Capitalism is ba–


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Is he doing it for free?

if the peurto ricans had ownership of the materials and education they create in the first place Elon Musk wouldn't be necessary.

So that's where the gigantic contract to a company with two people ended up.



If you're thinking the Free Market can handle the electricity of an entire city fairly you are sorely mistaken

How is this free market at all? This is being down out of an individual's will, not economic incentive.

had a nice giggle, OP

That's extremely suspicious. Porky doesn't build infrastructure for free.

If we had socialism, we would have started implementing solar power thirty or forty years ago.

(((for now, it's a donation)))

Fuck off liberal.

Get a load of this retard.

You are still going to have to run coal plants in the middle of the night, since you cannot effectively storage the electricity and freezing systems in stores and homes still require electricity even in the dead of the night.

Giving back 1% of what you've stolen isn't something to uphold as good behaviour.

Just charge a billion AA batteries in the day and run off them at night. Energy crisis: SOLVED
If anything, Tesla getting government subsidies shows that corporatism is the only way forward for capitalism as a whole.
The two futures we now face, are either state/corporate kleptocracy, or Socialism

choose wisely

No. Most batteries work on basis of chemical reaction, and their voltage is far too small for effectively saving so much electricity.


Send this idea to Musky, lad. You've got something here.

The one that has vidya please.

so Communism? yes?

"hey guys I know we used third world near slave labor for mining and production but it helped America out!"

lets not forget that tesla is still a debt stricken company that has refused to turn a profit

If anything, Mr.Musks big planes are being betrayed by the market system. Under a planned economy, we would both be able to midi-gate storm damage quicker, and respond quicker, and more efficiently.

What is "disaster capitalism" for 400$


this is what i get for drunk posting

We all know about his private jets, stop jerking the guy off

You also missed "midi-gate". Good post otherwise.

d. Socialism is Better


Congratulations, he got himself caught! Now what's the next step of his master plan?

Please, don't post. It's shit like this that makes everybody on Holla Forums mistrustful of useful renewable energy sources, such as nuclear energy and solar.

thank you comrade

I know right
the capitalist is a beast, sitting on the chest of his proletarian work force, and pissing in their faces.
But Musk on the other hand, has so kindly decided to stop pissing.
In the mind of the average liberal, this has now justified the process of capital to continue for another 1000 lives…errr…I mean years.
It's almost like this false robin hood figure was made specifically to save face for capitalism.


Smart move by Tesla. Now he can receive residual income from the government of PR due to these things degrading in a decade and being extremely expensive to replace. Nice.


Also barely anyone says shit when Cuban doctors arrive in Africa to help with the Ebola epidemic

Clearly I mean Elon Musk.

Cuba is just trying hard to safe face for a failed system. It's clear as water.

Autistics are always afraid of change anyway.

The problem is that they filled their island with Aryan tech they have no ability to create. So it creates a dependency.

Your statement is equivalent to

no, I think you ment



This picture proves nothing, whats wrong with consuming less power at night while your species normally sleeps.

Kinda makes sense doesn't it faggot.
Bet they can see the stars and universe at night. I'm sure its just the worse.

By doing exactly what the system does anyway?


Puerto Rico is LITERALLY more white statistically than the actual US.

he gives off the musk of bullshit if you were to ask me

boy have i got news for you

Fuck I love that channel so much.

Please tell me you don't truly believe in the Yakub mythos.

And you don't?!!!

If whites truly are cave beasts, how the fuck did a superior race of blacks and their all encompasing wizard leader get completely BTFO by a bunch of stupid crackers?

Musk is paid by debt and the American government to barely produce anything. It's about time he actually gave shit back, but he'll probably get paid for this too.

Tesla cars should be free since they're paid for with taxpayer funding through subsidies.

Fuck capitalism.


I was totally not being sarcastic

thank you for saying it comrade

because they were too compassionate with the barbaric snowmen

and something about tricknology

I don't have a problem with it except that Musk is made out to be some kind of hero for doing what he's doing and people will see Tesla and still think that it's porky who takes risks rather than the state.
And if the state says "pay sales tax after your income tax" people will complain about paying tax twice, but with Tesla no one will say "I deserve an equity share as a taxpayer, give me a discount on a car".
It's all one sided, pure ideology.

remember Musk is passionate individual,
and there are reasons why his company is one of the only ones willing to do this,
honorary comrade

I think the board you where looking for is

An energy grid based on solar power + batteries for nighttime would be more expensive and environmentally destructive than nuclear.

And Musk isn't trying to hard to save face for his failing companies?

Donations like this sound like ==mutual aid== then market interactions.

pathological black altruism

This is good mimi

That's some PR-speak if I ever seen some.