sometimes he took them inside the house with him. I remeber that he used to spend entire days feeding them.
Turns out he was eating them. I don't know if it was because he was so poor that he couldn't afford a meal or just a total fucking schizo.


What annoys me so much about this are the number of people in the comments glorifying the fact that certain businesses (a much smaller number than they'd like) are exclusively for Japanese people. That's nothing to be proud of or happy about, such businesses have come under fire from Japanese people and foreigners in the country who see no reason why they ought to be excluded. The usage of the signs might also be unconstitutional.

Why do they think it's a good thing to exclude people solely on their racial background?

"Oh hello fellow aut-rightists, I didn't see you there. I was just casually applying make up in Japan…"

Forigners in the country should shut the fuck up.
Not even saying that these kind of buisness are right, but foreigners complaing just make them sound really really bad, you go in america if you want to behave like a dog.

I only lived in New York for a couple of years, but I'm told it isn't that strange to take care of pigeons of you live in apartment buildings.

You're definitely not supposed to eat them though. They're known for being extremely dirty and disease ridden.

Yeah well, that guy was dirty and probably disease ridden for a reason

Why? Just because they are there it means that they should be discriminated against in such situations? Do you feel the same way about people who have gained Japanese citizenship? I can bet that the organisations with "Japanese only" signs also exclude non-racially Japanese people with Japanese citizenship. That's definetely unconstitutional.

If your idea is that people shouldn't complain because it makes them look bad, it's a silly idea. People can and should complain when they think something is disagreeable; they may not be listened to but to say that they are not allowed to complain is dogmatic.

You know, there are a lot worse things you could make fun of this guy for than fucking *saving animals*.