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Hey lads. It's Marxist Media here, wanting some feedback on my latest prototype for the Marxist Games list. Attached is the current model.

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abe's odyssey

Also here's the proto proto type.

interesting, if theres too many games it will break my design though. i meant to leave more space but it worked out having none. also, i don't know if i should include all games that have the ussr in them, though one where you play as them in single player is probably notable.

got it already

I abhor the font, but that's just me.

come on you know it's got to have some kind of psuedo-cyrillic font, that's not the worst one out there. appreciate the comment though.

Oh also I forgot to leave the inevitable link to my latest video

Seriously though I can't believe how annoying making this image has been, maybe it's just working in GIMP but most likely just that I suck with it.

GIMP is fucking shit. Come at me freefags

Probably true, but even if I was to go to the effort of pirating Photoshop it would still probably be too complicated

working with gimp IS annoying as fuck, it does suck and pirating photoshop is a pain in the ass. like literally the only thing i've ever downloaded that gave me a real hard time running it. it's part of the reason i don't get down to learning how to make stuff with it, i literally can't run the fucking thing.

Adobe is vastly easier.

Get a portable pirated version of CS5 (I always say this because it's what I learned on and I don't know what CS6 is like) or CS6. CC is cloud based and practically DRM. The CS series has none of that.
Illustrator can be more useful for what MM is trying to do here and it is god-tier when it comes to vector art. InDesign iirc is made pretty much for what you're trying to do but if you're not getting a career in design then it could be pointlessly learning a new application when Illustrator does it just fine.


Crisis in the Kremlin.


New Vegas
maybe have a separate RPG section?


I tried to pirate Adobe video whatever and it was so irritating I just gave up. I assume Photoshop will be the same.

Do you have brain problems my man? The most complicated part is editing the hosts file.

yeah ok. I tried following all the guides and it didn't work, how many hours am I really gonna spend on it when I can just get something else.

I respect your initiative but that list is garbage.

Call of Duty, Red Orchestra and Death to Spies merely depict the Soviet forces, ostensibly as the good guys since they're fighting against the Nazis. Deus Ex never deals with anything even remotely resembling socialism, considering anti-corporate conspiracy-mongering hardly qualifies as "socialist". Gesta Final is nothing more than a laughable piece of state-sponsored propaganda. Guerilla is just an arcade game which chose to brand itself as Cuban-themed out of convenience. Might as well describe any WWII movie set in the Eastern Front as "Marxist films".

You sound like a 15 year-old trying to find some kernel of socialism in his favorite games. Please stop. This is ridiculous.

NitW is the most succdem piece of shit out there, it oozes liberal from every pore.

Not long.
Add the adobe IPs to the end of this file by opening it in notepad and saving it. Don't change the file extension when doing so. Not doing this will brick your installation.

"An unspecified amount of time before the game begins, humanity fled the desolated surface world to the underground in order to survive. Now, the world lies in a state of turmoil; polluted and stagnant, only the upper classes are able to escape to higher levels with better air. The game follows Ryu, a low level citizen, who rebels against his government in order to save the life of Nina, who is unable to survive underground, due to an experimental surgery performed on her in order to convert her into an air purification machine."

this game is great and u should play it, btw

Underrail has primitivist undertones to it, and there's an anarchist faction in it.

wolfenstein 2 is actually pretty legit

one of the major resistance cells you hook up with is explicitly communist, and the guy leading it has been active since at least the 30s, before wolfworld's history visibly diverged from ours, and he's cool as hell. you also hook up with what are basically the black panthers.

Definitely shadowrun and maybe mechwarrior/battletech if only to show how absolutely fucked space imperialism, governance, and economics can get and maybe for Liao, which is effectively a degenerated workers state

Lmao one of the resistance cell has a dollar-store Angela Davis

RPG goes in other, I don't think New Vegas is Marxist though just because Ceasar butchers the concept of dialectics.

General critiques of capitalism go in the anti capitalist gaming list which will be much longer.

Also, I see the post is gone now but I see why you wouldn't consider COD etc to be Marxist, however I think they deserve credit for their depictions of the vicious struggle on the Eastern front and generally being games that portray the USSR positively. An example of a WW2 game that's not on this list is Company of Heroes 2 which gets no credit for its borderline Nazi propaganda revisionist view of the war on the Eastern front where the USSR are basically responsible for everything bad that could ever happen. (I don't feel the need to elaborate since some Russian guy already made a half hour video explaining it all)

Perhaps I'm being too lenient? Perhaps. But as you see all the games are rated by their themes which is basically how interesting I consider them to be from a leftist perspective, COD is at a 4/10 which is a merely an okay score. A game like, for example, Hostile Waters would score a 9 or 10 on the same scale. So you can judge the games by that standard.

