Did Dresden deserve it?

Did Dresden deserve it?

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Never happened.


The fire-bombing of Dresden (which killed approximately 25,000+ civilians) was state-sponsored terrorism, much like the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki — though these were much worse. Had they been perpetrated by the Nazis, they would today be described in history books as acts of depraved savagery — and rightly so.

They may not have deserved it but they sure as fuck had it coming.

Did the nazi women deserve their rape at the hands of the red army?


Repopulation =/= Rape
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I get it, "the victors write history" and all that. But Slaughter House Five is a pretty commonly assigned book in american high schools and the Dresden bombings are a pretty big part of the book so it's not like the american culture machine has hidden away that part of history.

Broke: Dresden deserved it
Woke: Hanoi deserved it

I'm going to go to hell for this, but that picture looks like it would work well as an edgy album cover for a black metal band or other similar genre.


I'm 100% sure it already is. It just can't be otherwise.

Broke: Bomber Harris do it again!
Woke: Hermann Goering do it again!

Next time use gas please.

You're right. It's not like it's been banned from official historiography; just like the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, it's widely discussed by historians and a controversial subject. But I'd argue that's precisely the issue here: it's "controversial". Who would describe the torching of Oradour-sur-Glane or the massacre of Nanking as "controversial"? No, they'd rightly be described as war crimes of the utmost brutality. So why the hesitation with Dresden or Hiroshima? Because the perpetrators were the good guys?


answer: it was an inter-imperialist war between capitalism/russian capitalism and fascist capitalism, fascism obviously being much more brutal in every aspect.

Inter arma enim silent leges

What the do you mean by "controversial"? That people are allowed to defend it? Because yeah in that case it's because it's the "good guys" who did it. It's not like we don't take nukes very seriously though.

bomber harris was a hero and dresden deserved more than what they got


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Ah, another one of Goebbels' lies comes bubbling up again.

The only people who cry over Dresden are unrepentant fascists who slaughtered tens of millions and wanted to ethnically cleanse all of Eastern Europe to see their ideal society realised.

Unironically this.

It's not so much that it's "allowed", rather that it's usually considered intellectually and/or morally legitimate. If a French public official ever described the torching of Oradour-sur-Glane as merely "controversial", it would cause widespread outrage from citizens and historians alike and spawn the fiercest shitstorm in a decade.

Christian here. They deserved worse.



I know it's a meme to call anything a spook, but merit definitely is. There's no such thing in any non-human system.

Good thread
anti-German GANG

Anti-zionist gang

nothing says they can't both be bastards

This. At that point in the war the amount of force used was excessive since iirc victory in Europe for the Allies wasn't a matter of if but when. German leadership gambled against that happening if the war turned against them when they started bombing London, lost, and as is often regretably the case when the state gambles, their proles were the ones that paid for it.

t. non-russian or briton
Germans deserved literal mass torture and death after what they did to the people of eastern Europe and Britain.

Brits + colonies don't even amount to half a million deaths, Hitler was an Anglophile.

Even better: youtube.com/watch?v=kIrNYvFwRD0



Did Coventry deserve it? Hitler bombed first, never forget that.

Fascism is death.

You will never see a Nazi apologist talk about the 30 million Slavic people they murdered and raped in Eastern Europe.

You will never see a Nazi apologist talk about the thousands killed in the bombimg of England.

Germans really fucked up.


The Final Solution to the Kraut Problem

weak tbh

Stop giving them ammo


Anyone who opposed the USSR deserved it.

Germans should have been genocided. They're an inherently evil group.

So what? The Germans deserved it.



I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. Some RABM band could adopt it.

All this stuff Holla Forums cries about sounds like a good thing, tbh

If you say so…, I don't see how mass immigration is making my country a paradise of perpetual peace, quite the contrary actually. My gf had her phone and wallet stolen a few weeks ago.

I don't think any Nazis deserved to die, but the civilians living in Dresden certainly did. It's regrettable that any nazis or wehrmacht were killed as collateral.

You deserve it for your forefathers' crimes against Jews, against Slavs, and genocides in Africa, among other things. Mass immigration in its current form isn't supposed to make a country into a place of peace - it's reverse colonization. The global South is claiming what's rightfully theirs.


racist, imperialist apologist detected.

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I'm Spanish, not German. Jews have been expelled and murdered dozens and dozens of times during history, not only in Europe, Muslims also hated the Jews and they hate them to this day, one has to wonder why. Many countries in Africa still practice slavery in this day and age.

You're probably a Holla Forums troll trying to bring sjw bullshit in here.

Jews=/=Global South.


I thought they guy I was replying to was a German - they were guilty of genocides in Africa in the past, practicing for the Jews and all. Also, all Western countries are complicit in the suffering of the global South for their aiding of the US and failure to join the USSR and establish Communism.

not even /r/socialism is this retarded

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That’s the British

Most of the people who participated in the Holocaust are dead. I don’t think we should punish the Krouts further

The Western Bourgieous are, not western prols

The USSR fell, it’s been thirty years.

They obviously didn't deserve it, but I dunno what the Nazis expected when they were doing the same shit first. War had laws for a reason, waging a war like the Nazis did only really makes sense if you're ok with the sort of retaliation you'll receive. That blood is on Nazi hands.

Yes talk shit get hit. Sad of course but that's war for you, to crush the German war machine you had to break a few eggs

The end justifies the means

That's war for ya fam. Dirty fucking buisness.

Look into the Herero genocide.
They weren't punished enough. They still exist, after all.

They all are. They haven't overthrown their governments and enjoy the fruits of imperialism.

Opposing the USSR is another reason why they deserve more punishment.

Nobody deserves war, user. Reactionaries deserve the gulag and fascists deserve the bullet, but no one deserves war.

Global war will be required to create Communism. Any opponents are reactionaries who deserve it. Simple.