There is still revolutionary potential in the United States of America-


They look like paid protestors


Yes actually

This also

read Bordiga

I like how the PERIOD in the middle banner is written in red. Subtle.

They are. "Turning Point USA" is an astroturf organization.

This. Daily reminder that SV literally would not exist without government contracts.

Pick one

Key words
•Harverd Study
Seems legit, pic related



There wasn't a time in its history where Capitalism hasn't coalesced into monopolies the state has to crack open and destroy and start over again from scratch.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.



What's yfw you realize global communism is already in effect by the international bankers having complete and total control over every nation on the planet besides north korea and some places in the middle east?


Government intervention doesn't equal commerce.
Good Times=Weak Men=Bad Times=Strong Men=Good Times
That happens regardless of the system of government. I'm not talking about the State's downfall, I'm talking about what brought down the State.

Minimum wage laws are a good example of a restriction of capitalism.

if free markets nullify themselves in reality, the problem isn't reality, it's the market, which sucks, read Marx.

Pure ideology

Imagine adhering to such a degree of meme-tier ideology unironically.

Six people represent an entire nation.


More like one of the only things keeping capitalism from collapsing.

How is that not capitalism? What sort of corporation doesn't seek monopolistic status?

I'll check myself, before I wreck myself.


are Holla Forumsyps really this retarded?

Yea, us communists don’t like liberals either. What the point of this garbage meme?

Liberal = commie = democrat = cultural marxist

Are you referring to my analogy for the transition of the generations, or are you complaining about Men being in charge?


The first, it's not an analogy at all.

This is retarded

Notable democratic politician fucking Vladimir Lenin


They are.

every time

That image is making fun of righties

Holla Forums forever btfo
praise kek!!!!

It's reactionary propaganda, largely propagated by Molyneux, but view it through the lens of revolutionary potential, and it's not wrong. Things need to get much worse before they get better.


I'm sure Lenin can answer.

True. Now can you address the point?

Have you ever considered not being a retard?

generation theory is bullshit created by marketers to split the working class along identity lines.

This is what the average american right winger actually believes btw.


Millenials are balding by now, Gen Z are going to be the most classcucked people on earth

Keep repeating it brainlet, maybe some mythical creature will grant your wish.

I agree with your reasoning. But it's just a given range of time to measure a generation. It's a bullshit label for a bullshit time period that just happens to be whatever it is referred to in the present time, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation Z. But that's not what I was asking. I was asking you why you don't believe the quote is right.

Kek people are a loud minority in Gen Z and everyone hates them.

what did he mean by this


Because the assumption ignores the internal contradictions of systems of economics and governance entirely and panders to the notion of "good people can just put their heads together and make literal magic happen" if that was true Rosa Luxemburg wouuldn't be in the river.

It's a nonsensical Holla Forums meme friendo.

Why is Teddy in this picture twice

you're doing the mental gymnastics wrong, it goes like this:
commie = succdem = wants to give niggers free shit = wants niggers to fuck his wife = liberal = cultural marxist

do you deny the existence of global bankers?

This is a pretty crucial part of the equation but
I don't think they know what a social democracy is.

meant for

A bunch of retarded soccer moms and college kids who cry bitch tears the second weakling antifa weirdos give them the beating they deserve doesn't mean shit.

bankers do not want communism

Pick one

Your assumption neglects to include that it's the _people_ that create the system they govern.

The structures that people are born into shape them, yes people sustain and create these structures, but to imply that only collapse creates virtue is fucking retarded. Also Rosa is a saint and a martyr.

How do you go from being a far right liberal capitalist and suddenly to a central-right leaning authoritarian I might ask?

What went wrong?

The inherent instability of capitalism, fascism is capitalism in crisis.

So I know we won't see eye to eye on the person vs environment subject, so let's just agree to disagree.

Where did I say that? Bad times doesn't have to equal a total collapse is society.
Also, so I assume revolutions are out of the question then?

Shit taste in one picture
Daily reminder that Ma Bell did nothing wrong
They also have a great youtube channel with videos that get less than 1k views

Gee, I wonder

Revolutionaries are inherently virtuous.

What inherent instability?
Coalition doesn't equal casaution.
I could literally say the same thing directed towards you.

Are you saying that the only difference between an AnCap and a NatSoc are the latter is a more extreme of the former?

Better yet, I'll just assume that the "Social Democracy" was brought in by a "peaceful" revolution.

Why is Nietzsche squeezing porky?

It's supposed to be Teddy Roosevelt

So if I were to throw a revolution in a Left leaning government would it still be virtuous, regardless of whatever is the actual fundamental belief of what is backing the cause?

The fact that markets crash every seven or eight years, combined with the fact that profit rates fall, requiring either cutting costs (mostly wages), or expanding markets (imperialism).



That's called a counter-revolution

I understand this, but, I still kind of half-expected (at least) a plurality, if not, a majority of people to have rose up by now, seeing as over 300 million people live there.


You're completely illiterate, there's no such thing as "Marxism" in contrast with "Communism"

Again, all I have to do is compare sides.

The ideology is just too strong here, most people aren't as bad as the OP image, but if they aren't they don't think there is any other alternative even possible, you can thank a several red scares, and until the 80's a relatively good economy. Then in the 80's they ramped up the ideology HARD, so when neo-liberalism shit the bed, they already have sycophantic nuts ready to defend it to the death.



My god, how can you even discuss politics let alone economics if you don't know the history of capitalism? It's to a point were we can predict economic downturns. Did you just graduate from American K-12?

