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Post your results, comrades.

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Hi Howard.



Fucking liberal

This is my actual chart. This test is extremely biased and distorted towards the green and blue panels.

You're not my comrade.


If you don't end up in the green quadrant then you're probably a bit autistic. The test is designed to put those without disorders in the bottom left as a recruitment measure.

Radical centrist with social democratic tendencies?

Look upon my works, ye mighty and despair.


Get on my level, dumb cattle.

Achievement unlocked: Literally the devil




You really think that test was made by 16+ political science students and scholars with different views who actually worked together? Psht.

Get on my level, you lowly farmer.
You think you care about politics, but you really don't. You're just here to troll people just like yourself over social 'issues' like race and gay rights and then get assblasted when they do the same to you - it's like a really cool game the big boys play that's taking sides and playing it out like a real-time D&D game where current events are the dice but with politics as the theme and you kids just don't understand.
Holla Forums comes closer to historical accuracy than Holla Forums ever will, and even that historical accuracy is largely concentrated towards anything post 1900. All I ever see around here is wasted graphic design talent and a few good webms and pics. And even that's pretty rare.

This is the most I've read without reading anything today.

You're awesome Howard :D May you continue bringing joy to those weird females you meet late at night

Anyone else think this test is hard to take accurately?
"Do you think companies should serve the people's interest?" is more or less one of the questions and I just put strongly agree. But the answer is really "no".

The biggest problem I have with it is my answers to a lot of the questions would very different under a Communist society than they are right now living in a Neoliberal hell hole.

Truthful. This test, and another, makes me realize I have accepted very radical views to not be radical. Absolutely subverted haha. The tests are 100% designed for the current society.



Yeah for real. Here is me

I think the test I just took is more accurate, I took to about three times totally not because I kept getting very progressive instead of revolutionary and it was pretty accurate. It called me a libertarian communist, I broke down around 95, 32, 80, 90. I always ended below 90 though, so maybe more like 87.
this damn quiz is laughing at me


What tests are involved in the making of these pictures? I feel like some of them will be more accurate than the one i took.

It's easy to know what the "correct" answers are if you wanted to game the test for a "perfect score" but that defeats the purpose.

Take a closer look at the images, comrade.

Here's another since I am feeling very charitable to the fbi today.
I took a spekr and got a -78,-66. They weigh all questions equally tho which makes the score a bit wonky. If I support people's right to deny themselves Healthcare that is equal to abolishing private property lmao.

I suppose but I was speaking more to the fact that I am in fact a "revolutionary" in that I support revolution in dismantling capital, and even have some fringe beliefs about other social issues that would firmly peg me revolutionary. But no, I think some cultures are worse than others so I am suddenly not a revolutionary. I just think it is notable is all.

I think you're putting too much stock in the given names for each numerical threshold. The numbers are what's important, the name is not.

wtf how did I end up a dem-succ

you can't really design these tests to be super granular. e.g, i'm a mutualist but i have no ideological quarrels with an-communism, yet i'm le rick & morty centrist because i clicked the disagree bubble on social democrat questions

also, a marxist would answer "The only social responsibility of a company should be to deliver a profit to its shareholders." strongly agree and they'd get tilted to the right


Thou art not a comrade







Get on my level, you Liberals.

Holy shit, this is hot. Saving to fap folder.

Also this.



what is this guy even from? I keep seeing it

Million Dollar Extreme/World Peace.

This thing is garbage, we (image board users) have come across more comprehensive types of political tests in the past. Why didn't they catch on and why are we still using this Political Compass shit?

link to better tests?

What test is the blue and white?




Anti-money/industry, not really patriotic, definitely more liberty, but am more pro-tradition than pro progress, because I believe we shouldnt tamper with nature, whethet its g mos, inventions, chemicals, industrialization or medicine. I believe adding/changing nature and the environment causes a deep societal sickness.

I think I scored more on progress because I stated I didn’t think churches were important nor sweet-talk religious values.


these quizzes suck

the biased way the authority questions are phrased you would basically have to be a sociopath to score significantly past the authoritarian line without going out of your way to try and do that.

my niggas

These two always give me trouble. I mean, technically military action is justified if we are starting the revolution or launching a first strike on nazis, but it's always used for imperialist illegal wars nowadays. Likewise, the government getting to decide which businesses are misleading and which ones are not can also become a problem.

