The nazi who murdered #HeatherHeyer is facing lesser charges than protestors who *may* have...broken

the nazi who murdered #HeatherHeyer is facing lesser charges than protestors who *may* have…broken 6 windows

wtf, is that even possible?!

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And you guys continue to deny that we are living in a white supremacist cis hetero capitalist patriarchy.

i think we can all agree prison doesn't work, so it's nice finally to see some compassion in america.

Of course. She died of a heart attack and probably not from being hit by the car because the car never hit her. What is it with the current state of this board? Does nobody read or watch the fucking news anymore?

welcome to America, the country where the laws are made up and individual rights don't matter.

Is that 70 in total for all of them combined or 70 years each? because


Well communists arent people so its fine.


I thought he was a jew.

I'm not a polfaggot.

They're regularly all three.

Those filthy semites sure make surprisingly good pawns.

no one is making that claim but out and out white supremacist propaganda sites.

where do you think you are?

At least Holla Forums has found a way to engage in conflict without pissing themselves and risking injury.

Is this the best you guys can do? I thought the right could meme.



He wasn't just a jew, he was also black, female, leftist, working for the CIA and rightfully acting in self-defense. At least according Holla Forums

Why not replace cultural marxism with just "communism"? Is it because no one cares about "muh commies" outside of paranoid petite bourgeoisie circles? I think so. Fucking virgins.

t. virgin incel

dumbass Holla Forumsack is mad that someone else got laid before he did

How do know that they guy she is with isn't a Holla Forumsack? I mean it has already been established that the vast majority of Holla Forums posters aren't white..



nah they're orcs

Pretty sure she was pinned by the car, so yeah, the car did hit her.

The absolute state of that board. How are people as delusional as them not put of everyone's misery.

Dropping out of high school.

Because white nationalists are protected by the state

She wasn't hit by the car, she died of heart attack.

She was hit by a car. However, someone in America during the "March against Sharia" did die of a heart attack.

And March Against Sharia was something Holla Forums supported………


He later died.

are you Holla Forumsyps really so simple that pic related confounds you?

Nope. James fields will walk. Christopher Cantwell too.


Holla Forums are you projecting your failings on us again

Like failing to ensure a man didn't suffer a heart attack this Summer


Except the sites saying she died of a heart attack are literally Nazi websites, as in proudly so.
Why do Nazis always feel the need to lie?

OP sucks dicks.

The "200 people facing 70 years" is clearly an aggregate. 200 people face charges totaling 70 years when added together.


No it’s because Heather is a IWW member. Also if we’re living in a white supremacy how would that affect this. Heather was white.


Fuck off, redditor.