I keep herring aut-rights talking about November fourth. Is it an actual leftist thing or is in the liberal woman’s march 2.0?

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There's quite a few antifa actions planned for that date. Rose City Antifa was talking about it being quite militant.

It will be started by comrades and then taken over by "Justice Democrats" and other progressive pieces of crap.

The front for Sansour?

Oh the people who follow the Lesbian.

A meme. A supposed coup.
If americans really do it they hit a new low.

Holla Forums falseflag. stop bumping this thread, stop replying in this thread

Is it you who reported OP's post? Are you one of those redditors who send 10 reports a day for posts that don't break any rules?
If OP was a Holla Forums falseflagger he wouldn't check if it's something aut-rightists have overblown, he'd post something like "whats our plan for nov 4th fellow comrades?"

I’m not a Holla Forumsak I was just curious about what it is because I keep hearing about it.

Fine, keep Holla Forums threads up then. You'll even get a bump from me, go attack some government buildings on november the 4th

Remember Remember? Fifth of November?

And of course it was me who reported OP's post you retarded faggot, although it's the only post I've reported in a few days. Keep threads like these alive and then wonder why people are complaining over ever increasing Holla Forums activity in threads

I’m not a Holla Forumsak

Whos going to watch the Russian November 7th Revolution parade in Red square?

Well SOMETHING is going the fuck on.

What time will it take place? And by time I mean in America time standards




Where? All antifa twitter accounts are run by aut-rightists and russian bots.


Rose City Antifa is in Portland.

Everyone is going to start a revolution by sitting on recliners in the street and reading

One of the false-flag ones unironically left their location on by accident and they were in Vladivostok or some shit

By "where" I mean "where did you see this"? If it was on twitter or fedbook then it is a false flag. Antifa doesn't organize online.

I dunno I think I saw some scattered "antifa" groups (not false flag ones to my knowledge) planning on doing some protests or whatever the fuck that day but nothing huge, I think it's mostly a Holla Forums meme. I'm pretty sure a bunch of aut-rightists are just going to come out expecting a full scale revolution because they're retarded. I've seen some shit about it on 4/pol/ fearmongering about how "the ANTIFAS are planning a revolution nov 4 they have millions of people on their side get out of the city it's dangerous now! Soros is sending them weapons!"

From what I learned the RCP front group (RefuseFascism) announced an impeach trump demonstration on the 4th some time ago and the aut-right is hyping it like the retards they are.

Does anyone have any hilarious screencaps of Holla Forums sperging overt this?

I think this is it:

Expect more of these kinds of false flags in the future. They may be used to institute a coup by Trump.
Screencap away

The problem is that you need a widescale revolt to actually happen before you get any sort of fascistic power grab. Nothing of the sort is occurring. The Nov 4th meme is just a retarded farce by autists; the worst thing that can happen is that people get killed by paranoid aut-zealots. There were at least actual and regular street fights between commies and fascists in europe during the 20th century, nothing even remotely close to that scale is happening in the US atm.

Surprise Surprise. Afroplasm is from 4/pol/

Lots of people use the black nationalist flag as a shitposting flag on 4pol.

Why do you think it would be a government-run false flag? Most of these groups, or at least the bigger ones like BAMN, RefuseFascism, etc. are financially backed by liberal billionaires' foundations who are still upset that Hillary didn't win the Presidency. If anything it would be closer to a Color Revolution that we usually stage in other countries.

Haha. If burger billionaires in burgerland try to do a color revolution I will laugh my ass off. Trump will never resign because his ego is to big. And the American military is designed to stop such an event from happing. Revolution is possible in america, but not one who’s organization’s are committed to “non-violence”

It will probably be a joke for the reason you outlined: the Red Empire is pretty much aligned with Trump and the Blue Empire only has foundations, universities, and the media. Ultimately, someone has to bring the articles of impeachment against him, and I don't see any Republicans about to do that. The Blue Team would have a bit of a problem explaining why "accepting help from Russia to win the election" is such a big deal when other countries do the same for them. Well, they control the media so they can just make some shit up and people will believe it.

By Red empire I mean the Pentagon, basically.

pretty sure nov. 4 was a false flag started by Holla Forumsfags to make it seem like antifa was gonna do something big so all the patriot and kekistan LARPers show up to counter them, and when no leftists actually show up, they can claim a big victory. and it looks like idiots from both sides took it seriously.

My thoughts exactly. Feeling pretty bad for the original organizers though, who're just going to be met with LARPers of the worst caliber

Oh god, this never dawned on me. Please send out camera crews and shit I want to see them.


Any chance that the auts get so paranoid that they start attacking each other?

this is at the same time the funniest and most depressing thing i've ever read. thanks user.

If that happens I will be laughing my ass off.

We should dress up as MAGA retards as start infighting,


this happens all the time online, lots of the antifa accounts Holla Forums tries to screenshot and dox end up being right wing trolls

Please God make this happen

Someone know how many people will probably appear ? Or at least know if will be a march of 4 people or 4k.