Reminder that political spectrum tests are reactionary and you stand in solidarity with Holla Forums fascists for using them.

not mine


Perhaps we should just further shun and discourage taking the test, considering not only the bias but how it instills or implies docility and conformism for status quo, leaving little space for thinking outside the box, go figure.


Are you me?





Google "Grilledkambing"

DemSoc here.



why is the social attitude test down


compared to years ago, i moved a bit closer to the lower left corner




If anyone can fucking get that Auth-Left, show that shit immediately


Far right indeed, Holla Forums. It IS called Not Socialism.


How do you even get that result?

These questions aren't even weighted. Saying that I strongly agree with a hierarchical state is taken as the same as strongly disagreeing with the state interfering into people's private matters, or disagreeing with state surveillance, and then I get the 'Liberal' result, instead of anything close to a technocrat. The hierarchical or horizontal structure of society will influence all other aspects of it and one's opinion on this should be taken as much more important than their opinion on sexuality, drugs, surveillance, etc.

A shame it's only in french, but it's not that hard to use a translator.

I'm not quite sure what to read from the results.
I haven't read nearly enough yet to nail down which specific ideology I'd stand by, even though syndicalism currently seems enthralling.

Oh lordy, not the jews

Well, it's the truth. Jews are the primary progenitors of Marxist ideology which "progressives" represent.

Do you actually believe that mass, uncontrolled importation of criminals would help improve an economy, or that replacing the populace of a nation with another ethnicity will do anything to help them, or anything at all besides flooding them with competition?

But lawlessness, a doctrine Zionists desire to enforce on the goyim and only on the goyim, is labelled as progressive simply because it's supported by academia.

"The more immigrants, the more socialister it is, also the jews should get their own land, idk take it from palestine or something. Oh and lets replace all the white people cause I dont like them" – Carl Marks, leader of the socialist-israeli immigration movement

sad that a lot of idpol & only market logic outcome

Yes, I do smoke weed.




The two best imo. I can answer that my race is superior in the political compass and still end up far-left, it's a shit political test. 8values is aight

Political Compass is just a meme at this point

Gave me a boner but also gave me tfw no submissive bf. ;_;

If you are at my right or lower you are a faggot

I don't want to do it again but I'm at the bottom left extreme always

I'm trying to take it with a translator but half of these questions I don't know what they are even asking.

"Les licenciements doivent être interdits sauf dans des cas justifiés."
Dismissals must be prohibited except in justified cases.
I have no idea what that even means.

It's about abusive dismissals, basically when the boss fires people when the company does not make enough money.
The question is kinda ambiguous because they don't explain what justified cases could be.

so i hit random and



I was just about to mention whether you're a Asserite but then I saw your name. Well spooked, my property.

Straßerism w mutualist tendencies, also less authoritarian. Spooky, I know.


What the fuck are yoi talking about? Asserism or some other dumbfuck far-right ideology?

Me again

be my bf


tips fedora

These tests will always identify you as some corporate cuck if you're a MarkSoc, feelsbadman

I like this part of the Who You Side With quiz. I honestly find it to be more accurate than 90% of other political tests due to all the different variables.

Also, seems to be a more moderate version of my views for the most part.

English version for 🍔burger🍔s and Anglos?

Seriously, I don't know French.


I think your post is stultification incarnate.


There is no english version. Just use some sort of translation application/addon/program/whateverthefuck.


damn son, grade A communism right there


Anything not 100% is basically revisionist tbqh

all these essentialists, ew

this quiz is good, thanks user

link, s'il vous plaît?




this is the political compass of an alt‐right acquaintance who ‘loves pepe’, gave my brother a Kekistan flag, hates communists, and posts pinochet memes on his Instagram

100% serious

yes everyone scores bottom left, this is known



Here's a better one


please grade frens

Hmm. I was over the top with some of my answers though.

how'd you get an english version of politiscales?

Communism doesn't work



You asked how we got it.

i'm a massive ☭TANKIE☭ but still get the green square

How will this board ever recover?

capitalism doesn't work

I’m a filthy globalist eh

Revisionists, the lot of you.

tfw no green square trap gf to dominate me.