Operation Anarchism

tfw the alt-right have there own version of the far-left


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Bookchin was completely correct about anarchism. It's completely devolved to complete incoherence

No he wasn't.

I used to be pretty closely associated with this group. It was initially just a nice little chat room that various anarchist youtube people and others used but then it was tried to become some kind of proper 'media collective' and then started lots of conflicts between us. Pretty sure a fair amount of them there originally left but I have no idea who participates anymore. The leader Ninja is a dickhead.

Bookchin was only right about Bob Black and the post-left.

Didn't they get bat'ko down a few times.

someone from this collective lives near me and shows up to DSA and IWW meetings and to shout about idpol

we try to be nice to him becasuse we don't think he's well

what's wrong with this guy? I haven't seen anything I don't like so far, just clicking on random videos.

lol this guy will be a keith preston sycophant in a year, tops

You shure about that?

What a fucking loser.

it’s supper ridiculous. youtube.com/watch?v=QS2G9g_ZpC4&lc=z235u3rxmvvlyd0iz04t1aokg124zfgo03mhjupuimhybk0h00410.1509238107261630



youtube.com/watch?v=THFJy6L3Ccs Look in the comments.

no gods no masters except for anglo slugman


Well thats a bit sad. Any stories?

Don't do this tbh. It's basically allowing liberals free reign for being hysterical, which pretty much all of them who are into politics are.

that's called the far-right, user.
how well did you do on those analogy sheets in year 3 p*blic school?