I'm a bit unsure on this, it's hard to discern what's Nazi pearl clutching, what's corporate pandering, or what's actual leftist content. You could be right but I'd be interested to hear more opinions.

Man Battletech got fucking weird since I stopped paying attention to it. Reminder that the 4th Donegal Guards showed us that a socialist movement existed even in the porky paradise of LyrCom

Only thing I ever played regarding it was Mechwarrior Mercenaries and Mechcommander, but those games were fucking dope. If I ever did a stream I'd do one playing that with my Hotas.

Red Alert and Kaisserreich for strategy maybe?


Gottem already. Check the proto prototype. I'm more looking for feedback on the design.

Oh. Well I guess one good question is what the fuck is "management"? I can guarantee that whatever you have in mind falls under the "strategy" category.

I've been trying the new Crisis in Kremlin recently but fuck if I know how to hande it. If it's not the economy failing then it's the foreign policy, and if not that then it's the internal, I don't know. Playing moderate or Gromyko doesn't help either I guess.

Tropico, Democracy 3, Crisis in the Kremlin, Hidden Agenda, etc. I feel like if a game doesn't have a clearly defined opponent it's not really a strategy game.

I could have also called it 'simulation' but I didn't want confusion with say Euro Truck sim type games.

You even put old utopian socialist Hostile Waters in there. Great.

Firstly, no leftist should play video games. They numb the mind and they are the reason for which Holla Forums has never developed critical thinking skills.
Secondly, you can find leftist elements in literally any video game if you stretch hard enough. Go the fuck back to >>>Holla Forums

There's quite the truth to that indeed..
Especially considering nowadays gaming market's direction.

Fuck off

At least when I'm gaming I don't have to face the misery of reality, if you wanna feel superior for drinking or smoking or taking drugs instead then go for it.

Don't you have better things to do?

A Vietnamese FPS about the Indochina War

Activated my almonds.

Like what my good man? I take it you read theory 24/7?

…Which side is Marxist?

I'm not a NEET unfortunately.

Question. Is crisis in the kremlin made by an Holla Forums user. The remake has a very familiar looking 8

Here's the 8 in question

I think so

you're a nerd

Dude why the fuck was Just Cause 3 nowhere near as good as 2? I can’t even explain in words why it wasn’t as good because it had all the elements of the first game but just fell flat for me


Torrent everything.

there's no marxist ending to this game.
you either let imperialist NCR oppress and kill people in Nevada, let the even more fucked up fascist Legion do the same, help some bouj pre-war billionaire keep his domain, or become sole autocrat over a hellworld.

based on this list am i meant to conclude that a "Marxist game" is any game where a vaguely anarchist/socialist character kills people?

What more do you want? A game that includes lectures from Chomsky?

broke: A game that includes lectures from Chomsky
woke: A game that includes lectures from Bordiga

i think the whole discussion is stupid but an interesting idea would be games made with a socialist mode of production, or the closest possible approximation of that.

The problem is capitalism makes a great plot device due to scarcity. How would you make an interesting plot with a socialist mode of production?

In Hostile Waters they already achieved socialism and the obstacle is capitalism coming back. Which is cool I guess. That's one thing you could do but there's actually one game (Brigador) that features warfare between fictional MLs and Anarchists, there could be some dramatic fodder there even post-revolution.

What about a game where you play as a capitalist and you're forced to repeatedly choose between making horrible decisions in the name of profit and stability, or you go bankrupt/get overrun by the commoners?

i don't know but that's not what i meant. i meant like games developed and distributed by a team of equal developers without exploiting labour. the plot of these games could be about anything and they would be more Marxist than some triple A shooter made by exploited coders and artists working for a corporation, and it's silly to call a game developed like that "Marxist" just because you play as a red army soldier or something.


I've actually played that game so I can say… no.

This is just stupid though, there's no reason I would enjoy a game just because it was made by an indie dev, I'm sure there are plenty of games made by one person or equal partners that doesn't mean I'll like them, here Marxism is the common theme. I mean there's a reason movies are sorted by genre and not by, I don't know, what kind of camera was used.

of course, like there's no reason you would enjoy a game just because it has a hammer and sickle on the cover. i think your qualification for a Marxist game is even more arbitrary than mine. i mean, the call of duty franchise is Marxist because sometimes you play as a guy fighting for the USSR? come on.

It's 'list of games of interest to Marxists' not 'list of games that were surely made with Marx in mind'. I mean christ. What more do you want? It's not like the revolution is very likely so a game where you can fantasise about it is something.

Can you give me the quick rundown on how capitalism can come back during socialism? Is it a "socialism, not communism" and threatened by counter-revs type deal?
Looks cool as fuck, really like the art style. I have a massive boner for isometric stuff in general as it dominated gaming when I was growing up.

My bad I misread your post.

