Holla Forums here, clearly Assad is the common ground we can start with right?

Holla Forums here, clearly Assad is the common ground we can start with right?

No. Assad a shit.

Only as long as he continues to fight American/Israeli imperialism. Once America is out of the picture all critical support for Assad among leftists will evaporate.

I guess, but not all leftists support Assad

only until American Imperialism and Islamic Fundamentalism are out of the picture for good

Nah fuck Assad. Only the SDF deserves critical support.

Why do you support Assad anyway? Is it because he is against Jewish funded terrorists and Jewish controlled Americans? Because he doesn't seem to be a good leader, nor does Syria have any future in our current economic system, even if America and Israel would leave them alone.

You can support both you know. The important thing is that America and Israel get BTFO.

Alienation is definitely the true common ground. Holla Forums and Holla Forums both feel alienated but differ on what they think is the cause of their alienation. Holla Forums believes the system is fundamentally good and fair, but is being corrupted by sinister (((outside forces))), liberals believe the system would be good and fair if it wasn't due to the pernicious influence of subconscious -isms and oppressions, while Holla Forums rejects the system entirely as something absurd and inhuman.

No I will literally stab you with a pen, get away from me

No, wrong wrong wrong there is no common ground to be made with a bunch of simpering pizza roll eating albinoid orcs addicted to Adderall posting and identity politics

Not OP but I support him because he's the option which provides the most stability for the region, thereby granting the majority of citizens a relatively safe existence. Additionally, the more peaceful the Middle East is, the less likely it is that people will leave to come to the West. I also think that he should be admired for his efforts to subvert the hegemony of globalists such as those in the US deep state.

t. Holla Forumsack

Tankies like Assad, sensible people like Rojava.

Holla Forums doesn't even understand their alienation, they think it's all some jewish plot that they're lonely

I will never understand you fucking """people"""

We've already done this and you faggots attacked us. Get fucked. Communism is inevitable.

He's basically a cult leader who wants to privilege the Alawites over the Sunnis, and is therefore no leftist.

Why would we want to be friends with you because we agreed on something once?
Around Holla Forumsacks never relax.

I don't hate them, though. Every people (including my people and also the Syrian people) has a right to their own distinct homeland. There's nothing more complicated to it than that. Yes, Syrians have been misbehaving throughout Europe, and that sucks, but the core issue with the refugees is that my people are being displaced in favour of theirs.


If you love Syria so much why did you spend the entire election cycle shilling for a candidate that was bound to obey the military industrial complex, and we told you they would, but all you did was stick your head in the maga toilet, swirlying yourself in the process and infesting the website with cancerous Floridian reddit republicans under the age of 21

Please learn from us next time you want to try your hand at predicting geopolitics. It's better if you collectively as a board stopped trying altogether because you're not making the world a better place.

Thanks for voting in another warmonger, enjoy your future Iranian refugees. Don't worry though, the guys are hot.

Which candidate wasn't going to do that? I was in agreement with you that Trump would, but of the two options he was the one least likely to.

That describes a huge portion of gen z /late millennial whites regardless of political affiliation.

I acknowledge right wing beliefs are far more 'logical' than left liberal ones provided you accept the basic assumptions of capitalist ideology. I can't blame you for that, capitalism is hammered into our brains starting from an early age, while it actually takes effort to understand communism, you have to reject and invert this logic of capitalism. Nothing short of a copernican revolution in the way you perceive the world. Life is far from a zero sum game, it is capitalism that is a zero sum game. Criticism cannot be partial, it must go to the root not confine itself to the surface of things.

In my experience Iranians who identify with their Persian ancestry are some of the best people in the world.

Well, unlike of a lot of Holla Forums I've studied Marxism and Communism at post-graduate level. While I can't agree with a lot of what Marx wrote, I approve of Gramsci's work and what a lot of the other early neo-Marxists produced. They created sound structures through which to understand the world. What I disagree with them on is the conclusions derived.

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