Who the fuck is Mao Jing? and who are you comparing these different historical figures to?

So only your ideals align with what is considered a valid revolution? Well thank you for playing sublantics with me, it's always my favorite game to play with the Alt-Left.

Is a muntiny still a muntiny regardless of who's in command of the ship?


So you think capitalism can just go on for a thousand years like feudalism or slavery?

The other posters right btw. America is a wasteland of ideology.

Reminder that huge chunks of our working class literally thought obama was a communist muslim terrorist.




Yes, that is very possible, It's terrifying how good capital is with ignoring it's contradictions, new technology that will help porky keep control of the proles will undoubtedly progress too as time goes on. We'll either see the end of the world or more capitalism in the next 100 years, at least.

in that case, leftypol should help me create an actual fascist state and get it into shape for a proper revolution

My qualifications:
Watches good anime
Not single
American european mud genetics
0 economic education

You can trust me to do the right thing

a revolution's goal is emancipation see:
a counter revolution is not emancipatory, right wing politics reject egalitarianism and either tacitly accept or outright glorify human domination of one class over the other, see:
If you can't tell the difference in aims of these people, there's nothing to say to you.

Interesting that (((TPUSA)) was funded by Foster Friess a republic doner with a Jewish surname. It’s almost as if there is a certain group behind the scenes tying to stop socialism 🤔

Oh shit. Is that that guy I never got to beat up in Yakuza Zero?

yes it is the monkey man IRL



It's CORRELATION not coalition, you fucking retard!

It's Mao Zedong you goddamn brainlet. And Pol Pot is two words.

This is a communist party meeting in 1936. Say something nice about her (and not FDR)

This is hard, hmmmm
There's more than 10 of them, isn't that something.

Stalin was the last Russian leader who has actually leftist while Lincoln was the only American leader that was truly revolutionary. Seems fitting for them to share the same stage.

They're not even genuine conservative activists, Toilet Paper USA is a Porky-funded AstroTurf org.

Burgers arent human this has been known for a long time
The US right-wing are the most class-cucked Idpoled right-wing SJWs on earth
And the american """left""" has fallen so low it has become the thing that all Aut-right idiots worldwide point to prove "Muh Karltural Marxism"

America is Un-Salvageable


Americans are too stupid for revolution. The sugar in their daily McDonalds makes it difficult for blood to reach the brain.


Yeah, they're called the bourgeoisie. They've been at it for centuries.

Before the flags were gone we didn’t have this amount of retarded Holla Forums posters. Literally everything coming out of their mouths is so wrong I think some of them are b8ing.


the Diggers and Levelers would like a word about that

that's not a burger it's a Holla Forumsyp


read lenin

they largely are
in addition to this, when they show up to debates, they send professionals to debate against students :thinking:

This was a time in America when no one had strong feelings for Stalin. It's not until the cold war/mccarthyism is when we get delusional like yourself.

If you think that any single company or businessman cares a whit about free market principles or preserving the middle class, whatever the fuck that is supposed to be nowadays, you are an utter imbecile.

The economy shat the bed starting in the '70s. It's what discredited Keynesianism.


We need to put a stop to Mao Kim Xipeng

So this is the power of right wing thought….not bad…

"capitalism" for most people is an attitude. being obsessed with money, "success", being too involved in your career, not being in touch with your feelings, etc. this doesn't mean anything.

Exactly this. If you asked random people on the street, virtually no one would be able to define capitalism or socialism. This probably just means they think the minimum wage should be higher or there should be less corrupt CEOs or whatever.

this. the average person holds an inaccurate understanding of capitalism, so those kinds of polls tell us nothing

Took a feudal nation and made it a superpower quality of life and standard of living in the SU Exploded
US-China backed ethno-nationalist
Luckily he was overthrow by socialists
Worse then stalin but even he still united the chinese nation after literally decades of civil war and improved the lives and standard of living of hundreds of millions of people
Defeated a US backed dictator
Cuba now has a higher literacy rate then the US
A lower infant mortality rate
Is one of the most developed nations in the Caribbean
And manages actually to provide healthcare to its citizens
But its going down hill because of revision

Attempt again

fukken saved. what a bunch of autistic looking cunts

fuck off

5 white dudes are all of "revolutionary" potential. we dont need them.

Feeling rough. grumpy guts?

These guys literally dress in diapers to protest safe spaces or whatever so they're doing our work for us tbqh

That's not how = works, unless you think Good Times=Bad Times. All you niggas are brainlets

and who's fault is that hmmm? why isn't mandatory to teach the economic system we live in unless you study economics at university hmm,? why don't they teach how money is made? why don't they teach us how interests appear?

toilet paper USA truly is a befitting term for them
oh, and i must add: the professionals sent to debate didn't do well at all, they came at the students with the standard anti-communist strawman arguments, had no response when those strawman arguments were disproven, and had no response when the contradictions of capitalism were called upon, going as far as outright shifting the blame from capitalism to "muh big gubbahmint"

they don't have to know what it is, they just need to think that welfare is communism.



because he loves thicc bois

must be the work of an enemy stand

Capitalism is 100% based on confiscation of labor's profits, and it doesn't matter if you're a worker or a small business. You'll get fucked by the current capitalist aristocrats.

Socialism is about choosing to respect an authority who supports and respects you.

It's the difference between rape and marriage.

That's the point. Even the people who worship capitalism have no idea what it is.

they literally are

you're looking at the finest youth campaign the koch money could buy