Intro basically sums it up and is cool so I'll just post that

As for Brigador, I mostly give it props though I have some issues with it, if you want a spoiler that's probably gonna be the next video I do, though I haven't started on the actual video yet (have a lot of raw footage).

Oh and this cutscene is basically a rebuke to you too 'no such thing as a game for marxists' guy.

Victoria 2? You can have a communist revolution and stuff.

the communism in Vic2 is just state capitalism.

progress report.

The scores seem a bit too vague, but there's no real room to go into why I included each game. Perhaps some kind of legend system where they can be coded by a few different letters?: ie: 'U' = included because of positive depiction of USSR. 'R' = included because of depiction of Marxist-ish revolution. And so on.

It also seems to me that the game titles might be redundant, since if you're close enough to read them you can probably see the title on the cover anyway. Perhaps I could eliminate that element and use the extra space for more info on each game?

Also, the 'future socialism' font shows severe limitations when working outside just letters, ?, 6, 5, 2 and 3 are all pretty much indecipherable. Found an alternative, we'll see how it works.

Should the games be sorted? Perhaps by alphabetical order in their subcategory, or by score?

I love the Ace Combat series, especially Five and Zero. The 'World Without Boundries' faction in Zero is pretty leftist. Pixy is my comrade.
Yo buddy, you still alive?

Hello all. This is the current state of the prototype. Can you let me know which aspects of each style you prefer before I go further?

Style 1 includes titles for the games, whereas style 2 includes descriptions of ideology/why the game is on the list instead. Also, it uses a different font obviously, as well as a different header font. All headers would look like the Grand Strategy header. However if you prefer one of the other header fonts please let me know.

Any other feedback also appreciated. Thanks!

Love AC0. That's definitely going on my anti-capitalism/imperialism (I wonder if those should be split up? Lists upon lists…) list.

I hate the font, please use semplicita: it's really pretty and legible (and with roots in the left wing), or a default monospace font that came with your OS

Come on man, this is the tankie list, it needs to have a faux USSR font. I feel like Style 2 is a pretty toned down option. Those default fonts don't say anything to me. You want me to use it for only the small text or the headers too though? Idk.

That's funny, just yesterday I saw a Holla Forumsack saying that game was their game because you could "mow down thousands (if not hunderds of thousands) of shitskins."

It has a somewhat tenuous connection to real leftism but suffice to say they're wrong, you slaughter Nazis through 2/4 of the missions with the help of the black street gang. If you're curious I did a video on it last week.

I use gimp for all photo editing. I've never used PS so maybe it comes down to baby duck syndrome.

more opinions pls?

Hearts of Iron series
Special note for kaiserreich which is practically it's own game and it's youtube videos giving me revolution boners

Shadows of War: The Spanish Civil War is a RTS from 2007.

Interesting, I'll look into that.

Darkest Hour Kaiserreich is the better version.

This game appears to be vapourware lol, I can't find a single screenshot let alone a picture of the box. Gesta Final might be Cuban only but at least I can say it exists with some certainty.

Nothing like saving the European proletariat via DIRECT RULE FROM LONDON

Well I'll put HOI and DH and Kaisereich on there so people can pick whichever version they like better I guess.

This may be more anarcho but Steamworld: Heist has you literally kill the Queen

Did I miss out on any cool events?

i believe offworld trading company is like that.

Literally Monopoly.

Yes, you can have a three-way civil war.

Even better, The Landlord's Game.

Wow, really? What are the factions and who leads them?

It's nothing more than a AAA idpol radlib masturbation fantasy.

4 hours of that shit is cutscenes. 4 fucking hours.
Quit shilling this trash here.
tldw: The game was literally written by Goebbels.

oh no my shitposting name again

He did nothing wrong


you quoted the wrong post. but yes sorry for any confusion, those three on the bottom right are in the 'dishonorable mentions' section for various degrees of insanity. I thought they were interesting enough to look at. Obviously the finished product will make that clearer and say why. But seriously, if you thought CoH2 was hysterical, try Soviet City.

Since you're making a seperate leftist list, I hope you have Persona 5 on there.

i always thought Caesar was just a fascist, but im starting to think he might have been something else

futura based fonts are far more ☭TANKIE☭ than pseudo cyrillic tbh


I think it was released in most places with the original name, Sombras de guerra: la Guerra Civil Española.

Can't believe I didn't think that the name would be in Spanish.

Lawdy, that game looks like shit though. And I've run out of space for more games now. Tchah… Maybe I'll make a note of it for the next version, I just kinda wanna finish now.


May as well post a progress report while I'm here.

Whoever's going on Tooth and Tail by the name Marxism-Leninism-Hopperism, top lel.

It's not true at all. But that should be left for another thread.

holy balls how didn't I know about it

Also look for Revolution Under Siege, AFAIK the only hardcore war simulator of the Russian civil war

Looks like the devs are Russian so it's very unlikely they're leftists