Shelbyville Alt Right Protest Cancels Early Because of Larger Counter Protest Showing Up (Again)

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This "White Lives Matter" march was a great way to harvest pictures of Holla Forumsyps in the wild, though.



For fucks' sake.

please tell me this was staged



More very attractive people


There has to be some ulterior motive here. They know they're going to be outnumbered, so are these protests more of a tactical move? In a "we know we're outnumbered but we're still here, unafraid" sort of way? Or are they really that clueless.

One of the signs here said "Trad Worer" I think we can rule out these people are capable of having problem solving intelligence.

If the fat guy and the kid without a chin in the background on the right combined, their helmets would fit perfectly

No fucking way

Well, the fat guy also doesn't have a chin

Make America Tradworer Again

did we get their lemon tree though?

What is TRADWORER meant to mean? Traditional Worker?

I believe they meant to say Traditional Worker but fucked up and never noticed, which seems unlikely. Or, maybe he tried to say Traditional Warrior but it wouldn't fit?

I'm honestly as baffled as you are.

Can some bring Sherman back from the Grave to fix this shit

Chin fat must be redistributed fairly

However, the antifa side at least had a sense of humor

These people are retarded. At least when they used the "all lives matter" they had the advantage, of course they had to change to white lifes matter showing that they never cared about anyone else.
Feminism tier who dreams of "equality" by only caring about women.

inb4 reddit/twitter struggle session

What is the bearded man thinking about?

It’s clearly Kropotkin as a young man before he gets old and goes back in time to write dank anarchist theory.


He looks pretty chill.


Yeah, many (all?) of those present are affiliated with Matthew Heimbach's (largely irrelevant) Traditionalist Workers Party. They were also present in Charlotteville.


They had one job.


Heh. Now I'm not saying that you should risk deadly weapon charges with sticks and bricks, but what happened to at least bombarding WNs with piss balloons? Being drenched in another man's stale piss will send them home and have them seriously considering their life choices, without invoking the sympathy that they'd get from catching a beer bottle to the head. You could also easily smuggle empty balloons through any protestor weapon sweep and fill up on site.

Those shields are pretty expensive. Where are they getting their funding?

Probably a sympathizing sugar daddy providing for their needs.

Even though this is all total spectacle, it's nice seeing people willing to stand up to these demonstrations

They're petit bourgeois, they're buying this stuff themselves

They're relatively inexpensive compared to your deductible if you got hit by a projectile and lost a tooth or needed a trip to the ER.

I wish they were willing to do more than just stand up and shout I say, sitting here doing nothing.

Do not ever do this. If the rally / event wasn't staged or anything like that, the police forces track everyone's mobile network in the area and then the contacts and you'll get put on a list. This is what the police does in my country and why you shouldn't really use phone networks. NEVER carry your ID with you. If you have your ID with you, you might face prosecution just from being arrested, otherwise if the police conclude you weren't involved in anything serious they let you go after 3 days of detaining you.

Just a few tips to never really do shit like this. Also don't use your realname on social medias, don't subscribe to an antifa page that right wingers can infiltrate or visit, get everyone their names and addresses in a doxx. You don't really want that extra risk.

Piss balloons might be classified as weapons since piss and bodily fluids can carry disseases.

antifa types really aren't smart in any way about their protesting. Establishment often sides with them, or even worse they're used by the establishment to agenda push. If you're rallying for policies that are in line with the government you really shouldn't have to take the things I said above seriously.

It's for exposure I think. All PR is good PR for them.

opinion discarded

Regardless if they think that way, they always eventually end earlier than expected because they get outnumbered fairly quickly. It isn't the same exposure if the headlines aren't "White Nationalist Shitlords Don't Want Non-Binary 2 foot Hispanic Jews" etc etc, but "White Nationalist Rally cancels early"

im getting so fucking mad at my own country just we keep doing this dumb shit over and over we weren't doing this 5 years ago like fuck man someone hold me


It's entertaining. It's a Holla Forumsyp safari. That's why people give a shit. They want to spot them escape their natural habitat.

tbh i think all of these guys are too old to be on Holla Forums more of fagbook type guys. i just want this shit to end.

Keep doing what? The growth of the reactionary right wing is a pretty recent development user. It's the result of a coordinated radicalization campaign by various RW media companies and the failure of Obama to resolve the Great Recession.


I cant fucking function holy shit

will the roaring 20's return?

what's on her mind?

"I never get tired of giving the right ammunition"

someone fill in the blanks so I don't ruin it


>the Pastel Bloc


This is what your average socdem looks like.


Jesus the acne on that fat guy's neck


Good now combine the two

Not Good

Very Good

I don't know about this one, scoob.


We can make this meme work. Come on Holla Forums, don't let me down.


I'll force my dick down your throat.

BTW, where they ancaps? Matching Old Navy sweats seems too consumerist for the usual antifa gaggle.

I'd probably enjoy that more than your meme.

Improved it a 'lil. What do you think?

Here's the template btw (and )

That was Berkeley Antifa.

I thought Berkeley Antifa are the wear-all-black variety?

That's Black Bloc. This is the Pastel Bloc. I'm being completely serious.


You're right, looked it up myself.

I'm sure the man who murdered tens of thousands of indians is the one you want to bring back to fight "white supremacy"

Natives are reactionary. Learn 2 dialectics.

to record everyone faces so the state knows who to send to the camps during the next capitalist collapse.

But everyone does that to the opposing side.


Charlottesville ruined everything. Honestly if they had somehow prevented the KKK from marching with them them probably would have been able to keep the momentum going.

Cool liberals you have pictured there,

They will never have popular the support they want.

Holy kek

Is this an Orc

Its probably even less then that, a marist poll found alt-right support to be around 6%. Both studies have atrociously small sample sizes anyway, any study that "says X amount of people believe X" based on a sample size of 1000 or so should be taken with a grain of salt

whatever they need it to just like last time

Jesus, both sides are so fucking ugly. What the fuck is wrong with Americunts? Even back in the 60s Southerners looked respectable and weren't such obese abominations so genetics ain't an excuse.


Its the diet

Everywhere you go theres adverts for deliciously cheap unhealthy food.

No it still goes to the alt right.

For example, this man is your friend.>>2199753

No, it's not that its cheap and delicious. Its that everyone is fucking broke, shit ain't fixing, and sometimes you either have nothing or you find yourself buying cheap food and produce.

Shit is just what happens. And if nobody can always afford healthy food on their income, they sure as fuck can't move either. Being condescending about class issues is liberal.

And it definitely isn't delicious nobody fucking eats fast food because they're happy.

The alt right probably looks more unkempt for the same fact they lose their virginity seven years past the national average.

I thought leftists didn't engage in virgin shaming?

What made you entertain that thought?

No, we do.

I find mcdonalds food really irresistible tbh

Gross. Please stop doing that to yourself.


we're not a hivemind

If you have access to cooking equipment and lern2cook, I think you'll find resistance breddy easy, cheap and tasty

Meet Terrance Hightower.

I honeslty i dont think anything i make will be better than some chikie nugz

True aryan superman right there.

Literal LARPer


they're liberals


All the people at the counter protests are liberals
They're going to the camps too

anyone who spends their time doing shit like this most likely got bullied in middle school.


Is that meant to be warrior or worker?

Over on Holla Forums they literally flipped the labels in the image around, and were claiming a victory.

Why do they fear the facts?

Feels > reals



That's nothing! Check out at Plenty of fun pics there. Say hi to Steve from me.

Wrong. Virgins are genetic inferiors.

Did they design this site in the late 90s? And then not update it since?

`post pics lel