If we were to abolish the police, how would we enforce the law?

If we were to abolish the police, how would we enforce the law?

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With commissars.

Soviets will.


I wish my country police had the same power as the police in the US. In my country every police officer that grabs his gun and shoots is fucked. There will be investigations and there will be a suspension or even a jail setence in case he killed someone.
It's so retarded, ebcause it's got to the point where police will turn a blind eye on many things in order to avoid being fucked afterwards.

Military police

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Basically a commie version of the minute men

what law?

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Democratic citizens militias.

Centrally directed police as an arm of the state has only existed since the late 1600s. Before then, people dealt with disturbances in different ways. For instance, some locales would have organizations of men-at-arms under the authority of local municipal councils or similar institutions who could intervene when the people judged it necessary without being around 24/7 to spy on them and protect elite interests.

Depends on the strain of leftism.

Tankies: just change "police" for "militsiya" or "civil guard" and you're done.

Anarkiddies: there's none, they assume that by some black magic everyone will get along.


So we end police by turning every citizen into a policeman? Maybe we could end the State by turning everyone into the State?

false equivalence, it's up to proletariat militias to defend their communities not porky's little helper upholding arbitrary property rights. Get your shit together, comrade.

basically this but more inclusive.

No, that's AnCap.

Holy shit how the fuck did you think policing worked before the 1800s.

Private or local public militias would enforce the laws.


Anarkiddies will tell you, some kind of (ad hoc) militia. Of course were this to be the case, you would have these various militia's constantly fucking up things that a specialized police force composed of full time professionals can handle as a matter of routine, so you would get a popular outcry for police reform away from militias and end up back at square one.

Things like what? Protecting property? Harassing workers?

Repeating the Cheka

well just have a set of agreed-upon laws and citizens arrest, what's so complicated about that?

Investigating any and all crimes actually takes training and experience. Or do you suppose murder, assault, theft of personal property, wrecking, sabotage, counterrevolutionary activity, trotskyism, and the like will all go away after the revolution?

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It's not that hard. It's entry level shit, anyone could do it. Surprisingly, most do.

People's militias.