Why do you support democracy? Isn't it more important to make a correct decision rather than a democratic one?

Why do you support democracy? Isn't it more important to make a correct decision rather than a democratic one?

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Democracy is a feedback system first and foremost, providing information about people's needs and problems by observing the tendency of how they vote. You shouldnt just do stuff just because people voted for it in a referendum or something, but rather discuss and exchange ideas reciprocally and then arrive at a unitary decision. Democratic Centralism together with Mao's mass line works just fine.

Decentralized anarchist democracy is inefficient and should be discarded, as capitalism leaves areas with different levels of development and specialized production, creating dynamics that will hinder the development of socialism because the law of value would emerge from these differences as communes start competing with each other.

Centralization create bubbles. Proof: Every nation capital in the world is a bubble. People who live in a different reality than the rest of the nation and become completely out of touches with the needs of the populations.
My country for instances: Last summer while there were huge fires in forests all over the countryside. In the parliament at the capital they were discussing a law making mandatory for every business establishment to allow pets.

the ideology of 'democracy' is in the end merely another form of mystification. The goal of communism is real human community.
During the communist revolution, the masses will have already been organised by capitalist society. They will not seek new forms of organization but will structure a new collective being, the human community. This appears clearly when the class acts in time as an historical being, when it constitutes itself as party.

It has been said a number of times in the communist movement that the revolution is not a problem of forms of organisation. For capitalist society, on the contrary, everything is an organisational question. At the beginning of its development, this appears as the search for good institutions; at the end as the search for the best structures to enclose men in the prisons of capital : fascism. At both extremes, democracy is at the heart of this search : first political democracy, then social democracy.

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No, democracy isn't just about the ends in a purely instrumental manner, but is both an ends and a means in an ethical sense.

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Because in most circumstances there isn't a clear cut "best" decision. Just political choices.
If there is no need to give a shit about the masses, guess what governments tend to do?

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What constitutes a correct one?

A system that always has the correct answer:

peasant: "please m'lord, the blight has withered our crops, and we may surely starve"

king:"correct, people without food usually starve, good work"

Democracy is the best way to come to a correct decision

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