ITT: ways porky has humiliated you

Whenever you think capitalism has hit rock bottom, it just keeps going lower.

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But user, this is just capitalism working!

Honestly, as far as humiliating porky experiences, 'being given free, extended accommodation to be with my dying relatives' is pretty fucking low on the list. People are being forced to breathe in hog shit and you're complaining because you have to suffer the indignity of having a burger company's name on the building that you're getting a free, extended stay at. There's real shit to be complaining about then a tax break charity that's actually benefiting you for once.

You'd be surprised how many people leave decent jobs because they were disrespected. I personally have, twice. People value thier dignity pretty highly

I'm sure I've seen that footage before, but it was part of a longer series of interviews.

Literally happened to me some time ago when I couldnt keep working for a company that was doing some fucked up shit and when they went down a few months after and "exposed" many of the workers that were working there I was "exposed" yet I left the damn thing ages ago and Im carrying this bad rep on me… also Im in currently crippling debt since my own business has failed miserable some of them of that bad rep … I want off of this ride already please

That's what you get for being petite bourgeois scum, bucko!

Memeing aside what you would do aside of begging or be a wagecuck somewhere else?

Shut up bitch. This is third-worldist trite. OP is right in pointing out that capitalism seeks to commodify every single human experience in out lives. Nothing existing outside of the commodity form is the natural outgrowth of capitalism. People should, in a free society, be able to see their loved ones without implicitly supporting some conglomerate.

What did the company do?

Who will pay for it?

eliminate money and no one will have to

I was a janitor at a taco cobana once. 8 dollars an hour.

I want to call you an asshole first world problems for complaining but it's fucked up that these places are sponsored by MCDONALDS.

die in a fire turd worlder

They send me in nigeria for work when I was 19. It was one of my first travel exeperience for work outside of the continent. I voluntered. They send me and this skeletom crew there to shoot a little documentary for television. Basically after we got mugged the first day they stole out equipment the second day. So we are there without money, passports, equipment and with a cheap as fuck satellite phone. One of the 3 crew memebers got malaria so we had to bring him in this disgusting hospital, the other one probably got lost in some slum cat joint. Basically a 7 days travel became 3 weeks nightmare because our studio didn't send help or money. "you are out of our reach" they keept saying. I already had a child at home and no one in the studio made me the favour to contact them. I couldn't. They basically gave me for lost. The embassy of our country helped us with money ecc and we got back. The other two weren't even italians, for all I know they are still there. When I got back in the offices my boss made me pay the lost equipment because it wasn't insured. To add the cherry on top he said something like "nice going on vacation with my money eh?" first time he saw me. Still to this day he basically keep telling to everybody how I went on vacation with his money and selled all the equipment for drugs and whores.
I changed studios 5 times and everytime I get onto a new job people give me the bad eye or come to saying shit like "you are the motherfucker who stole money from that guy?"

Holy shit, who were you working for? Who mugged you?

I am honestly amazed that the Italian bourgs manage to outdo the British every single time they're mentioned.

turd world countries are degenerate and you sound like a liberal

Stop saying "turd world" every second post you spazzy fuck, you sound like a 14 year old.

I was working with this small time (at the time, now they are one of the biggest players when it comes to "indipendent" produces) studio that rented people to national television. National television has stricter controls so you can't slave people as much as other guys so they make subcontracts with small studios.
We were mugged near a fucking market square in abuja because that joker of a fucking a "security" guard was acting like he was fucking john wayne in front of everybody. Basically when they saw that we were the only white guys and that we had money this mob of people surrounded us. We had to drop everything or get lynched. The "security" guy was the first to shit himself.
To be fair, entertainment porkies are the fucking worse everywhere. I worked with people from other countries and everyone of them has at least one horror story like this. That said italian porkies are probably in the top 5

OK so the McDonald corporation gave you free housing, the fucking humanity.

Do you know what they're using that manure for later, fertilizers you stupid fucking commie urbanite. Not strange ever fucking commie country fails when people like you are in charge. Now they should put it in silos to prevent the stench from spreading.

just why is it bad that McDonald's support a charity again?

Is it possible to be this fucking naive? Around blacks never relax.

It was recent job and im not a teenager or college person

So you're just a loser, get a trade or something so your labor value increases.

No you fucking idiot. I fucking offered my self because I was 19 and had a 2 year old child at home from a girl that Impregnate when I was 17, girl that btw I was forced to marry at the time and that now is eating my fucking money like grocieries thanks to alimony laws in italy..
I literally had no job experiences or studies titles because I got kicked out of school when I was 15, I had to do shit jobs or starve 3 people. So no hipster, just a man doing his role
Second I'm a thrill seeker. I just like to put myself in danger.
Third I like diversity. I want to keep a country culturally homogeneous for this reason. So that every country is different and I can explore them all.

So no. I'm not a hipster, I'm not a soy boy and I'm not a liberal.

Quality insights from Holla Forums today.


kill yourself subhuman

Bemp, want to hear a few stories